In September, I wrote an article about identifying the “perfect client” for your property management business.
When you understand the characteristics of your perfect client, you can map out a more effective marketing strategy to attract those “kind” of prospects and convert more of them to clients. For you, “traffic” includes all of the anonymous people looking for property management services in your area. The transition from traffic to lead for a property management business happens when a potential client requests information through a call, email, web form, or personal visit to your office.
In your case, prospects are the property owners who want to compare pricing and specific services.
The business goal for prospects is to arrive at a decision point as efficiently as possible. After getting the answers to their questions, our traveler turned shopper feels confident about making a purchase. In a property management business, this transition happens when the prospect signs a management agreement. The business goal for new clients is to inspire confidence and set the stage for a fruitful future. For a property management business, a loyalist is an owner who renews their management agreement every year, uses your sales team when purchasing additional investments, and is the first to try (and provide feedback about) your value added services.
The business goal for fans is to generate referrals and bring on more “perfect clients.”  To do so, you must exceed expectations by providing delightful unexpected surprises (like a client dinner, a thank-you gift, a hand-written card) and excel at turning negative situations into positive experiences. It’s easy to become consumed by the day-to-day demands of running a business, spending all of your time reacting to situations and problems as they occur. The end of the year is a great time to step back and re-evaluate your marketing strategy and business goals.
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Program management in matrix organizations works little different than managing a regular project.
This article reflects on the two main roles contributing as actors in the planning process and how their goals compete with each other. Both roles are having competing goals to effectively drive their business (as show in following figure). Now, department X is having work packages of 6 different programs to be delivered and two key resources fall out.
If you are interested how to bring up an integrated solution that establishes transparency into each role’s planning and highlight any deviations that might occur, stay tuned here or visit my session on the Microsoft Project Conference (#mspc12) in Phoenix, AZ, March 20th to 22nd (abstract for session #pc310). As you devise your plan use the following relationship stages to provide context and help you stay focused on the proper business goals.
These travelers often have a problem to solve, a need to fulfill, or a purpose to accomplish. You don’t necessarily know who they are, but it is safe to assume you are a potential solution.  This “traffic” can be made up of people surfing the Internet, perusing the yellow pages, or asking their contacts for a referral.
You need to stand out from other property management companies in your area and earn the interest of potential clients. This trust can be gained through personal interaction, especially if the lead is ready to make a decision quickly.
And, in your case, the transaction is not a simple one-time interaction, it is the beginning of an ongoing service relationship.
In fact, they had such a good experience, that they sign up for the company newsletter and make additional purchases (when the need arises). It means the store must do more than deliver a quality product – they must create an experience that is worth talking about.
When you do these things, your clients will naturally talk about you – and the referrals will come.
It is shared information only and up to the reader to use this information responsibly, seeking legal advice as necessary to their business. While a program owner handles the WBS and the schedule, work packages are delegated to departments with focus on delivery.

Within the next article, let’s break down the goals into tasks relevant for program management in matrix organizations.
It helps you become more intentional when communicating about your company and choosing how you position your services. You might attract attention through social media, print advertising, direct mail, blogging, networking, online videos, and more.
At this point, they transition from a nameless, faceless person in need of a particular service to an interested lead.
However, it is good to have a follow up strategy in place to nurture those who aren’t ready to sign a management agreement right away.
At this point, they ask questions and engage in conversation with the sales associate about their potential purchase. At this point, you are also evaluating them to see how they measure up to your “perfect client” criteria.
However, it is also important to quickly recognize when the prospect is not a good fit for your company so you can move on and invest more time with qualified prospects.
New clients can be uneasy and may have lots of questions about what to expect and when to expect it.
Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus. Your nurture strategy should take the lead down a path of useful information that generates trust, highlights your expertise, and makes it easy for the lead to contact you when they are ready. Of course, this is the easiest relationship stage to recognize because there is some kind of monetary (and in some cases a contractual) transaction. A prospect is someone who is ready to discuss his or her needs in more detail and make a decision.

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