CASHFLO™ is better for business because it was designed by a former CFO and business owner with 40-years of experience. Our accounting and bookkeeping features track everything in your business from the leads you generate to the cash you deposit. Anyone who bills by the hour, tracks employee time and productivity, or manages projects by time will benefit from this completely integrated time billing system. Most software packages are modular, which means the more useful the tool, the more you pay for it.
If you are looking into many of the management jobs available worldwide, you will do well to remember this point. Many of the management jobs available worldwide require you to interact with other people in a friendly and professional manner. If you have one or all of these traits mastered, it is time to consider some of the management jobs available around the world.
That’s how it can provide deep insight like your 7 Key Numbers – because it seamlessly syncs time management, job costing, scheduling, and project management with accounting, bookkeeping, and sales.

You just do what you always do using CASHFLO™, and it measures the impact of those activities to show you the far bigger picture.
And because everything is online, you can access your financial information, invoices, and client records anywhere you have an internet connection.
These reports present the information managers need to make strategic decisions that lead to profitability. Invoicing can be reduced to a single screen to enter all of your time entries by client, project and task. Not only is this critical for staying on top of your customer list and making it grow, it helps you evaluate the effectiveness of both your marketing efforts and the effectiveness of your sales process. Having a system that can manage both the project management and the accounting can save both time and money.
Because we believe that the more success our clients achieve, the more successful we’ll achieve as well.
While most business software was cobbled together by programmers trying to solve engineering problems, Backroom Management was built for the way business is actually done.

Project management can be done easily through creating templates and tracking jobs by time.
Backroom Management makes job costing as simple as determining costs, creating templates and managing jobs. We don’t believe in pricing for our own short-term gain—because we’d rather price for MUTUAL long-term success. But beyond that, Backroom Management reporting extends to everything a manager, accountant, or potential investor would want to see. Most importantly, it’s a dedicated job costing system, as opposed to a system grafted on top of inventory.

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