Key Golf has played a major role in the revitalization of the historical Las Vegas National Golf course. The Las Vegas National had been facing a number of challenges such as having a 50+ year old course, tighter budgets, stiff competition from newly built mega resort courses, tighter area water restrictions, lower tourism, and an economy that was on still on the rebound. The principals and staff of Key Golf Management take a “hands on” approach to identifying the issues and developing solutions for each of the courses they maintain.
The challenges that The Las Vegas National faced were carefully evaluated and a comprehensive management plan was developed and executed. Another Key part of the program was instilling Key Golf’s culture within the maintenance crews.
Key Golf was also able to improve the look and playing conditions of the golf course tremendously! This approach allowed the general manager to stay in complete control of his course while having more accountability from the maintenance crews. Today the Las Vegas National Golf Course is considered to be one of the Top 20 golf courses in Southern Nevada. The Owners of the course have not only seen an increase in rounds being sold, but have also enjoyed the cost savings to their budget as well as the many positive customer reviews!
The patrons of The Las Vegas National are experiencing some of the best playing conditions that this course has ever offered.
What Our Customers Are SayingCoy WoodGM, Las Vegas National Golf Club"Las Vegas National is a 50-year old course that needed a lot of work.
Key Golf and their managers are very flexible with our golf management staff when it comes to last minute things and special requests.

I highly recommend Key Golf Managements outstanding Golf Maintenance services both professionally and personally.
John ManniLoon Golf Resort“Key Golf was brought to the Loon Golf Course to do an overall assessment of our maintenance operations and provide suggestions on improvements to the course. Dan StangerRainmaker Golf Club“Key Golf and their construction staff were hired by Bridge Partners Group to construct Rainmaker Golf Club.
Gerry MontielRed Rock Country Club"Key golf management came into our operation at a crucial time when the course and greens were in dire need of repair. Eric DuttVice President - Caesars Entertainment“Key Golf has enabled me to improve the condition of Rio Secco and Cascata for less expense than we were spending before and they understand the “Business of Golf”. In 2010, the management of the Las Vegas National Golf Course had been seeking new ways to improve playing conditions and gain consumer confidence to sell more rounds while minimizing the impact of this on their budget. The plan included a new agronomy program, new employee practices, procedures, and policies. A big part of this culture is to make sure that employees take pride in their work and are trained properly which reflects in their quality of work. Key Golf’s agronomy program has no doubt ably been one of the largest contributors to the overall success of the program. The new features and “looks” and better playing conditions have translated into returning players again and again.
Key Golf has drastically improved the course conditions and our guests are regularly commenting how much better the course is, which is generating repeat business.
Key Golf maintains many of the facilities our students receive access to; providing exposure to the best practices of golf course maintenance.

SimonettaDirector of Golf Operations - Wigwam Golf ClubI have had the opportunity to work with Key Golf on many different projects over the course of my career.
Their expertise is a large part of why our 2010 business is up more than 30% over last year.
Their attention to construction detail has carried over to the maintenance of the golf course. Key Golf Management was contracted for Outsource Maintenance Services and have since given The Las Vegas National a facelift, making it one of the top 20 courses in Southern Nevada today. Key Golf also made several improvements to existing course features and also constructed several new features by utilizing it’s in-house construction teams. It is clear from Key Golf’s participation on our National Advisory Board and seminar instruction our students will leave UNLV with a greater appreciation for golf course maintenance. I have received numerous comments from our regulars at Siena on how happy they are with our golf course conditions. CAN'T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) THE TRUMP CARD ENACTED BY CONGRESS FURTHER ASSERTING THE SECOND AMENDMENT AS UNOUTCHABLEPEOPLE OF THE LIE: CANCER !

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