BIOP’s objective is to ensure the accuracy and completeness of clinical study data, to deliver validated data on time and at competitive prices. Goal: BIOP’s aim to shorten the period between the receipt of the last batch of CRFs (LPLV CRFs) and study database closure (DBL) without compromising on data quality.
Something critical about organization and project management is understanding how you process information. I sometimes hate sharing these kinds of lists because tools and their use is so individual. Not an exhaustive list, but because so many people asked, maybe a couple of these tips or tricks are helpful. All of these things, for me, tuck seamlessly into my workflow, and help me keep multiple tracks and projects moving forward. But tinker with a few things and see what helps you, and what just feels like more work than necessary. If you haven’t answered the email lingering in your inbox, either do so, or delete it.
I use evernote all day long but seem to fail to get my hand written notes into some type of system…i need to work on that. Great article but I am crushed that THINGS is only for MAC – do you know of a windows version of something similar?
I’ve created an add-in that adds project management capabilities to Microsoft Outlook. It took me all day but I read this, read it again, downloaded Things on my new Mac and am going to get started! Reading a list of what you use to manage your projects is nice, but IMHO, it’s not the tools that make the Project Manager. I tend to use Glasscubes and also Google Calendars as mentioned above – thank fully they work together. BTC Capital Management utilizes a highly disciplined, fundamentally based and risk aware approach in managing portfolios for our clients. We believe preserving investment value in difficult markets is equally as important as generating strong returns in rising markets.
There are literally thousands of investment advisors throughout the world, each claiming to provide the best investment solutions.
At Advantage Partners, in order to embrace our mission statement we conform to the following 4 Advantages which are our guiding principles and the standards that we hold ourselves to. We will always have the highest feelings of respect for our clients and provide them with the highest level of added value.
Through the habit and discipline of developing and thoroughly executing detailed work plans, we will always perform at a speed faster than the industry average.
We will always maintain feelings of highest respect and gratitude to the various collaborators and supporters of our business.
We consider other internal sections, colleagues, superiors and subordinates as our most trusted and important associates in maximizing client value. Our greatest advantage is our style to maximize corporate value through concrete and active management support based on our extensive consulting experience. Innovation entails identifying unmet market needs, translating them into concepts, developing them into products and successfully commercializing them. The Professional Certificate in Leadership Coaching for Organizational PerformanceTM is an International Coach Federation (ICF) ACTP accredited program for individuals who want to develop coaching skills and apply them in realistic organizational settings.
SYNAPP, is a web-based diagnostic tool that provides customized, actionable insights based on an analysis of an organization's informal network.
As a leader in Executive Coaching, Philosophy IB has pioneered the use of a unique online system to keep coaches and coachees aligned and to ensure that executive sponsors have the visibility into coaching progress versus spend so they can justify these critical OD budgets. CINQ is Philosophy IB's radically simple online system for ensuring you get the most out of your Executive Coaching program. Philosophy IB is a boutique management consulting firm committed to helping clients execute strategy by changing the way people work.

Mazher received his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and bachelor's degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.
As Creative Director, Eric Leong oversees the firm's artistic direction as well as manages the development of all online products at Philosophy IB. Though a NJ native, Eric began his career as a software engineer and a web developer in San Francisco during the dot-com boom. Strict adherence to quality control processes, a forward thinking attitude and frequent contact with study teams and study sites are key to this. Not everyone does it the same way, and it requires paying attention to yourself and your first instincts when you have a new project to tackle. Maybe you’d rather spend three hours just knocking out writing tasks, no matter what they relate to.
But in case it shakes loose an idea or two, here’s my core list of things that help me stay organized. I like that I can track things in projects, check things off as I complete them, and look at the flow of tasks, in order, within their respective projects (as well as by priority or deadline). I use it to brainstorm, doodle, and capture meeting notes in in-person meetings (when I consider having my laptop open to be a distraction to both me and others). When I take meeting notes, I always have a spot on the page for tasks that I capture throughout the meeting.
My lists were always extremely long and all over the place, which threw me down a path of madness. My challenge – managing personal stuff and personal business stuff along with corporate operations stuff. I need a strategy to use for a small business (under 10 now) that will grow along with us, yet give everyone tools that work for them and together with everyone else.
All of your project based emails, files, contacts, tasks and appointments are managed in a central, easy to use location.
There’s a lot of people who will read your post, and try to using these tools, and will never succeed.
I have my own methods of managing projects, but I always try to improve what and how I work which means overviews like this are really helpful in making this happen.
I tend to get so preoccupied with making things available online, I forget that there are in fact times when I am offline – such as on planes.
We believe markets generate short-term noise that often distracts investors from making sound investment decisions. We never fail to recognize who our true customers are and who it is that deserves our dedication. The standards and content of the service we provide are always the highest in their respective industries and become the new standards of those industries. Each of us will proactively utilize our intelligence, execution capability and persistence to solve problems. Output includes not only final economic results such as sales and profits, but also daily reports, analyses, manuals, improvement plans, etc. Only each individual’s capabilities, consistent achievement of goals, organizational contributions, forward-looking attitude and demonstrated leadership are considered. By doing so, we will be able to realize sustainable growth based on a symbiotic relationship with society.
We work with clients to enable both the creativity and execution necessary for market success.
Coaching results in sustainable behavioral change by removing long-standing barriers to achieve extraordinary business results. They know change is about more than articulating a new strategy; it's about inspiring the hearts and minds of those who must execute that strategy and providing them with the skills and tools to execute successfully. SYNAPP collects data using a brief, 10-minute survey and then generates actionable insights at the organizational and individual level.
It then analyzes the results against best practices and produces a detailed report that you can use to improve your meeting facilitation skills and ensure appropriate engagement of your entire team.

As a Principal at Philosophy IB, Mazher leads client engagements with Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations to design and implement strategic organizational change and leadership development solutions. When he is not busy cheering on his beloved Baltimore Ravens, he enjoys painting with his daughter and volunteering as a foster parent for children in need. Everything relates to one larger objective, and the pieces are all part of the same path to get there, whether it’s writing or emailing or creating content or attending meetings. If you classify things in your head that way, by all means, work in functional classifications. Maybe you process things visually, or there are five key questions you need answered before starting a new project. If that info is brief, I’ll copy it into the notes of the task in Things and delete the email.
These are items that will take me less than 5 minutes and aren’t attached to a particular project.
So nice to hear that other people are blowing up their old habits and starting the year fresh and optimistic. Because I look at it and write in it–and none of the online calendars fits my workflow.
Springpad is similar to Evernote in that you can upload any notes or clip websites and access all your stuff online or on your phone.
Not because the tools are bad, but because they just don’t cut it as Project Managers.
We continually filter through the distractions and focus on the longer-term opportunity present in specific portfolio holdings. Through the use of portfolio based factors, name limitations, sector weight constraints, portfolio characteristics and analytical tools, we are able to effectively balance the level of conviction surrounding an investment with the level of risk it contributes to the portfolio.
We recognize that our clients provide the compensation we receive, and all of our staff maintain a mindset of constantly contributing directly to client value. Collaborators include providers of capital, advisors, contacts within our clients, mediators, suppliers, and our families and friends who support us in our commitment. Some are concurrent, some have to happen in order (it always helps me to know what comes next, even theoretically). I tackle the deadline items first, then review the rest of the list and pick the next most logical (or attractive) thing to work on.
I review them occasionally to see if any of them call out to me and warrant a move to reality and some next steps. I have more email labels than I do task tags, but for the most part, it helps line things up and saves me time searching for stuff. I’m also a big fan of Post-It notes, and the Sticky Notes utility has been the first online task list that actually works for me. But, we take it a step further by putting all the info you store to work for you in our free apps.
This active risk budgeting provides a strong framework for the allocation of risk and return in the portfolio.
And that’s the point, you have to understand how your brain work, your own workflow, and then use trial and error (and sometimes dynamite too) to figure out how best to keep yourself on track. If I’d stuck to the work style I used five years ago, it would be crippling me today. Other great apps include a budget tracker, a meeting notebook, a holiday gift planner, a date night planner, and other useful tools to help people get organized.

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