From the fundamentals to advanced courses, our GD&T, Tolerance Analysis, and 3D-MBD training is based on the most rigorous understanding and implementations of these subjects available. Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing Training – ISO 286, ISO 1101, ISO 2768, ISO 5458, ISO 5459, ISO 8015, ISO 14405, ISO 14660, etc. Most of our customers have us present our GD&T Training Courses onsite at their facility. Although GD&T is a science of the details, it must also be understood in the context of the big picture.
We suggest you consider our GD&T and tolerance analysis training courses to help you understand your variation, how to quantify it, how to mitigate its effects in your products, and how to implement dimensional management throughout your enterprise. Please contact Bold New Directions at 1-800-501-1245 to discuss how we can best meet your training needs. All members of the internal and external development and supply chain must understand the functional ramifications of their drawing and model specifications. Level 1 GD&T explains on the meaning of the symbols and specifications and how to properly specify the needed tolerances. If our clients are interested, we also explore the implications of their Dimensioning and Tolerancing Schemes on the rest of their company, helping our students to understand the tradeoffs in cost and quality they make when selecting various Tolerancing Schemes.
Changes in the structure, philosophy, expansion of scope, and the overall intent of the new revision are discussed. Consider our powerful Leadership Retreat scheduled for January 2016 in beautiful Costa Rica.
We ensure that your design, manufacturing, inspection, assembly, quality, and service personnel and your suppliers understand GD&T as needed to be successful and produce the highest quality, lowest cost products possible.

Our clients learn how to apply GD&T functionally, and we teach their design teams how to make adjustments and tradeoffs with other departments to work toward lower cost functional products. Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing and GD&T in the Workplace™ is what we are all about.
We also offer Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing courses and GD&T Certification Preparation seminars.
Level 1 GD&T explains the exact meaning of all the Geometric Tolerances, Definitions, the Fundamental Rules, Feature Control Frames and Datum Reference Frames. We want our clients to understand the implications of the tolerances they specify, including the functional implications and the cost implications of the assembly, manufacturing and inspection processes. Our explanations and materials are presented in a mathematically precise manner while keeping the material easy to understand and assimilate. New terms, definitions, symbols, rules, feature types, tools, techniques, approaches, and changes made to each section of the standard are also discussed.
Get recharged, grow your leadership skills and take time for one-on-one leadership coaching by the ocean in Herradura Costa Rica. Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing concepts are introduced and woven through the curriculum. The many nuances of GD&T and the importance of syntax and context are discussed in detail. We teach GD&T at many companies, from very small to the largest multi-national corporations.
We are uniquely qualified to help your company understand what is needed to implement of 3D-GD&T™ to various degrees and become a Model-Based Enterprise.

We make sure your staff gets this critical point, and we lead them to understand how they can optimize their use of GD&T for the goals of the business. Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing concepts are further developed and explained throughout the course. And, we are invited back to teach more courses when staff grows or if more advanced training is desired. We provide services internationally, and we regularly work with multinational corporations in the U.S. We explain specifications from both a technical point of view and a legal point of view, as engineering drawings and annotated models form part of a contract. We explain how to implement GD&T in the workplace, and how to understand the many tradeoffs between competing interests within the supply chain.
Specifications are legally-binding and it is critical that your staff and suppliers understand the implications. Teamwork is essential in any dimensional management implementation, and our GD&T training will help you develop more effective teams that solve your dimensional management problems optimally. There are many constraints in product development and product definition, and it is critical that everyone in the supply chain understands why certain specifications are needed, why they are beneficial, and the pros, cons, and tradeoffs of alternate approaches. It is also critical that your design organization understands the implications of the specifications they create on the rest of supply chain.

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