In 2015, 97 per cent of our University’s research has been assessed at a world-class standard or above by the Excellence in Research for Australia ratings which include the fields of artificial intelligence and image processing, disrupted computing and information systems. Enterprise Management offers an innovative cross-disciplinary structure, with courses in the disciplines of IT, information systems and management, and a range of electives allowing you to develop skills and expertise in an area of your choice.
You will gain valuable practical experience through a capstone industry project in the final year.

Enterprise Management provides students from information technology (IT) and non-IT backgrounds with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for the management of IT systems across a range of enterprises. This program provides a pathway into careers in IT for graduates not already working in this field, and career advancement for IT professionals who are looking to further their careers by progressing into management roles.
Direct entry is only available into the Enterprise Management specialisation of the program. The Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment is a world-leader in information technology teaching and research situated in Technology Park, a world-class location nestled among 80 companies creating the perfect environment for collaboration and innovation.

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