Imagine if this were to be applied in a business setting where everyone knows that, if you pay it forward, the business result can not only be incredible, but it can create incredible feelings experienced by all involved as well. In an article by Gretchen Gavett of the Harvard Business Review, Gavett starts by asking, “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. This is just one example of a company implementing a pay it forward management system to reap the benefits of the philosophy. In terms of monetary value, Gavett shows how ConocoPhillips has reaped more than $100 million since implementing an online knowledge sharing information community where solutions are offered by members. This is a top down proposition, because whatever the current culture of the company is, the change must come from its leader and management. Below are some steps you can start taking to implement a pay it forward management system in your business to get the ball rolling.
The devil is in the details, and having objectives that are clearly defined before you initiate the program lets everyone involved know what is expected of them.
Management and everyone else in leadership should not expect more of their employees than they do themselves.
An organization is made up of individuals, and they all have talents and passions that need to be recognized in order to more effectively bring everyone together. By recognizing these talents, companies can bring groups together that have similar interests so they can build relationships on their commonalities while addressing the overall concept as it applies to the organization.
If having a more engaged workforce results in increased productivity, it means the revenue stream will be larger for the company.
Whether the program is being carried out in the confines of the company or elsewhere, your employees have a life. This will be different for each organization, but if the resources and tools employees need to help each other are readily available, it will make the process that much easier. Establishing a pay it forward management principle as part of an organization’s vision is a win-win for both the employee and employer.
Michael Guta is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends focusing on business systems, gadgets and other small business news.
I don’t personally know of a small business that has applied the pay-it-forward management, but I think the benefit it provides can be experienced much faster in small companies. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.

Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. Many times, even the most economically disadvantaged individual will offer what they have to help another person. But if you scratch my back, am I any more likely to scratch someone else’s?” The answer is yes. The company has a bonus system that uses token payments for employees that have exhibited helpful behavior with a pay it forward stipulation attached to it. And as such, it also must take into consideration the voluntary aspect of the pay it forward management model. Engaging employees by helping each other is a sure fire way of ensuring the long-term viability of a pay it forward management policy.
After all, this is paying it forward, and if leaders are not taken to task — they will be responsible for breaking the chain of continuity. By monetizing the program, the organization lets its employees know it’s willing to reward participants for helping their fellow employees.
Acknowledging their personal lives and finding out the types of commitments they can make, along with their level of availability, will increase participation. It gives employees a sense of purpose within the organization by building connections and relationships with each other. I’ve applied pay it forward principles to the networking events I host called Pay It Forward Parties. Companies can greatly benefit from encouraging and adopting the principles that pay it forward management champions. The additional funds that the company gives from the peer-to-peer bonus must be paid forward to recognize a third employee. Because if employees feel they have to do it, the likelihood of it succeeding will be very low. Do you know about any small business companies that are applying pay it forward management? How to REALLY stop bullying activities thorugh classroom and student discussions using restorative practice.6.

How to improve classroom management by putting the rules into the students' hands using the scaling question.7.
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No longer would a school counselor simply schedule in high school or work on testing in elementary school. Participants learn and practice basic solution-focused skills for working with issues such as academic performance, behavior issues, depression, anger, sexual abuse, bullying and relational situations. I also used the narrative approach, as I found its ideas about re-authoring, pleasant and reassuring to clients. The narrative process added emotions and descriptions that guided my clients into those new actions.A The result?
SFNTThis workshop will cover the basic ideas of both models as well as a blending of strategies into a model that is rich in dialogue yet full of action and progress. New ideas for changing the behaviors of students through a simple, yet novel, collaborative approach gives the classroom teacher a new tool for classroom management. This workshop utilizes narrative therapy, and integrates it with solution-focused therapy to provide a warm and collaborative methodology for helping clients deal with trauma, grief and loss, abuse, and hopelessness.
The typical results are amazing, with clients terminating therapy within three to four sessions.A  Narrative therapy is a cousin of solution focused therapy and Dr.

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