China Fresh Graduates Program is Air Liquide China's annual local fresh graduate recruitment program, focuses on the fresh needs of Marketing & Sales, Project Engineering, Plant Operations, Finance Management and other specialized areas in all over China. Yet what makes a career at Bayer so interesting is more than just the opportunity to work in an international company.
Bayer AG welcomes about 4,000 students a year – on internships, vacation work, to write dissertations or simply on company visits. If you have completed your degree and are about to embark on a career, Bayer could be the ideal partner.
On this blog, Bayer’s employees and trainees from different subgroups will give you an insight in their everyday work life at Bayer.
Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture. Our financial management experts play a key role as a driving force that helps enhance Bayer's business performance. Find out more about Bayer's Finance Community in the detailed overview at Finance and Accounting.
The International Trainee Program for Financial Management is a practical training program to help you achieve your personal career aspirations.
The accounting traineeship is an18-month trainee program that covers all core group accounting functions and adjacent areas. The traineeship in controlling is an 18-month program that will introduce you to all core financial and business functions at Bayer. Training-on-the-job: Auditing trainees conduct worldwide reviews of business processes with regard to efficiency and control effectiveness. You have an excellent university degree in business studies with a specialization in finance, controlling, accounting, auditing, or corporate management. You will fit in particularly well with Bayer if you share our passion to innovate and want your ideas to bring about change. The trainee program offers prospects of a responsible position in a finance function in Germany or abroad. If you are interested in this program, please apply online at International Trainee Program for Financial Management. If you have any further questions about the International Trainee Program for Financial Management, please call: Dr. Do you (or your hourly retail employees) truly qualify for a Retail Management Training Program?

Kerry Properties Limited (a€?KPLa€?) is one of Hong Konga€™s largest property investment and development companies, with a portfolio of assets spanning Hong Kong and the PRC.
As one of the distinguished property developers in Mainland Chinaa€™s real estate market, KPL focuses on large-scale mixed-use developments in major metropolises and high-end projects in provincial capitals and other cities that enjoy strong growth potential and unique geographical advantages. While delivering its brand promise of quality, the Company aims to leverage its experience and expertise to establish flagship premium properties that contribute to the citiesa€™ further development.
In 2012 the program was extended to training and development program covering technical and management fields. Learn more about entry opportunities in our functional areas as well as about the application process and the job interview.
Visits and internships are an excellent way of finding out more about the company and its processes and getting to know the people who work for us. We are not simply an employer: we see ourselves as a partner who is interested in your advancement. Topics range from internship reports and stories about job entries to exceptional projects or private experiences. Our products and services are designed to benefit people and improve their quality of life.
The in the video mentioned business area MaterialScience has become independent on September 01, 2015 under the name Covestro.
It offers you prospects of an international career and a chance to play a valuable role in the Bayer organization. They are integrated into auditing teams throughout the company and receive frequent international assignments.
We may offer you a shorter trainee program to prepare you for employment as a specialist or for a managerial role in Finance. Over the following years, you will be offered individual development opportunities in Bayer's Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Taxes (FACT) Community.
You should send a complete application comprising a covering letter, resume, copies of school, academic and professional references and evidence of any professional experience, foreign assignments and internships, preferably in a maximum of 5-6 PDF files.
Good new talents conform to the culture are selected and fostered to contribute long term to the company in scopes like Technical, Sales & Marketing and Operation Management. At the same time, we want to create value through innovation, growth and high earning power. You also need to be flexible and mobile, with a sense of responsibility and an interest in finding solutions.

With a well designed training and development program of 12 to 18 month, including courses, on job training, overseas training, coach, as well as experience sharing, the candidate will have a complete understanding of the company culture, and build up a solid base for the future career development. In this innovative environment, we build on the skills of people who know where they are heading.
You will be ensuring that banking transactions, daily paperwork, and company reports are completed accurately and on time.General maintenance, cleanliness, facility safety, and opening and closing procedures will also be your responsibility. Further, you should have spent some time working or studying abroad and have intercultural experience and good language skills, in particular English. Asi, la compania ha cerrado ya encuentros con ESADE, IE, la Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, la Universidad Autonoma, la Universidad de Deusto y la Pompeu Fabra para las proximas semanas.Los jovenes profesionales tambien se escogeran de entre estudiantes del Reino Unido, Portugal, Alemania, Suiza, Italia y Francia. A basic knowledge of retail terminology and some insightful experience gained as a retail customer will demonstrate your interest in the industry to your potential employer.An understanding of the importance of customer service and a commitment to delivering it, will likely be considered essential for Retail Management Trainee candidates.
A Retail Management Trainee will be expected to exhibit the qualities that the company's most successful managers possess. Ademas, durante el tiempo que dura el programa, los candidatos percibiran un salario competitivo.Durante el desarrollo del programa, los candidatos recibiran el entrenamiento y las herramientas necesarias para ayudarles a conseguir las habilidades de gestion requeridas de cara a trabajar en una compania internacional como BURGER KING®.
Excellent communication skills are essential, including reading, writing, listening and speaking in the primary language used by the company and its customers.Basic organization, multi-tasking, and problem-solving skills will be needed along with the ability to work well under pressure and meet demanding deadlines.
You will also need to bring basic computer, typing and mathematical skills with you to this job. Generally Retail Management Trainees will need to be able to stand, walk, kneel, stoop, climb ladders, use stairs, reach, pull and lift objects up to 75 pounds.
Some companies will hire college students into the Retail Management Trainee program before graduation. The geographic location of the store and the size of the company accounts for the wide salary range. Those with prior retail or management experience may also receive higher compensation.Retail Management Trainees usually receive full-time salaried benefits which may include medical, dental and vision coverage, paid vacation, sick pay, profit sharing or stock options, and a 401K or pension plan.

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