Human Resource Management CoursesHuman Resource Management (HRM) is a constantly changing and developing field. The Challenges of Strategy – How well do you Develop, Communicate and Implement your Company’s Strategy? Preliminary data from the college shows 771 students enrolled in CS50 in the current semester, up from 112 in 2004, Quartz reports. There's no doubt coding is valuable skill set to have today, especially as the valley scouts desperately for engineering talent to fill the ranks at tech companies.
Most companies actually save time and money by hiring a consultant to guide them through the often confusing language of the International standard. We help companies learn the art and science of auditing through our Internal and Lead Auditor training courses. Through internal Auditor training, learn how to plan and implement an effective internal audit program that adds value to your organization.
This can save your company time and money by utilizing an experienced professional auditor to perform a thorough and objective audit of your management system. We can bring any of the training classes to your ogranization's premises at a reduced per student price.
The training format encourages student participation through class activities designed to teach proven applications guaranteed to benefit every student.

Too many organizations initiate ISO certification solely because of a customer’s requirement.
Very simply, a Management System is: The identification, documentation, and continuous improvement of the processes that constitute the flow of work performed with an emphasis placed on quality.
The greatest benefit comes from preventive action and continuous improvement activities that reduce the Cost of Poor Quality. Alan helped us in designing and implementing a quality system that meets the ISO 9001:2008 Standards. The innovative, current, and exciting courses we offer will allow you to develop your skills in all the important areas of HRM.
Perhaps inspired by The Social Network, enrollment at Harvard's Introduction to Computer Science course has skyrocketed 590% in the last decade. This makes the class one of the most popular on campus, second to an introductory economics course. Whether you are selling consumer goods, business-to-business or dealing with government organizations, we can audit your situation to provide clear and concise recommendations. All ISO training conducted through PQS is presented in an informative and entertaining manner. This cost is defined as: The sum of all costs that would disappear if there were no quality problems.

With his in-depth knowledge of the ISO systems and dedicated support to our company, we obtained ISO Certification … only 3 months after our first team meeting.
A partnership with the education nonprofit EdX also makes Harvard's CS50 class available for free online.
The training is based on real life experiences gained through years auditing and consulting with large and small businesses. The real value lies in establishing a Management System and maintaining and operating that system to improve the business activities towards growth and profit.
Our courses are accredited by leading educational bodies and offer world-class instruction and learning. The number of computer science majors has likewise seen a spike, close to doubling in the last two years, according to The Harvard Crimson.

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