TrainingWe are proud of our Compentent Employee Training record with a variety of safety topics. Routine Safety Training TopicsThe following is a list of routine safety training topics that WS Management Consultants, Inc.
One challenge this training addresses effectively is reaching the people who need the training the most. Actual challenges will be miniature business simulations that require multi-tasking, prioritization, delegation and strategic decision making.
Giving your people the opportunity to learn these Optimal Time Management principles will have an immediate impact at work.
Jump in and actively participate, be prepared to get a little out of your comfort zone, and go in with the intention of learning something valuable. Pricing for premium, full-service programs like this one depends on factors such as your group size and preferred event location. If it turns out the solution you had in mind initially is not a good fit, we’ll explore together with you to find one that is. Looking for a unique corporate teambuilding event in Burien your entire team will get excited about? We thrive on helping our partners achieve their goals through our unique and innovative suite of corporate team building events and group activities. Contact our team at 425-207-4947 or 1-877-713-7238 or [email protected] to discuss what you're looking for and experience for yourself why people who plan team building activities for the most successful companies in Burien rely on our talented team.

Looking for a unique corporate teambuilding event in Burien or group activity your clients will get excited about?
We provide a range of exciting group events, team building activities, dynamic corporate training and education programs.
With all the challenges that are thrown our way in today's dynamic workplace, there needs to be some method of imposing order on the chaos of the day. Companies that make the investment to train whole departments at one time will see significant improvements in overall efficiency in the workplace. Ironically, people who already have the best time management skills are the ones most likely to seek further education to improve those skills. Even if you have discipline to begin with, you'll still need a structure or system to make that discipline work to its potential.
Efficiency in the workplace will be boosted - enough for it to seem like there are MORE people doing the same amount of work. We include any related travel and miscellaneous costs in our quote so you can feel confident your budget will be met for the program. Build up your team’s business skills with fun, memorable, and effective group training solutions. Have a look at the team building ideas we provide to successful and emerging companies from around the world.
See why a meeting planner partnership with us and our vast array of group activity solutions makes great business sense.

This is where Corporate Explorer Training's Optimal Time Management training and development workshop can pay dividends. As is the case with all our programs, Corporate Explorer Training has ensured that this program appeals to everyone. Corporate Explorer Training's Optimal Time Management program will help you build this foundation in a fun environment where actual projects (with ambitious deadlines!) will be presented. Once the task is completed, each team will be asked to present and market the product of their efforts. With the right Corporate Explorer Training program, your employees can become more efficient, bring in more revenue, and be better able to adapt to new changes in your business environment.
By making the training active and fun people are enthusiastically drawn in to the learning process. You may also find people have more time to spend on the projects they WANT to work on - or with their families. Overall job satisfaction and employee retention will also be positively impacted by this program.

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