A contributing cause to the too-frequent failures of large, complex information technology (IT) projects is the inability of standard project management practices to deal with the effects of rapid technological change.
47.Zhang X, Windsor J (2003) An empirical analysis of software volatility and related factors. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. MANAGING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROJECTS, 6e, International Edition offers the "behind-the-scene" aspect of technology. Rapid change creates significant uncertainties that can blindside the most cautious project managers. Although project management has been an established field for many years, managing information technology requires ideas and information that go beyond standard project management.

Based on a long history of working with these kinds of projects, we examine the characteristics that make some projects susceptible to these effects. The Standish Group, West Yarmouth5.Eveleens JL, Verhoef C (2010) The rise and fall of the chaos report figures. By weaving together theory and practice, this text presents an understandable, integrated view of the many concepts skills, tools, and techniques involved in project management. Dawsonaddison wesley publishing company344,70 zl331,00 zlProjects in Computing and Information SystemsC.
Then, using illustrations drawn from Project Renew, a multiyear US federal agency IT modernization effort, we present some techniques that go beyond traditional project management practices to help managers of large, complex IT projects deal more successfully with the effects of rapid technological change. Because the project management field and the technology industry change rapidly, you cannot assume that what worked even five years ago is still the best approach today.

This text provides up-to-date information on how good project management and effective use of software can help you manage projects, especially information technology projects.MANAGING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROJECTS, 6e, International Edition is still the only textbook to apply all nine project management knowledge areas--project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, and procurement management--and all five process groups--initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing--to information technology projects.
Government Accountability Office, Washington, DC13.Pinto J, (2002) Project management 2002. The Free Press, NY42.Kautz K, Hansen B, Jacobsen D (2004) The utilization of information systems development methodologies in practice.

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