The Manchester College and FC United have joined forces to give our local footballing talent the opportunity to develop their skills and gain academic qualifications, with the launch of a joint Football Youth Academy. Our U11's and 12's  played in the NNSW State Titles on the long weekend at Coffs Harbour, with the Under 11 winning the title, The boys played some good football throughout the tournament and ended undefeated.
A couple of teams who were undefeated had some close calls but in the end it's all about having fun. Let's also mention our referees, these young boys are giving up their spare time to do this, we all appreciate the effort.
Our first session of The Macquarie Summer Games started Monday 12th,  Spectators witnessed some very good football played.
Coaching positions for  next year need to be sorted out within the next few weeks and trial dates will start straight after the next school hols. For our existing coaching staff please consider carefully what age group you would like, there are no promises but will do our best after having a discussion with you.
Up coming events include a 6 day trip to Tasmania in September, the team has been selected and all players are looking forward to the trip. Due to Grounds being unfit for training due to Water, the groundsmand has closed the grounds for today.
Good day,All Training for Wednesday 6th June 2012 at the academy grounds  has been cancelled due to the wet weather and water logged grounds.
Great 1st half performance netted 3 goals the 1st from great pressure the other 2 from superb strikes.
This week we have been working on the speed of transitioning from the moment when the ball is lost to when we win it back. The game against Hunter under 14 SYL is an opportunity for the boys to relax and express their skills and tactical understanding without feeling so physically intimidated. The Tokyo Government has extended an invitation to a team from NSW and Queensland to represent Australia in the 2012 Tokyo International Youth Football Tournament.

The U13’s State titles held in Newcastle from the 11th -14th of April was a great experience for the Macquarie boys. The teams overall improvement was the highlight for me, hopefully this will be transformed into their weekly competition over the coming weeks. Hi, Macquarie Whites verses Newcastle, The Game commenced at a very fast pace with Macquarie holding our own with their passing game.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Brian McClair, United’s academy director and the man charged with providing the next generation of stars, is as gruff as his mentor on the subject of events in Basle. Restricted to working with boys who live within 60 minutes of Old Trafford, and to coaching largely in the evenings to fit around the school day, he finds himself outgunned by United’s European rivals, most notably Barcelona. The small sided game, to express themselves, to show the coaching staff what they have learnt throughout the year. The loss last week gave us a reminder that when playing the 4-3-3 system having three forward player’s and only three midfielders, means that organised “pressing high” is needed to stop or slow down the opposition from playing out of their own half. The win last week to Hunter under 14 SYL was a nice display of patient and composed playing out from the back particularly from our goal keeper and was a reward for our boys who had spent weeks on this at training.
The game should be a welcome relief for the boys who have had to battle hard in the last two weeks against top of the table Under 15 teams Charlestown and Magic who overpowered us with their extra size, strength and speed. It was very pleasing to see both teams go over to their parents as a group and clap them after the game.
Newcastle had very explosive strikers and they scored early on in the match to make it 1-0. I think the referee thought we were playing footy in the second half and so the challenges kept coming and coming. This is the game related training that we encourage, it allows the players to express themselves without the added burden of a coach yelling out instructions.

Again it was great to see the boys passing and moving, getting into better positions to receive the ball. Passing and movement were good in parts, especially against some strong physical challenges.
We would like to inform all under 9 players that our academy will be selecting players for next years 10's after the completion of there club competition.
Both teams tried to pass the ball and create chances by moving into a position to go forward. Also the way our Stripe team played last weekend has finally put a smile on the coaches dial.
It was at a similar event 15 years ago that one of Manchester United’s coaches spotted something in a lanky six year-old called Danny Welbeck. Home-grown representation in Premier League first teams has dwindled to a shameful 32 per cent. No more than half a dozen clubs share their global outlook, and where McClair sees opportunity others see a threat.
They have analysed 125 deals in the last four years, calculating that they delivered A?17 million to the clubs who developed players. Effectively the clubs are being asked to accept a fixed income instead of the lottery ticket chance of unearthing a gem.

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