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Your mind is not in perfect peace as you feel that something different should be happening. This is normal and natural when things around you and within you are shifting, growing and expanding.

You have asked for expansion and growth, and now you are going to get them – more than you could imagine! What if the future is something so grand, so earth-shaking, so all-consuming, so fulfilling, that you can scarcely allow yourself to imagine it?
What if you were now to allow yourself to completely surrender your life, your plans, your future, and your intentions, to God alone?
And from this space of Love, in perfect Peace, bring to Me your heart’s desires and your mind’s questions, and simply feel the response from Me.

Proceed step by step as you feel you are guided, or simply do what feels right in each moment.
Allow yourself to grow and expand and shake yourself free, because I desire to express through you.

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