I have learned to become a conscious creator and manifestor and have used the Law of Attraction to radically and quickly change my life around from one of homelessness and depression to one of success and happiness on my own terms.
In this course you will learn the basic principles of the law of attraction, with real world examples and how to use it effectively to manifest the life you desire.
In this course I also give you tips and techniques to allow you to turn your desires into reality. Get your Free Udemy Course on Law of Attraction: How To Manifest What You Want by clicking on this discount coupon. To have inner vision and imagination is freeing, but to experience, harness and live within the life force of love is freedom.
The question is, do we want to participate in steering our lives and choosing where we want to go and what we want to see, hear, say, do and be? It’s not uncommon for people to say they are not sure what they really want in life or even for the next year. We want to focus on being present and aware, receptive and open, to whatever we might experience such as feelings, epiphanies, thoughts, inspirations and shifts within our life, etc. You can see in the picture of my last vision board that I am looking for more time outdoors in nature, more rock climbing, road traveling, more time with friends and more self-expression. When doing the workshops, I start by giving an intro on vision boarding and different experiences I have had personally. We are using the pictures, words and colors on the boards to provoke the very feelings and inner visions that compelled us to put them on the board in the first place. I started leading workshops after my friend, Arnold Kauffman, showed lots of interest in joining me when I was making my annual vision board. Deanna Saul Husk took the reigns of her own health and healing in 2001, when it became her purpose to understand the role she plays in having a healthy relationship with her body and mind.
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Taking action toward living that dream is what begins the process of manifestation into the physical reality, while compounding the actions creates momentum. If we do not have a clear vision of what we want, then we can make creating goals and dreams our vision until we figure it out. These are things we want to be implementing in our daily lives for personal development, which is what this is all about. I added affirmations and inspirations to support lots of love and inner strength and motivation. It was toward the end, and we were going around the room, sharing our boards, when one woman pointed at a picture on her board of a nice clean closet and said how she really needs to organize her closet.
The board is a tangible expression of our visions and feelings, a physical manifestation that we can use to mirror back within ourselves the fact that our visions exist already not just within us but in the physical realm now, too.

I invited him to do a board with me and thought there must be other people who would be interested, too. His life quickly changed upon enjoying these meals in 2010, with Brian going vegan and then low-fat, fruit-based raw vegan to start off 2011. The information presented on this website does not constitute health, medical or any other kind of professional advice and is not intended to replace the advice of medical doctors or other health-care professionals with whom you consult. Other meditations on this album are: Getting a Deep and Restful Sleep, Healing the Planet, Connecting to Your Divinity and one Just for Parents. Some people don’t know that they can question and, if desired, alter the course they are on or alter their own position and role in their life, and that life will integrate the changes they’ve made.
This is a very temporary goal, as long as we take steps toward making it happen, just as we would if our dream was to buy a new house. Vision boarding is a tool, an action of taking those vibrant seedlings of creative and energetic ideas that we envisioned in our mind’s eye and planting them in the physical reality. In this vision board style, I chose to fill up all spaces on the board, overlapping images as I went along.
I put a book on my wish list (a form of virtual vision boarding) on Amazon, and it sat there for a year while I forgot about it. You can make one on your own at home, with friends, go to workshops, parties and now you can even get apps for your phone and do a virtual vision board. Then there are some who know they can take the reins but don’t know how or are insecure about the process. What if we know just that we want something, more of something, less of something or just something different from what we are experiencing right now?
I think that’s when the real fun begins, of actively living more mindfully and designing and enjoying our lives more and more. In August, I decided to incorporate essential oils into my business, and the most recommended book to use was the very one I had sitting on my wish list. Now that we are at the year’s end and soon to be at the beginning of a new annual cycle, it’s a great time to get some magazines and supplies and music, if you want—and get your vision on board! Vision boarding can be helpful for everyone and in uncovering interests and passions, dreams of old and new, and in giving a visual representation of what we want to bring into our lives. First, understanding that the creative energy that we each have inside of us, our life force, is always creating and expanding, driven by our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, words and actions.
Vision boarding helps with this by creating a visual representation of the internal energies that resonate with our core truths so as to remind and guide us to our desired outcome. Just by observing life around us while being aware of how we feel can lead us to clarity about ourselves. I’m not saying it’s always easy, but that’s why we do things like vision boards, to keep us resonating with the very things that motivate us in life.

The funny thing is I ordered the book from another company without recognizing the title and forgetting completely that I had the same book sitting in my account.
I organize closets!” Everyone was excited and encouraged to see an immediate response and how simple the actions were to get a result. To experience a supportive community networking and pulling together to help one another however they can is what a lot of people are craving in their lives today.
Making vision boards is fun, using collage techniques from various supplies such as cut pictures and words from magazines, our own photos and drawings, glue, tape, markers, pens, paints and really whatever you would like to use. Despite whether we are aware of it and whether we have a vision, we are involved in the creation that is our life.
I have had a couple of people come to a workshop not expecting to make a vision board because they didn’t know where their life was heading and were surprised and inspired when they went home with a vision board in hand. Some have themes such as business for when I was finishing shiatsu school and wanted to do a board to have a clear vision of how and where I wanted my business to go, and some were just free-flowing inspiration boards. For me, it wasn’t just about the book; it was that I had a vision to work with essential oils and I made a move to bring it into reality, and less than a year later, I have incorporated it into my work.
But, that being said, it is a powerful tool, action and step to take to shift your life into a position of less resistance. There are many times I hear people saying how they are looking for a picture of a beach, for example, and suddenly there are five or more people helping you in your search.
I do recommend being mindful of what we put on our boards and what we are attracting because it will manifest on some level. Take note here: It’s what we do with the vision we have and the boards that we make that matters.
We are often using images of advertisers promoting things that may not resonate with us, so work around or without those things.
If the one woman decided not to share in that moment and the other woman did not speak up, the connection would not have been made in that moment.
Collage is a creative process, and we are all creative beings, so I know you can find a way to use an image or cut, paste and rearrange a quote or parts of quotes to make them work for you. And if we go home and put our board behind a shelf, yes, things may manifest from it because the seeds were planted, but it is much more effective to leave it where you can see it often and use the power of visualization to the fullest.

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