I learned and invented techniques, rituals, visualizations and prayers that helped me prepare my body, mind, spirit and home for an amazing relationship. The basic Law of Attraction states that you will attract to you those things that match your state of belief. You may not realize it but resenting someone or being unwilling to forgive them actually binds you to them. 7) Clear out the clutter in your home and create space for your beloved (especially in your closets).
Eliminating physical clutter from your life is one of the fastest ways to increase the inflow of new positive energy. It’s important to be on the lookout for synchronistic signs from the Universe or inspiring invitations that come out of the blue, that may lead you to your soulmate.  Taking action may also mean joining an online dating service, enrolling in a scuba diving course or simply sharing with trusted friends your desire to meet the love of your life.
Find ways each day to nourish your self with love, appreciation, healthy food, positive thoughts and tenderness.
Arielle Ford is a leading personality in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement.
Arielle Ford, the woman who helped launch the careers of Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and Jack Canfield, shows readers how to take control of their romantic destiny in The Soulmate Secret. The woman who launched the careers of Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, and Mark Victor Hansen shows readers how to take control of their romantic destiny.

I woke up one day, at age 43, and decided to manifest my soulmate using everything I had ever learned about psychology, spirituality, and the Law of Attraction.  My intentions became crystal clear while I simultaneously cleared out the clutter in my house AND in my heart. Six months after I began the adventure I met my husband, Brian, who has exceeded all of my desires and expectations. There were days when the thought that he was very late did cross my mind but I would just let those thoughts go and get back into a state of grace….feeling and knowing that his arrival was assured. Believing that your soul mate is out there is critical to the preparation of manifestation. Big love is possible for any one of any age if you are willing to become a magnet for love.  Continue to live each day in the knowingness that you already are in a loving, committed relationship as you savor the waiting for your beloved to arrive.
Then take your list and create a “vision map,” a collage that becomes a visual representation of your romantic future.
You may also want to hang your “vision map” above your altar.  Find time each day to spend a few minutes sitting in front of your altar saying a prayer of gratitude for your beloved’s swift arrival.
For the past 25 years she has been living, teaching, and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. In this white magic counterpart to Neil Strauss’s Rules of the Game, Ford teaches you to use the laws of attraction to deliver your soulmate to your doorstep!
In this practical guide, Ford explains to both men and women how to clear out the emotional baggage of the past from their lives in order to make room for true love.

If you learn to believe that the ONE is not only out there but is ALSO LOOKING FOR YOU, then true love can be yours. But, if we believe the world is a chaotic, stressful and fearful place, then that becomes our reality.  . Then read all the letters out loud to your self with the intention of allowing any remaining animosity to dissipate. You deserve your own love and affection.  When you fall in love with yourself the whole world mirrors that love back to you.
She is a love and relationship expert, and the author of 10 books including her newest, Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate (Harper One). Buy it now and receive many amazing bonuses, including a free 5-part video series featuring Iyanla Van Zant, Dr.

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