Making a small change in your daily routine tells the Universe that you are ready to release some old limiting patterns and bring in some new patterns of abundance.
After bringing your living symbol into your heart center, you can confidently affirm that you and your desire are one. Now is when old energy patterns must move out to make room for the patterns of your desires. Daily gratitude for every bit of harmony and abundance in your life creates the bridge of synchronicity that takes you to the harmony and abundance of your desires.

Manifesting Meditations and Enlightening Materials that will Empower you to Manifest your Dream Life!
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Put it in several places where you will see it throughout the day to remind your subconscious self that your desire is here now.

It needs to be balanced and flowing easily for you to open to receive your desire from the Universe. Most people report that Hypnotherapy has taken them to the most peaceful state they have ever experience.

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