The representatives of state authorities (in particular Maksym Nefyodov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, and Olexander Starodubtsev, Head of the Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade), real business representatives – pharmaceutical companies, distributors and pharmacy chains, international organizations and professional associations brought together in order to complexly and comprehensively discuss the given issues. Dmytro Aleshko, being a leading expert in the area of state (public) procurements, participated in the profile discussion panel, which opened the conference.
The abovementioned Resolution proposes to simplify the state registration procedure for all medicinal products that have already been registered in the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the EU. Novelties in materials expertise for the abovementioned category of medicines and requirements to such materials deserve a special attention.
It is worth to mention that despite the fact that the Resolution has not come into effect yet, the text of this legal regulation published on the CMU web-site should be considered as final.
Upon the consideration of the provided materials the Antimonopoly Committee has come to the conclusion that given marketing agreement does not contain any signs of the abuse of monopoly and anticompetitive concerted actions conducted by GlaxoSmithKline Ukraine.
Moreover, the project team put major efforts into the materials preparation aimed at the justification of Competition Law non-infringement by the drafted marketing agreement concluded with the pharmacies and pharmacy chains. The document proposes to extend the list of medicinal products liable for simplified state registration, in particular to simplify the procedure for those medicinal products that have already been registered by the competent authorities of the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada or the European Union. The Parliament Health Care Committee did not support this Draft Law and submitted it for further improvement.
The Regulation proposes to establish the selection procedures (development of the first draft Essential Medicines List by the Expert Committee) and yearly revision of the National Essential Medicines List. Further, upon the approval of the first Draft National Essential Medicines List the Expert Committee shall revise the existing taking into account the abovementioned factors and sources. The Draft Regulation also established the schedule of revision of the National Essential Medicines List.
Please note that the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as of February 11, 2016, a„– 84 approved the Regulation on the National Essential Medicines List and the Regulation on the Expert Committee on the selection and usage of essential medicinal products. For 28 years, The Legal 500 has been analyzing the capabilities of law firms across the world, with a comprehensive research programme revised and updated every year to bring the most up-to-date vision of the global legal market. The Concept suggests the implementation of activities aimed at solving the issues of timely patients support with qualitative, safe and efficient medicinal products, immunobiological products and medical evices, and activities aimed at the prevention of corruption and limited competition that lead to medicinal products and medical devices procurement at an over-inflated price. The document authors note that the Concept designates the directions, mechanisms and terms for public procurements system transformation in healthcare sector of Ukraine through the development of modern convenient system aimed at the establishment of competitive environment and further development of fair competition in this sector. The Concept shall be implemented with the assistance of international organizations and donors in three stages during 2016—2018. Stage 1 (2016) – establishment of institutional and legal basis for the reformation of public procurements in healthcare sector. CPO shall fulfill the procurements at local and foreign levels, and if required shall maintain the procurement from international suppliers — import of medicinal products, immunobiological products and medical devices, involve other organizations into customs clearance, storage and distribution, conduct other business activities based on long-term plan principles. The procedure for insulin products reimbursement foresees that the pharmacy warehouse should file monthly report on the medicinal products sold. Moreover, the document amends the CMU Resolution as of March 5, 2014, a„– 73 "On the Implementation of Pilot Project on State Regulation of Insulin Products Prices" regarding the definition of the unified mechanism of the state regulation of insulin products prices. These medical devices are allowed for market distribution before their expiry date and not later than 5 years from the date of their sales start without the compliance assessment and national quality standard mark. Based on the abovementioned, the compliance assessment procedures shall become obligatory starting from July 1, 2017 for registered medical devices with the unlimited state registration certificate or with the certificate expiring after this date.
Another significant change introduces the opportunities to conduct the compliance assessment procedures during the period of validity of medical devices registration certificate. Moreover, certain changes have been introduced into the registration of the officials responsible for putting medical devices into operation. In case such entity is not a resident of Ukraine, the authorized representative should be assigned with the responsibility to introduce such medical devices into Ukrainian market. State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products should maintain a Register of entities responsible for the introduction of medical devices into the market. The legal support of the development and adoption of the abovementioned Order of Cabinet of Ministers, as well as the above-mentioned order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine was provided by the Legal Alliance Company in cooperation with the SIAPS project. The said provision establishes that the drugs will be included in the National List of Essential Medicines (hereinafter - the National List), taking into account population incidence rates, prevalence of disease and mortality, evidence of the comparative effectiveness (performance), safety and cost-effectiveness of medicines, as well as industry standards  in terms of health and level of funding for health care. The Expert Committee will consist of 12-18 people, it will be composed of specialists with higher medical, pharmaceutical and economic education. Once an expert committee under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is established, work concerning the selection of drugs to be included in the National List will be conducted by them. Interested individuals and legal entities can apply with a package of necessary documents  for inclusion of drugs in the National List of Medicines.
Notice of tax assessment is developed for each separate tax due together with the penalties, as well as for each penalty and poena for the violation of other legislation being under supervision of regulatory authorities.
Notice of tax assessment is considered to be submitted to the taxpayer – legal entity if such assessment notice is delivered by hand to the official employee of such taxpayer against acknowledgement or forwarded in a letter with notification of the delivery. Notice of tax assessment is considered to be submitted to the taxpayer – individual if such assessment notice is delivered by hand to such individual or his authorized representative or forwarded in a letter with notification of the delivery to the address of residence or of the latest known location of such individual. The new Law provides for the implementation of public procurement with the use of two competitive regulatory procedures: open tendering and competitive dialogue, as well as a non-competitive procedure - negotiating the purchase procedure. An important innovation of the Law is the introduction of electronic procurement (e-auction), the electronic review system, as well as the implementation of the exchange of information, documents, to provide clarifications in the e-procurement system.
Moreover, for the conduct of unauthorized concentration, which did not lead to monopolization and significant impediment of competition on Ukrainian market , the AMCU recommends to calculate the basic penalty in accordance with the total revenue (income) received from the sales of products (goods, services) at all commodity markets of Ukraine.
The AMCU made the greatest specification regarding the calculation of the basic penalties in the cases of the infringements of informational character. Moreover, the AMCU believes that if the incorrect information has been provided several times during the consideration of the case regarding the violation of informational character, the total penalty charges shall amount to the penalty for one relevant violation. It is worth to mention that the AMCU established the reduced penalty, which may be imposed on the respondent during the investigation of the case of informational character and on the applicant in the case regarding the concentration and the concurrent actions if they provided incomplete case information. Correction of previously determined penalty taking into consideration the aggravating and mitigating circumstances. Declarations with violation of the deadlines for submission for the reporting period in case the application is submitted within its contents. The registers are published at the official State Fiscal Service’s web-site on a daily basis.
In case the Main Directorates of the State Fiscal Service in regions, or in the city of Kyiv send to the appellant the decision on final or partial denial of the appeal, the appellant has a right to file the subsequent appeal within 10 calendar days upon the receipt of such decision. The document in its new edition, updated and improved in line with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of Corruption", was recently approved by the  Management Board of AIPM Ukraine. The project was conducted by Oleksii Bezhevets, partner with Legal Alliance Company and senior associate Lidiya Sangarovskaya-Gurlach. The most important among the suggested amendments is the one concerning the Procedure of monitoring of adverse reactions to medicinal products permitted for medical use as approved by decree a„– 898 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, dating December 27, 2006 (hereinafter - the current procedure), in the new edition, changing its name to "The Procedure for the Conduct of Pharmacovigilance" (hereinafter - the new procedure).
Thus, the new procedure determines that the applicant may have more than one system of pharmacovigilance, for example, specific systems for different types of medicines (vaccines, OTC drugs, etc.). With regards to the authorized person, the new order establishes that in the case of the applicant, who is located in Ukraine, the authorized person must be part of the applicant's personnel. The new procedure defines the document with a detailed description of the pharmacovigilance system as a Pharmacovigilance System Master File (PSMF). An important achievement of the new procedure is to establish the requirements for the system of risk management in pharmacovigilance.
In contrast to the existing rules, the new procedure provides for the obligation of creating a risk management plan.
In concern with medicinal products that do not require the creation of risk management plans, the applicant must support the specification file of important identified risks and important potential risks with the aim of preparing regular reports. In terms of other amendments foreseen by the new procedure, emphasis should be given to the advanced categorical apparatus and a new player in the field of pharmacovigilance - rapid response groups of relevant departments of Health, which are responsible for investigating all serious adverse events after immunization and some others.
Therefore, the adoption of the new order will contribute to the harmonization of national legislation with the European the field of pharmacovigilance. It is to be recalled that  in their time some of the provisions were "the bone of contention" between the regulator and the subjects of the pharmaceutical market. Therefore a situation may arise where the abovementioned provisions will be in force before the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers' of Ukraine albeit with the edition of order a„– 143. The abovementioned draft legislation proposes the disclosure of information contained in the materials of the pre clinical studies and the clinical trials that are attached to the application for the registration of the medicinal product.
In the opinion of the legislation draft's initiators, the closed nature of such data results in the circulation of drugs, whose effectiveness and safety have not been proved. The Project aims to supporting of Ukrainian government in issue of improvement of effectiveness and transparence in public purchasing system for medicinal products, in particular, by complying of National list of main medicinal products and medical devices with international standards. This year the event attended 130 representatives of the pharmaceutical sector, specialized media, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, and state regulatory authorities. In the beginning of the session Dmytro Aleshko presented a report on the regulation of the medicinal products and medical devices market. Taking into consideration the composition of the event members many of whom represented the medical devices market, the regulation of the medical devices circulation in 2016 was discussed during a separate interactive session involving Pavel Harchyk, President of the Association of market operators of medical devices, Natalia Serhienko, Health Care Committee Executive Director, European Business Association, and Darya Bondarenko, CEO of Association of market operators of medical devices. The next session of the conference touched the most current issues of the organization of corporative ethics and anticorruption compliance system in the pharmaceutical business. Following the traditions of the summery conferences the session on taxation of pharmbusiness was held.
The highly topical conference programme did not let the participants to relax and loose focus, just as the regulatory and law-enforcement authorities does not let the sector representatives to relax in the course of the year.
Hygiene requirements  exclusively concern dietary suppements and do not apply to medicinal products, functional foods and special dietary foods. Hygienic requirements set requirements for the content of dietary supplements, in particular, the latter indicate that for the production of dietary supplements  vitamins and minerals listed in Annex 1 of the hygiene requirements may be used, in the form specified in Annex 2 to the hygienic requirements. Therefore  amendments are provided to the Law of Ukraine "On Insurance" , namely by defining sponsor liability insurance a mandatory type of insurance . The document designates the mechanism for taxpayers’ appeals against tax assessment notices or any other decisions made by the regulatory authorities in the course of administrative procedure.
This Procedure shall not be applied to the appeals against the regulatory authorities’ decisions, actions or inactions of their officers or other employees if the special law establishes other procedures for appeals. Complaints about the decisions of state tax inspection offices are filed to regulatory authorities in Kyiv and regions, to inter-regional territorial agencies. Complaints about the decisions of regulatory authorities of Kyiv and regions, of inter-regional territorial agencies, and of customs offices are submitted to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.
The decisions of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine made upon the consideration of taxpayers’ complaints are final and without any further administrative appeal, however may be appealed to court.
The complaint should be submitted in writing to the higher regulatory authority within 10 calendar days following the taxpayer’s receipt of the respective decision made by the regulatory authority.
The complaints for the regulatory authorities’ decisions and actions should be cited and submitted separately.

The taxpayers may attach to their complaints all calculations and evidence, which they deem appropriate.
Certified copies of quality certificates (certificates of analysis, test reports, etc.) issued by the manufacturer for the series of medicinal products to be imported.
The Ministry of Health shall within five working days from documents delivery shall issue for the importer a certificate of import confirmation or send a written refusal notice indicating the reasons for refusal.
The Ministry of Health shall issue within five working days from documents delivery the certificate of confirmation for the medicines payment under the agreements or send a written refusal notice indicating the reasons for refusal. The supplier shall submit the confirmation certificate to the revenues and duties authority, where it is registered as a tax payer, not later than 10 working days after the deadline for submission of VAT declaration for the relevant reporting (tax) period. The intended use of the medicinal products and medical devices exempt from VAT shall be fulfilled in accordance with corresponding legislation.
Nevertheless, the tax payers are still obliged to pay advanced corporate profit tax payments for the first three quarters of 2016.
The failure to make this payment shall result in imposing on such tax payer the penalty in the amount provided in Article 123 of the Tax Code of Ukraine. Earlier this Fall, CME and the Saskatchewan Manufacturing Council proudly launched the Manufacturing 2025 initiative — the largest manufacturing consultation in our province’s history. After an extensive, industry-wide survey, 12 executive roundtables, 300 hours of dialogue, and input from more than 150 companies, we are pleased to table the final Manufacturing 2025 Action Plan, which charts the findings of the consultation process and outlines 25 priority recommendations to government.
3twenty Modular has been selected as the 2014 Saskatchewan Manufacturer of the Year, for its exemplary achievements in the areas of business success, dedication to community and industry, and employer excellence.
CME and the Saskatchewan Manufacturing Council commend Minister Wyant and the Government of Saskatchewan on their initial steps towards the development of a strategic procurement policy that promotes fairness and competitive reciprocity for Saskatchewan manufacturers, as well as best value for Saskatchewan taxpayers. This reference guide explains some of the special terms used on a daily basis at jobsites at Toyota Motor Manufacturing.
Often in the form of an electrical board which lights up to show at a glance the current state of work operations. The total amount of time required for a worker to complete one cycle of his entire job process, including manual working time and walking time. A system that modifies preceding production processes to keep a minimum inventory of finished parts, and produce only enough to replace, or fill-up those parts withdrawn by the following process. The so-called 5Ws and 1 H (who, what, where, when why and how) are used in analyzing production processes. This means preparing a production line so that it can meet changing production requirements with any number of workers without lowering productivity.In contrast, a fixed-manpower line is one that always requires a fixed number of workers. The four S’s are the corresponding Japanese and English terms of Seiri-Sifting, Seiton-Sorting, Seiso-Sweeping, and Seiketsu-Spick and Span.
Increasing the delivery frequency of parts in order to keep the inventory at each process to a minimum. Jidoka along with Just-In-Time, is one of the two main pillars of the Toyota Production System.
Management driven kaizen activity where management members identify areas in need of continuous improvement and spread information through the organization to stimulate kaizen activity. One of the two pillars of the Toyota Production System, Just-In-Time refers to the manufacturing and conveyance of only what is needed, in the amount needed. Muda (non-value added) exist everywhere related to people, material and facilities, or the production set-up itself.Kaizen refers to the series of activities whereby instances of Muda are eliminated one by one at minimal cost, by workers pooling their wisdom and increasing efficiency in a timely manner.
Heijunka is the overall leveling in the production schedule of the variety and volume of items produced in given time periods. This means improving work procedures, machinery and equipment to free workers from particular jobs on a production line consisting of one or more workers. Just-In-Time production is an ironclad rule at Toyota and producing anything 1) earlier than needed or 2) in greater volumes than needed (as indicated by kanban or other indicators) results in excess inventory and is known as muda or over production. This refers to a situation where a worker who has been working according to a standardized work sequence finds himself unable to process to the next job. Conveyance itself is basically muda since it doesn’t add any value to the product: the more conveyance per unit, the more the final product cost.
Any work or processing that does not add value to the product and advance the production process or contribute to the precision or quality of the processed units is referred to as Muda in Processing. All of the inventory (materials in-process work and finished products) that derives from the process of production and conveyance.
The irregularities that sometimes happen in the production schedule or in the volume of parts or vehicles produced. At the jobsite, this means giving too heavy a mental or physical burden to workers on the shop floor.
In Multi-Process Handling, one shop worker will move down a row of machines or equipment arranged in the order of the flow of production processes and will perform all necessary jobs within the Takt-Time. Multi-Machine Handling means that one shop worker will move along a group of machines or pieces of equipment and operate them to perform multiple jobs by himself.Those machines and equipment are grouped together because of the similarity of processes involved or similarity of the machines used. In order to conduct one-piece-at-a-time production and multi-process handling, a shop worker must be able to perform many different jobs, operating diverse types of machinery and equipment. This refers to the system of production in which only one part or one vehicle at a time is processed or assembled and sent along the production line to following processes. Of the many operations involved in set-up jobs, this refers to those operations which cannot be carried out without stopping the line or machines.Such operations include the actual changing of dies, cutting tools, jigs, etc. Those parts of the set-up operation which can be done without stopping the line or machinery. The time that a machine operates maintenance free as a percentage of the time during which it is switched on. The ideal condition is to have 100% operational availability during the time the machine is on to fill a Kanban order.
These are parts that cannot fit on the racks along the production line or in other storage locations. This is a tool that informs the shop worker, foreman or supervisor whether work operations are ahead of or behind schedule. This Kanban indicates the timing and quantity for a worker at one process to pick up a new supply of parts from a preceding process. This refers to the time it takes to provide one product from acceptance of order to shipment. This is a table which shows the production sequence of different models on a mixed-model production line. This chart lists the quality control (QC) items – standards, specifications, and characteristics of each process – for building quality in the production processes. Adjustment time: time after set-up is finished that machine is stopped to obtain necessary quality levels or resolve problems. Set-Up Time is the time it takes to change over from the production of one product to another, from the instant that the processing of the last component of one type is finished, to the production of the first good sample of the next type of component. Once the production sequence for products and parts is decided, those products and parts must be picked up from preceding processes according to that sequence. This is a Production Instruction Kanban used on a lot production line where different parts are processed and time is needed for changing from processing of one item to another. This paper (also known as a build sheet) is attached to a vehicle or product giving instructions concerning the parts to be fitted to the vehicle or attached to the product. The Toyota Production System organizes all jobs around human motion and creates an efficient production sequence without muda. One of the three elements making up standardized work this is the minimum quantity of parts always on-hand for processing in and between sub-processes. Shigoto is the Japanese word for “work” or “job”, but at Toyota refers to any process that adds value to the product. This is when a manager or supervisor can tell at a glance if production activities are proceeding normally or not.Andon and kanban are typical visual control methods. To order a copy of Seeds of Collaboration in paperback please send your request for ordering information by submitting a Contact Us form. TRUE LEAN PATHWAYSWe know you are busy and don't have the time you once did for reading lengthy articles.
Thus, the term for materials expertise conducted by the State Expert Center has been reduced to 20 business days. The Resolution proposes the Ministry of Health to establish the expertise procedures for the abovementioned products, but with an approval of the Ministry of Economic Development.
This Draft Law also proposes to establish the simplified registration procedures for all medicinal products that have already been registered in the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the EU. In particular, the team made a comprehensive research on medicinal product markets, which may be affected by the concluded marketing agreement, conducted social and marketing studies, analyzed the experience of GlaxoSmithKline group of companies regarding the relevant agreements in other countries, developed internal standard operating procedures for the Client with regard to pharmacies and pharmacy chains cooperation. We would also like to express our gratitude to the project team members representing GlaxoSmithKline Ukraine for the fruitful collaboration. The Draft Law was initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and presented the same say at the Government session.
This Regulation belongs to the package of documents drafted in order to implement the new model of Essential Medicines List. The difference lies in the fact that all individuals intending to include a particular medicinal product into the List shall have an opportunity to submit a corresponding application including the documents confirming the comparative efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of the product. The Regulation Annexes formalize the application execution Instruction for amending the National Essential Medicines List. The adoption of the Draft Resolution shall promote the establishment of professional centralized procurement organizations (hereinafter - CPO) in Ukraine, which requires some time and incremental actions.
CPOs shall be established under the Health Ministry decision and shall operate under its supervision. During this period all medical devices shall be introduces to the market and put into operation on the basis of acting certificate of state registration.
Registered medical devices with the certificate expiring after July 1, 2017, should undergo the compliance assessment procedures after the expiration of such certificate in order to stay on the market.
The structure and contents of national lists will be based on the latest edition of the Basic List of Essential Medicines recommended by WHO. An important step forward is the need to study whether or not such persons present a conflict of interest, as well as the possibility of participation of foreign specialists with the necessary knowledge and experience in the selection process in the national list,"- said Dmytro Aleshko, who heads the team of experts developing a normative - regulatory package  on this matter. Such persons shall not present a real conflict of interest, in particular,  they should not be in an employment or any other contractual relationships with producers and holders of certificates of registration of drugs or associated persons. At the same time, the Law provides a number of cases to which the provisions of the latter do not apply.
In addition, the AMCU has specified the meaning of such aggravating circumstances as the obstruction of case investigation.
This method is recommended in case the respondent did not provide any information on the total revenue at the market where the concentration took place and at adjacent markets.

Thus, previously the basic penalty equaled up to 5% of the revenue from the sales of the products (goods, works, services) of economic entity in the last reporting year prior to the year the penalty was charged, and if there was no revenue or the respondent did not provide any information on the total revenue – the penalty equaled to 10 000 of non-taxable incomes of the residents. The written appeal should contain all data outlined in the Procedure, it should be signed by the appellant-physical entity or by the authorized person, for other appellants – the appeal should be signed by the director or a legally authorized representative and sealed (if available). Thus, the new procedure provides a number of new features, the most interesting of which relate to the applicant. At the same time, each applicant's pharmacovigilance system can have only one authorized person responsible for the pharmacovigilance (hereinafter – authorized person). Should the applicant not be located in Ukraine, then a contact person for pharmacovigilance in Ukraine, who is a subordinate of the applicant's authorized person, must be assigned on the territory of Ukraine.
In comparison with the current procedure, the new procedure establishes simultaneously a clear framework for such PSMFs with the requirements for information that must be contained in it.
It should be noted that the current procedure contains a provision, according to which the applicant creates a pharmacovigilance risk management plan, i.e.
The draft resolution prepared by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine , does not contain any significant differences , except for some editorial amendments. The matter concerns a three-way contract, the requirement for the conclusion of which seems by importers to not be feasible. Therefore the draft legislation at hand is aimed at initiating access to such information, which will enable all interested citizens, their associations and professionals to decide on the selection  for the appointment and the medical use of the medicinal products on the basis of objective data concerning the level of proof on their safety and effectiveness. Being an annual event for the pharmaceutical sector representatives, the Conference focuses on the regulatory aspects of the pharmbusiness and other legal tendencies of the pharmaceutical market. Krzysztof Siedlecki, European Business Association President, Astellas Pharma Europe BV Country Manager Ukraine, Dr.
The discussion was held around the current status, potential problems and roadmaps in this sphere. The session was opened by Legal Alliance Partner Oleksii Bezhevets, who informed the participants on the main changes in anticorruption requirements.
Legal Alliance Associate Partner Andrii Gorbatenko, who leads the antimonopoly and competition law practice, acted as a moderator of this session. Nevertheless, all the attendees remained satisfied with a quantity and quality of the information received at the event and expressed a desire to meet in such a format at least twice a year. Quality criteria for nutrients used for the production of dietary supplements must comply with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and in their absence - standards established by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.
The opportunity to track  dietary supplements and any substance intended to be administered in dietary supplements should be ensured at all stages of production and circulation. According to the proposed changes , the relevant contract may be concluded not only by the sponsor of the clinical trial , but also by their  authorized representative.
In addition the mentioned procedures shall not be applied to the appeals against decisions made in the course of administrative violations proceedings. Our goal was simple: To develop the policy framework and roadmap necessary to grow Saskatchewan manufacturing sales to $25 billion by the year 2025. The award was handed out at the second annual Minister's Manufacturing Dinner, May 13, co-hosted by The Hon. It is our hope that this glossary of special terms will be of use to anyone wishing to further their understanding of the Toyota Production System. Andon boards allow speedy corrective action to be taken by supervisors when a problem arises.
This means eliminating the stagnation of work in and between processes and carrying out one-piece-at-a time production.
To search for the true cause of problems, instead of asking “why” once, it is repeated five times. It refers to the ability of production lines to be stopped in the event of such problems as equipment malfunctions, quality problems or work being late either using machines which have the ability to sense abnormalities or using workers who push a line-stop button. This term refers to any conveyance above the minimum necessary to keep “Juts-In-Time” production operating smoothly – such as temporary unloading, load transfer, removal of small quantities, and movement from one spot to another. Includes the regular processes which tend to make people less aware of the muda involved and therefore impair improvement.
To accomplish this Toyota constantly endeavors to improve a worker’s skills so that he can easily perform jobs outside his normal area of assignment following monthly Takt Time changes caused by production volume changes.
Operation standards ensure that standardized work is carried out correctly at each jobsite.
This refers to the low-cost, highly reliable devices or innovations that either detect abnormal situations before they occur at a production process; or once they occur, will stop the machines or equipment and prevent the production of defective products. The pull system refers to the system of manufacturing in which following production processes withdraw from proceeding processes the parts they need, when they need them, in the exact needed amount. Based on the ration of the “mix” of different models in the production plan, the order of producing different models follows a Heijunka or leveled pattern.
It also includes the names of the supervisors and shop workers who are responsible for quality control and the QC methods used. The Signal Kanban is a triangular shape, often referred to a “triangle Kanban.” It is used mainly for jobs related to stamping, die casting, and resin molding processes. At a given signal, all shop workers start work beginning with the first job (the first job in the standardized work sequence.) When they have finished one cycle of jobs, another signal is given and they start work on the next cycle. The instructions are expressed in codes.The advantage of this paper is that information and the product move along together. It allows the worker to do his job continuously in a set sequence of sub processes, repeating the same operation over and over on the same order. It is the sequence of operations in a single process that leads a floor worker to produce quality goods in the most efficient way. Our mini-newsletter, True Lean Pathways, is our way of sharing short bits of true lean thinking and moments of insight shared by our clients. They gave the participants the opportunity to make the most objective opinion on the changes in the field of public procurements. During another session he presented a report on “Law Labyrinth of Legal Support and Appeal of Procurements Outcomes. The term for making the decision on or the rejection of the state registration has been reduced to 10 business days. Please note, that the Ministry of Economic Development is mentioned for the first time in the context of the state registration of medicinal products and previously was not involved into any step of the registration process. In addition, we would like to mention a substantial expertise and due attention to this issue expressed by Antimonopoly Committee specialists. The reimbursement of insulin products costs shall be fulfilled at the rate of reference price for the medicinal product approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The patients shall receive their medication for a lowered price or for free in accordance with these categories.
Business entity should submit the relevant report not later than the 5th day of the month following the reporting month, and in December — not later than the 24th day of the reporting month. An important selection criterion is the presence of experience of the evaluation of the comparative efficacy (effectiveness), safety and cost-effectiveness of drugs. This Order updates the mailing procedures for tax assessment notices to be sent to taxpayers by regulatory authorities. Today the AMCU increased the penalty up to 30% of the revenue from the sales of the products (goods, works, services) that violated the legislation on the protection against unfair competition.
In the end of the session the Legal Alliance senior associate Alexander Bondar presented a report on the new public procurements law, which practically implements the electronic procurements (electronic auction), electronic system of appeal, and the exchange of information, documents, submission of explanations in the electronic procurements system. In the course of his report the delegated had an opportunity to discuss the plans and implementations of 2015 and to share their expectations and forecasts for the coming year. After he passed the floor to the special guests of the conference - Aliona Kushnova, Judge at the regional Kiev administrative court, and Jonas Triggvason, Managing Partner, UPharma Consulting. The session was traditionally opened with an analytical report on the status of the pharmaceutical market in 2015 presented by Irina Gorlova, General Director, SMD.
Vitalii Savchuk, Senior Associate, Legal Alliance, presented a report on the most high-profile cases, investigations and court practices regarding the pharmaceutical industry.
Besides indicating abnormal situations, some Andons provide work instructions (such as quality checks, change of cutting tools and conveyance of parts) and job progress information. Just-In-time presupposes Leveled Production (Heijunka) and is build upon the three basic operating principles of the pull system, continuous flow processing and Takt Time.
Also, Kaizen is not an activity to be performed by a specialist, but can be – in fact should be – performed by all employees at each job site. The information is available at each jobsite on worksheets, based on diagrams, quality check standards, QC process charts, safety standards, etc., and are aimed at achieving quality, quantity, cost and safety targets. When production and sales figure do not equal, even if apparent efficiency improvements are achieved, costs will not be reduced and overall productivity is considered to be poor.
It is made up of three elements: takt time, working sequence and standard in-process stock. Our joint efforts led us to the implementation of the project that only yesterday seemed to be almost impossible”. The reports should be submitted to local budgets holders who have been legitimately assigned for the execution of operating expenses of local budgets for preferential provision of insulin products to diabetic patients defined by the decisions on such expenditures in accordance with the legislation for the reimbursement to business entity of the amount stated in the register within 15 days upon the report receipt. In addition to a lot of interesting facts the reporter highlighted that the total volume of the medicinal products market in Ukraine amounted to 2.1 billion USD in 2015. Reoccurrence prevention becomes simpler as abnormalities become more obvious making it possible to “build in quality at the production process”.At the same time, since defects are prevented automatically, inspectors become unnecessary, which in turn results in significant labor savings. It also permits the delivery schedules to be more easily adjusted according to production changes. Examples include, operation instruction sheets, quality check sheets, work standards sheets, etc. Volodymyr Redko, Executive Director of Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development APRaD. In the framework of this session the participants discussed the adjustments in the personal data protection, as well as promotional activities and programs of the pharmaceutical companies.
The best retail figures are shown by dietary supplements, patients care items and medicinal products, the worst figures – personal care products and cosmetics. Session speakers - Zoya Zamikhovska, Junior associate, Lidiya Sangarovskaya-Gulach, Senior associate, and Andrii Gorbatenko, Associate partner, who presented to the audience their reports on medicinal products advertising, marketing agreements in the pharmacy sector, and distribution contracts. Andrii Gorbatenko emphasized the types of law infringements foreseen by the competition law, and paid the attendees attention to the provisions of distribution contracts, which are attracting a close attention of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, in particular the provisions regulating the reports, discounts and bonus payments.

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    The Secret audiobook by Rhonda Byrne , narrated by Rhonda Byrne super.

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