The enormity of this event cannot be expressed in words, it’s one of those things you need to experience for yourself. Running close to the crowd on the right side of the road, I notice they reach out to high-five the runners. I continue north through the streets of Brooklyn for the first half (~13 miles) of the race.
The stretch through the Bronx only lasts for a mile, and we are back in Manhattan for the last five miles of the race. How to Become a Late Riser: 5 Reasons Why Sleeping In Every Day Will Boost your ProductivitySex for a Good Night’s Rest? February History Calendar1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829      Other events that occurred in February.May History Calendar12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031    Other events that occurred in May. Meet the group every Monday night at 6:30 for a fun, all abilities welcome run followed by good food and better drinks! Our online store includes items from our stores here in Cincinnati and from other locally owned Fleet Feet Sports around the country. Our monthly newsletter has the latest information on gear, training, & Cincinnati running! There are 45,000 participants split into three starting waves, and two million spectators to cheer us on. Although I start the marathon on Staten Island, just minutes after, I cross the bridge to Brooklyn.

A runner trying to drink his water and run full-speed at the same time stumbles, and it looks to be a bad fall.
I high-five with about 10 of them, and feel pretty good about myself… I never got this kind of treatment during my long-runs through Central Park during training!
My stomach churns and gets worse, and I need to use the bathroom badly, but there is nothing to do at this point. Most running books recommend to not run for 1-2 weeks, and instead do cross-training, so I will try to abide. I had a modest goal of finishing in under four hours, and I consider this time close enough. While there are hundreds of porta potties in the race waiting area on Staten Island, the wait is still long to use the bathroom. Heading towards the streets of Brooklyn, I start to hear a low, muffled roaring sound, which gets louder and more distinguishable as I continue on. But I start to realize that being so close to the crowd is a little overwhelming, and decide to limit myself to a couple high-fives in each burrow. Running the NYC marathon was one of the most unique and rewarding experiences I have had in my life. It probably doesn’t help that Dunkin Donuts is offering all 45,000 of us free coffee as we wait! This is the sound of the energetic crowds cheering us on, at either side of the road, sometimes 10-deep.

Apparently his fall wasn’t as bad as it looked, or he is so high on adrenaline that he does not feel any pain. The crowd will cheer you on by your first name if it’s written on your running shirt, but being the marathon novice that I am, mine is not.
I also start to feel very weak, but don’t dare add more Power Gel or Gatorade to the mix in my stomach at this point. While I lost my five minute lead from the halfway point, and added four minutes to my goal time, at this point I am just happy to have completed the marathon. Some play the theme from “Rocky”, others play covers of old rock and roll tunes, others rap, and a few even play bagpipes. The mixture of Gatorade, Power Gel, and Dunkin Donuts coffee is not sitting too well in there. I see some of the marathoners running with headphones on and wonder “Why?!”… The variety of live music and crowd cheering along the run is more than enough to keep me pumped up through the first half of the race.

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