You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Paste your data in the Premium Excel Map spreadsheet and view it on beautiful premium maps. The complete product has been developed to be easy to use and shrink the workflow to a minimum of your time. Paste your Maps to PowerPoint presentations or Word documents or paste them into Brochures and Catalogs. Show any kind of data on high quality, resizable maps with just some clicks and enhance any brochure, document or presenation.
View your Map in MS Excel and integrate it in Excel reports, PowerPoint presentations, brochures or send it as a picture via email. Premium Excel Maps Spreadsheets have been developed on the job, because we needed a tool that makes data mapping fast and easy.
You can add all your data in just one spreadsheet and fill your maps with fresh data in seconds. If you have to create reports on a regular base and receive data from different sources, here are good news for you.
When we started with data mapping some years ago and used several software programs, we had always been limited by the legends options.
Most people think of Excel software as only an application for creating spreadsheets, but it's an excellent tool for capturing each element of a complete root cause analysis. Because Microsoft Excel is so widely used, Cause Map files in Excel can easily be emailed to anyone else in the organization.
A cause-and-effect analysis can be built very quickly using the Cause Mapping template (see video clip).

The multiple worksheets with an Excel workbook allow each element of a comprehensive investigation to be captured on its own worksheet. The drawing tools in Excel and the structure of the workbook allow people an incredible amount of flexibility. Photos can be added directly into Excel which also has the ability to crop and size the pictures.
Action items from an investigation are implemented within the work processes upstream of the problem. Attend a workshop to learn how to facilitate and document both problems and proceses using the Excel template.
It doesn't matter, because Premium Excel Maps shows any kind of data in a clear, intuitive way.
Premium Excel Map will automatically map your data specified by your colors and value ranges.
On the map sheet you can use the comfortable dropdown menu to switch through your series and view your map updating accordingly.
It doesn't matter if you like to map percentages, currencies or nominal values like colors. By changing the way details are documented, a facilitator can improve the entire investigation process.
Each session is approximately 45 minutes and packed full of useful information and tips for facilitating better investigations. A table of contents in the beginning of the Cause Mapping template organizes the entire investigation. There are literally an unlimited number of ways to explain the details of an incident using the Excel tools.

Large file size photos can be compressed within Excel and labels can be placed directly on the photos. Data files, pivot tables and charts can be built within the Cause Mapping template to provide a more complete investigation.
Just paste or connect your data and your will create daily, weekly or monthly maps in just seconds. We also added labels for Countries or States and include the most important cities as well as capitals. We put a lot of effort in the quality of our Excel maps so that you won't have any trouble.
It also includes many step by step tutorials and samples how you can create your maps in a professional way. Once you have setup your first data series and you are satisfied with your map you can add as many data series as you like.
These maps always deliver an outstanding appearance in any report, catalog, brochure or presentation. Learn to take advantage of Excel's capabilities to change the way you investigate and prevent problems within your company.

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