Marketing is going through a seismic change, with new roles and skill sets required to deal with the data-centric nature of modern marketing. To adapt to this new era in modern marketing, CMOs must rely on new job roles and skill sets in order to remain successful.
Traditionally, the sales team has been used to chasing leads, deploying techniques to “push” prospects into becoming customers.
B2B customers are already 60% of the way along the purchase cycle before they decide to contact their selected vendor. If your sales team continues to use old sales techniques, you run the risk of alienating your leads or, worse still, making them feel as if they are being patronized. Of all the roles in the modern marketing process, it’s the CMO who is facing the biggest upheaval. Be adaptable and keen to experiment – and most importantly, encourage their teams to do so as well.
Another key area for development highlighted by IDC is the need for CMOs to work more closely with CIOs, as the traditionally segregated worlds of IT and marketing are brought together because of the data-driven nature of modern marketing.
This need for a shift in relationship is borne out by the Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census 2013 report, which highlights the significant technological barriers that are holding back marketing companies from creating a unified strategy. The most recent report from April 2014 (available here) tackled technology barriers from a slightly different angle. Have knowledge of packages and platforms such as SAS, Endeca, Net Promoter Score, Crimson Hexagon and Cymfony. While you can’t expect a single candidate or team member to boast all of these skills, the above list should act as a jumping-off point for identifying who you need in your modern marketing team. Whether you need such personnel on a day-to-day in-house basis is, of course, down to the size of your company and your needs. Analyze the job roles in your team: do they align to the requirements of a modern marketing strategy? Identify how you can best incorporate new modern marketing roles and their associated skill sets into your team. For detailed analysis of another significant area in modern marketing, download our free eGuide: Stop: does your team have the right skills for marketing automation?
Listening to the customer and understanding their business problem is key to successfully partnering with a customer.
In this article we will discuss the general sequence of marketing management hierarchy which is followed by most of the organizations in the same or with slight variations.
Marketing Team Leader – These professionals are responsible for supervising the entire team of marketing associates in their outlet and managing the team to fulfill the targets on time for the company in an exquisite manner. Branch Marketing Executive – The professional who handles the marketing tasks for the company’s entire branch are referred to as branch marketing executives.
This is the top level of the marketing management hierarchy and is responsible for administrative level work in the company.
Regional Marketing Manager – Regional marketing manager handles the marketing tasks for the company for a specified region provided by the company to the regional marketing manager.
Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Director – The highest managerial level attainable in the marketing management hierarchy is of a chief marketing officer, CMO also referred as the marketing director. A couple of years ago, I wrote a column that introduced agile marketing — a management approach that adapts agile software development methodologies to marketing projects.
For all the advancements in conversion optimization tactics and technologies, it’s the speed and flexibility of the marketing team that has the greatest impact on what can be accomplished. For instance, Jonathan Colman has an excellent presentation on how he leveraged agile marketing in SEO in his work at REI.
Valtech, a professional firm specializing in agile software development and agile project management, just released a white paper on agile marketing — including a foreword by yours truly, claiming that the most valuable marketing capability today is agility.
At the same time, another group of marketers held an agile marketing summit called SprintZero: The Physics of Agile Marketing in San Francisco.
One of the outcomes of SprintZero was the formation of several agile marketing meet-ups in a number of major cities: Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Although that manifesto was written with software development in mind, the essence of those values have come to describe the nature of modern marketing to an uncanny degree. Given the affinity of these values in marketing, it seems quite natural that many marketers would independently find themselves drawn to the principles and practices of agile management. Avinash Kaushik has arguably been the leading advocate for using testing and data to drive decisions in marketing — in contrast to opinions and conventionally held beliefs that so often prove to be misplaced. Certainly conversion optimization is rooted in this philosophy. The recent excitement around big data is yet another way in which marketing can gain and leverage insight from real customer behavior rather than relying on the gut instinct of a small number of executives. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Scott Brinker is the president and CTO of ion interactive, a leading provider of landing page management and conversion optimization software. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
Deploys and performs program management activities within GENIVI for current and future releases from the alliance (ex: Apollo, Borg, Cassini and beyond). The GENIVI Operations Subcommittee (OPS) supports the GENIVI Board of Directors on alliance operational issues and produces actionable proposals for the Board’s monthly meetings.
OPS attempts to make the Alliance efficient in terms of using as little resources as needed, and effective in terms of meeting stakeholder expectations. Define requirements and manage process for software components to be integrated in to the GENIVI Baseline and captured in the Compliance Statement.

Define requirements and manage process for software components to be integrated in to the GENIVI Baseline and Compliance Statement. The Marketing Team is the place where members can expand the influence of the alliance into the automotive industry, as well as expand their own influence at the same time. The License Review Team manages the licensing and legal activities of the alliance and is chartered to ensure that the technical work of the alliance is founded on legally sound approaches that are acceptable to the membership of the alliance and to the broader open source community. The GENIVI IT infrastructure is a suite of GENIVI-hosted tools that support collaborative work across the GENIVI membership.
Kyle Walworth is the VP of Solutions and Strategy, Automotive for HARMAN Connected Services.
Walworth holds bachelor degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering from GMI Engineering and Management Institute (known today as Kettering University).
Matt Jones serves as the Director of Future Technology at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), President of the GENIVI alliance, and a Board Director of the Linux Foundation, and is actively leading the push for open infotainment and systems standards, enable the rapid creation of leading-edge features across industries. Based in JLR’s newly-established Research and Development Centers in Portland, Oregon, that are dedicated to developing Open Software for the automotive sector and accelerating the growth of start-ups through the JLR Tech Incubator.
Roberto Zompi is the Advanced Engineering Manager for Infotainment and Navigation at Magneti Marelli. Roberto started in Telematic Services and Navigation 15 years ago in Magneti Marelli with responsibilities ranging from Product and Program Management to Innovation.
Prior to joining Magneti Marelli, Roberto was R&D manager at ISI, an Italian company dealing with inertial systems for defense and aerospace systems. He earned a degree in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Torino and a Masters degree in Software Engineering in Ivrea Olivetti Master School. Armando has held significant positions of responsibility at Thales French group, Johnson Controls Automotive France and Siemens VDO. In his early career Armando worked mainly in the Defense Industry like manager for new generation air fighters mission and root preparation systems in SAGEM (actual SAFRAN) and Energy industry (EDF systems) with software standard evolution. Alwin joined Pelagicore from Volvo Car Corporation, where he was Director Driver Information and Infotainment for multiple product generations and held responsibility for strategy and development of all cockpit electronics including Instrument clusters, Infotainment Systems, Switches and HMI. Prior to Volvo Cars, Alwin held leading positions in companies related to wireless services and Telematics such as WirelessCar and Smarttrust. He holds a PhD in nuclear physics with a strong background in electronics and IT, complemented with studies in economics. Rainer Oder began his professional career at XSYS, Germany during his university time at the Fachhochschule Furtwangen. Before joining Vehicle Component Business, he was in charge of strategies and global development of the webOS platform for smart consumer electronics at Software Center in LGE. During 2004 - 2014, he worked at IBM Research in NY, USA, leading research projects and groups to develop advanced system software and OS for servers, clouds, and supercomputers, including Blue Gene Q, the World #1 Supercomputer in 2012.
Prior to IBM, he was a faculty member, teaching and directing research in computer science at Arizona State University.
After graduating from the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Diplom-Ingenieur Peter Schonenberg started his career at Parametric Technology Corporation as a Software Engineer working on engineering and product data management applications. Today Peter is responsible for the product definition and architecture of the infotainment domain and for defining and delivering the platform for IVI systems of the future. In early 2002 he moved to Blaupunkt GmbH and took over the responsibility of advanced engineering and later of the Software development organization for Driver Information Systems.
From 2005 to 2010 he was Vice President at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions in India.
Back at Robert Bosch Car Multimedia (CM) in 2010 he took over the domain responsibility for Software development as well as the project management at a CM key account. Besides GENIVI he is board member of ADIT (Advanced Driver Information Technology), a multinational joint venture of DENSO and Bosch. Replacing it is “the age of the customer”, where the purchaser, not the marketer, has control of the buying journey. The age of the customer means that there is a new focus on analyzing customer metrics and data.
The results showed that the quality of the email database and the lack of strategy are the two main constraints to effective email marketing.
Being able to spot trends and themes buried in vast amounts of customer data is increasingly important. But ignoring these new skill sets and their associated roles could see your company slipping into obscurity.
The management of a company depends on the proper working of all these officials since all officials work and operate at different positions. Following are the levels starting from the entry level or the junior level management and ending with the highest one in the industry.
I suggested that adopting agile marketing management practices might be the single most important factor in building a successful, ongoing conversion optimization program. Ric Dragon also has a great new book out, Social Marketology, that includes a discussion of how to use agile management in social media marketing. I also presented the closing keynote at their Agile Day event in Paris last month — everything is marketing and everyone must be agile (click through for slides and an essay version of my talk).
Travis Arnold has a comprehensive post of manifestos made in the name of agile marketing that were debated and celebrated at the event. These informal get-togethers should provide a good venue for marketers to exchange ideas and experiences with agile marketing in their organizations. But increasingly, all the different facets of marketing provide opportunities for testing ideas and using data to weigh the outcomes. But as you can see from the links above, more and more marketing organizations are adopting agile methodologies for competitive advantage.

As a recognized subcommittee of the Board, OPS works closely with the System Architecture Team, the Program Management Office, the Baseline Integration Team, the Legal Work Group, and the Marketing Council. Domain(s) of focus: Vehicle Diagnostics (such as KWP and UDS), Vehicle Interface, Vehicle Networking (such as CAN and MOST) and Software Management. Domain(s) of focus: Functionality necessary to integrate Consumer Devices devices into infotainment systems.
Among these tools are a wiki (Atlassian Confluence), issue tracker (Atlassian Jira), instant messaging server (Jabber), source code repositories (Git), document repository (Subversion), build system (Open Build Service), and a mailing list server. Domains of focus include frameworks and APIs for multimedia, CE device connectivity, Bluetooth, security and software update. Walworth has been an active member of the GENIVI Alliance since its inception, as an Officer on the Board of Directors between 2009 and 2013.
Prior to his current position, Walworth worked for Visteon Corporation as Associate Director of global hardware and software architectures. He also earned a master's degree in electrical engineering - with a concentration in wireless and electro-magnetics - from Stanford University. To this end, he is actively working with Linux and the open source communities through a multitude of projects. He spent 4 years in Targasys, a Telematic Service provider, in charge of R&D management. In his roles he has managed different corporate engineering teams either platform and product development or expertise ones . Pelagicore develops and delivers software products and services for GENIVI compliant automotive infotainment systems and is engaged in the deployment of multiple GENIVI compliant products into production. Alwin holds a Masters degree in Knowledge Engineering and Information Technology from Middlesex University in the UK. After spending time in Scotland focusing on 3D real-time programming, Rainer returned to Germany to finish his Diploma and earn a Master of Science degree.
He published more than 50 papers of system software research in major journals and conferences. These range from information technology solutions for vehicle programming & software logistics to the introduction of Ethernet as a vehicle system bus. Andree Zahir is the Head of Engineering responsible for the Business Unit Automotive Navigation and Infotainment (AI).
In his position he prepared and implemented the launch for one of the first OMAP based infotainment platforms.
In Bangalore Andre headed Bosch electronics and SW development activities for power train applications and was heavily engaged in getting the spin-off location jump started from 0 to 2000 engineers in only 4 years time.
This shift means it has become vital to map the customer’s journey via the use of data and metrics.
On the marketing automation side, 45% of respondents consider lack of time as the main barrier to implementation. The designations in the company compose the hierarchy, like designations in a marketing firm will compose the marketing management hierarchy of that organization.
You can read about many of the terrific discussions they had on blogs by Jim Ewel and John Cass, both leading agile marketing pioneers. At Ford, Walworth held positions in product development focusing on electric vehicle power supplies and interior electronics. In 2006 Roberto led the development of the first infotainment platform based on Linux in the Magneti Marelli Innovation department. He spent 9 years in Automotive Infotainment in Siemens VDO in France as the platform software manager and then as software discipline manager for the France site. With offices in Gothenburg and Munich, Pelagicore works with leading OEMs and Tier-1s for base platform, middleware and UX development. Rainer joined HARMAN Automotive Division and worked as a Software Engineer and System Architect for navigation applications.
More recently, he has lead the team coordinating the in-vehicle electronic and electrical architecture.
Once they complete their internship they are offered salary and are promoted to the next level in the hierarchy. Walworth also managed the development of all infotainment-related subsystems including tuner and media.
At GM, he worked in product development for cruise controls, instrument clusters, mass airflow sensors, throttle bodies and exhaust systems.
He gained experience in the North American Market during his time in Detroit, where he managed the navigation department for North America.
Andree began his career in Product Management of Embedded Software at Robert Bosch subsidiary company ETAS where he developed real-time simulation systems and real-time operating system kernels for embedded control units. His background and experience provides a unique perspective on the complex electro-mechanical and software interactions in today's consumer electronic products.
After his return to Germany, Rainer co-founded XS Embedded (XSe) and led the company as Managing Director from 2010 to 2014.
He directs strategies and development for vehicle software platforms, connectivity, and cybersecurity. Andree was instrumental in writing the OSEK OS and OSEK TT-OS specifications within OSEK and ISO standardization. Mentor Graphics acquired XSe in July 2014, and Rainer leads Mentor Graphics’ Automotive Business Unit since then as General Manager.

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