Y los grandes tips de marketing masivo y automatico te ayudaran a lograr ese negocio de coaching que tanto anhelas, para poder ser un excelente coach y tambien una excelente persona con dinero y tiempo libre para disfrutar de la vida.
Muchos expertos de marketing lo decimos: crearte una lista de emails de tus clientes potenciales es la mejor herramienta de marketing que puedes tener. Y tener el email de una persona te permite dirigirte directamente a ella como ningun otro medio te lo permite. Hacerlo con un autorespondedor te permite escribir un solo mensaje y luego enviarlo de manera masiva a decenas, cientos o miles de suscriptores, ?de manera personalizada! Los 3 auto-respondedores mas pro que hay en el mercado son Aweber, Mailchimp y GetResponse. Susana Villalobos – Tu Coach de MarketingSusana te da tips y astucias acerca de como hacer crecer tu negocio a traves de sus recursos gratuitos como su blog, sus ebooks, sus cursos gratuitos y su Newsletter.
Y te ayuda a acelerar resultados con sus cursos y con sus servicios exclusivos de Coaching. Las mejores Soluciones para Profesionales y Empresas de servicios?Eres un profesional emprendedor? Para acelerar resultados, Susana te ofrece los mejores cursos de marketing, y sus servicios personalizados como Coach de Marketing.
February 25, 2015 by JSE Leave a Comment Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms for driving large volumes of real time targeted traffic to your blog or website. Optimize Your Twitter Account with Images and Keywords: Twitter is becoming more and more like a mini search engine. I strongly recommend that you check out my first Twitter Tips post: How to Optimize Your Twitter Account for Branding, Community Building and Social Selling. Follow High Reciprocation Accounts: Unless you’re an established industry thought leader or best-selling author, getting your first 2 or 3 thousands followers can be a real challenge. A powerful rule of thumb for drastically increasing the rate by which people follow you back is to do a quick scan of an account you’re considering following.
Once you have a strong Twitter following, and you’ve begun to establish yourself as trusted sources of great content and high levels of social engagement, more and more accounts will naturally start to follow you.
Put the power of words to work for you- Five words were found to generate the most retweets. Place links strategically- If you’re in a hurry, you might just put a link at the end of your tweet.
Don’t be a Billboard: One of the main reasons so few business fail to fully realize Twitter’s full branding and social selling potential is because they constantly tweet their own content and marketing message.
I strongly recommend that you create 2 Twitter lists to start: One list should include the leading fitness experts (or coaching experts), news sources and blogs. Put numbers in your tweets- Tweeting links about ‘10 Ways to Get Fit Now!’ or ‘5 Great Exercises to Do at Home!’ are highly effective.

Share the highlights- When you hold an event, make sure that you that you take plenty of pictures and incorporate them into your Twitter feed.
Respond to tweets and Retweets- Just like you react when a potential customer calls; make sure you respond to all the tweets addressed to you. If your self-employed, set aside time at the end of your work day to check twitter and respond to all tweets. Find the Right Twitter Time- Studies found that it is best to post between 1pm and 3pm Monday-Thursday. Incorporate Twitter on all your marketing materials– Put your Twitter handle on traditional collateral such as business cards, emails, and flyers.
Be sure to opt-in for my helpful emails to ensure your success in your fitness, coaching and expert business.  The form is in the footer of this page. For more effective tips on improving your website, enroll in internet marketing coaching now.
The premiere podcast for helping life coaches learn from other coaches who have already become highly successful. Janet Harvey, Master Certififed Coach and previous President of the Global International Coach Federation shares with us her insights on how to take your coahing to the next level. Pues yo creo que una de las cosas que nos ayudan a realizar mejor nuestro trabajo, aparte de ser buenos profesionales de coaching, es la situacion en la que nos encontramos nosotros mismos.
Yo personalmente utilizo Aweber porque se ingles, y Aweber tiene un servicio de ayuda de primer nivel, entonces a cualquier duda (solo atienden en ingles) estan alli. It’s also an amazing platform for building your very own community of brand ambassadors, fellow wellness experts and new customer leads. To really connect with your ideal customers and leading industry thought leaders, you need to make sure your Twitter account is optimized for your keywords. In it, I provide you with a step by step break down of how to create a visually stunning and Twitter account that’s fully optimized for SEO. If their follower numbers are close to the same as the number of accounts they follow, they are far more likely to follow you back if you follow them. You want to retweet only the highest quality tweets to your followers Building a reputation as an expert is a major function of social media.
You can then monitor this list feed and share the hottest news and industry trends with your followers in real time.
These are Twitter accounts that have demonstrated a high likelihood of retweeting your content and socially engaging with you on Twitter. Retweet a strong tweet and favorite any content that’s of genuine value to your growing Twitter community.
Smart entrepreneurs carefully study the nature of online ventures to avoid fruitless results.

However, if you’re not familiar with the terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Link Building, Social Media Advertising or Web Development then it’s time to seek a professional’s help.
You'll learn secrets from some of the top coaches along with a ton of valuable information and insight. Stitcher is the easiest way to discover the best of over 40,000+ radio shows, live radio stations and podcasts.
Si estamos abrumados por el tiempo, si nos sentimos frustrados porque no nos pagan lo que nos merecemos, si no tenemos dinero suficiente porque no conseguimos clientes, si estamos de mal humor porque nuestros clientes no son aquellos con los que nos gustaria trabajar o no valoran nuestro trabajo… pues por mas buenos coaches que seamos, no creo que seamos capaces de desarrollar un buen coaching. Deja de perder el tiempo con prospecciones uno a uno, y libera tiempo para ti y para tu familia.
You also need make sure that your header, bio and background images are of the highest quality. If you specialize in “bridal boot camps” that get women fit for their big day, post a picture of a customer that looks great for her wedding. If they have thousands of followers and only follow a few high profile accounts they are unlikely to reciprocate with a follow back. Tweets including the word Retweet got had a 12 times higher retweet rate than those that did not use the word retweet.
Studies show that links placed about a fourth of the way through the tweet get the most clicks. Make sure to share links to credible material your followers will love and that reinforces the advice you give your fitness customers. This will create a positive first impression and increase the likelihood your new follower will reciprocate by sharing your tweets in the future.
It will give you new ideas on how to create more engaging tweets and content for your own blog or website. In fitness and personal coaching, you work with your customers to develop a routine that they stick with to get results. Read their comments and be open for criticisms; let your customers tell you what they want. Porque Mailchimp es gratuito para los primeros 2,000 suscriptores, y reconozcamoslo, toma tiempo llegar de 0 a 2,000 suscriptores.

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