To welcome its freshers (of Under Graduate and Post Graduate programmes 2011 -2013 batch) and give them a feel of the communication industry, Amity School of Communication (ASCO) organized a three day (18th - 20thJuly, 2011) orientation programme at Amity university Campus, Sector – 125, Noida. The inaugural day of the three day orientation programme was marked with the presence of the leading stalwarts from the Media Industry who shared their valuable views on “Industry Expectations from young professionals in different fields of Mass Communication”. Encouraging the budding professionals of the Media Industry to bond with the profession Mr.
I want to ask whether the Amity University, Haryana (Gurgaon) is recognized by the UGC for doing Ph.D. Yes, the Amity University which is located at Haryana is recognised by University Grants Commission (UGC) for doing Ph.D degree in Mass Communication. Kuldip Nayar, Author, Eminent Columnist and Former MP & High Commissioner said “Journalism is one the most passion driven profession till date and it takes genuine journalistic instinct to perform and excel in this profession. However the budding journalists need to grasp the under currents of Media Industry to be able to reflect truth and fact to the masses and it is the responsibility of the Media people to educate the public and protect them from being misguided about anything and everything that affect their lives”, said Mr. R.K Dargan, Director, ASCO wished great success to the budding media professionals and said that Amity will help them travel the journey of excellence and provide quality academic support all along the way to make sure that they reach the pinnacle of success.
Amity University is a fully government recognized university and is recognized by UGC (University Grants Commission).

Journalism is one profession that gives its practioners the power to express and communicate their perspectives fearlessly before the masses. Although Journalism as a line of work is highly competitive but people who wish to make a mark can do so by keeping alive the quest for knowledge in them.
Prime Time News and Social Activist said that the youth that aspires to join the Media Industry at present is highly fortunate for the niche journalism schools like ASCO are providing them with great Industry exposure even before they practically operate on the Industry.
Ashutosh, Managing Editor IBN7 during the inaugural session of the three day orientation programme. Candidates who have obtained Master's Degree in Mass Communication or any subject with a minimum of 5 years relevant teaching or professional experience in the media with minimum 55% marks are eligible to get admission in Ph.D course in Mass Communication. Amity University and the degrees awarded by them are recognized by the UGC and please notice that Amity University is a full fledged University and not a deemed university.
Journalism in itself is a very responsible profession as the role of the journalist of any Nation integrally factors in shaping of its society. She urged the budding media professionals to optimally utilize the well equipped learning opportunity provided to them and said that although the communication industry has undergone many folds of transformation yet the content that is communicated remains of paramount importance for both communicator as well as communicatee. In India presence of Media has proven its mightiness from the time of freedom movement by spreading wide awareness and articulating interest in common man to participate in public affairs.

Chaubey urged the aspiring media professionals to do extensive reading to be able to gather insight about history, develop ideas for the present and also predict the picture of future.
Anurag Batra, Chairman, Exchange 4 Media along with faculty members from ASCO and Heads of various Institutions from Amity. Media being an agent of social change demands that its practioners should keep the questioning mind alive in them to reap desired results”, she added. As Amity University is a Bonafide University established by a State Act, it does not required AICTE Approval. Whether a B.Tech graduate from Amity University can apply for government jobs?Manav Bharati University is recognized by UGC Board for PhD in Electronics course?

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