The profession or practice of reporting about, photographing, or editing news stories for the digital platform. Amity University, the Pioneers of SummerSchool concept in India started its 8th Batch of Summer School fromMay 26th, 2014 for the students of Class X, XI, XII and XII passoutat Amity Campus, Sector-125, Noida. Amity University Summer School gives anopportunity to the students to learn a program of their choice from a bouquetof 23 Certificate Programs in the area of Management, Science & Technology,Mass Communication, Fine Arts, Fashion, Interior Design, Law, Tourism,Hospitality, Foreign Language and Physical Education.
Student Garima Sikka who opted for AerospaceTechnology Course said that the Summer School offers a platform to students toexperience the university life and most importantly, get the indepth knowledgeabout a desired subject. Eager to attendher classes in Amity University Summer School, Shibani Negi from CambridgeSchool, Noida, a commerce studentsaid that after opting for stream in class 11th, it is veryapprehensive for students to decide on choosing career path after high school.Through this programme, she can evaluate her interest in the area of Finance, Marketingor Accountancy.
During the school, students will get theopportunity to use University Labs, Technologies and Library facilities. The students will have the option of livingin on-campus University Residences to get the maximum feel of University campuslife.
Amity School of Mass Communications (ASCO) held “ Orientation Ceremony” for the freshers at I 2 Moot Court Hall, Amity Campus, Sector-125, Noida.
During the ceremony, freshers were addressed by industry captains and media stalwarts including Mr.

Chandeep Singh said “now-a-days,plethora of new and upcoming career options exist and we want our son to decidefor an option which best suits his interests and inclinations.
They would also be exposed to a vast array of extra Curricular Activitieslike Yoga, Personality Development etc and Sports Activitieslike Shooting, Squash, Tennis, Football, Horse Riding etc. Shereen Bhan, CNBC TV 18 motivated the budding journalists to find out what interests them, what drives them, what motivates them, what is their specialization and once they know the answers to these questions, they should acquire skils to become the best in that particular area.
Samir Kapur- Senior Vice President, ADFACTORS PR said that those aspiring to join PR industry should clear their fundamentals during their course including how to draft a Press Release and which journalist to be pitched for a particular kind of a story. Bhupendra Chaubey- National Bureau Chief, CNN-IBN during his address inspired the students to be optimist, let go off their egos and stop thinking about money and stability if they want to thrive in the media industry. Over 200 students from various schools acrossIndia have participated in this year’s Summer School. It gives school students an opportunity to experience university lifebefore attending a college and make an informed career choice. She, further, stressed on the importance of right attitude for attaining success in the life and citing her own example, remarked that if a person has positive attitude and never says no to an opportunity, the universe will conspire to help him out. He urged all the new entrants to initially work for few years in an advertising agency where they will be grilled thoroughly to give their best in each and every assignment.

Sinha stressed that the there is lot of discipline and hard work that is required in media industry. He advised students to overlook short term gains and refrain from frequent job- hopping which affects their reputation in the industry.
Singhfurther added that to be successful in life, a person should develop a visionof what he or she intends to do in future.
If one has clear thoughts at youngage then there is no stopping in achieving the dreams and to be successful. Unfortunately, 70-80% of a journalist’s work does not see the light of the day but it should not dishearten a journalist, he should file a story and forget. Samir Kapur- Senior Vice President, ADFACTORS PR on the topic “Industry Expectation from young professionals in different fields of Mass Communication”.
A journalist should do his best and then, detach himself from the output, moving on to other story, “remarked Mr.

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