AR 350–1 Chapter 4–8 calls for Leader training and leader development action plans, as referenced in ADRP 7-0. This template is designed to guide your leadership development activities over the next 12-24 months. Please resist the temptation to rush through the steps; the more effort you put into each of the activities below the more you will learn. Create a Life Mission Statement: Your Life Mission Statement can provide insights about your motivation to lead and guide your development efforts in a direction congruent with your long-term goals. Before the first meeting develop a list of your objectives and questions you would like to ask. If there is chemistry between the two of you at that initial meeting, ask if they would be willing to mentor you while you work through this Leadership Development Action Plan.
As the number media institutes are increasing by the day and the opportunities in this sector have also gone up, the demand for the short term courses in this arena has also increasing considerably. Colleges these days run several short term add on courses to meet growing aspirations of the students and the ever increasing need of the industry. Mass Communication is a great career with lot of scope, and today many students are turning to it which make it so popular. Diploma in Mass Communication is a Part-time Course designed and meant specifically for all professionals. There are job opportunities in media such as researchers, media planner, media designer, technician, editor, producer, journalist etc.
India is in the midst of a booming market for in the field of Advertising and Public Relations experts who can adroitly handle these tasks.
Alive Magazine, is a general interest monthly magazine that covers varied topics ranging from politics, economy, lifestyle, business and fiction to travel and entertainment. Media students need to be well polished with extra ordinary talent and must get practical exposure to enhance their skills and creativity. At MassCoMedia you get practical experience of shooting movies, news documentaries and all kinds of exciting features.

Impressive extracurricular activities like rocks shows and parties, conferences and seminars, are frequently organized at MassCoMedia campus. Our faculty consists of highly trained professionals who are experts in their respective fields. The editors and publishers of the some of the most eminent media companies in the country have joined hands to establish this institute. The campus at Noida is 5-storey high and has a total of 30,000 sq ft of air-conditioned space, with excellent Wi-Fi connectivity. Media is about being where the action is MassCoMedia is committed to instil the right mix of courage and conviction into a student to enable content of substance to be delivered. StrengthsFinder, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Kolb Learning Style Inventory), review your results. These highly desired careers with the help of the short-term training courses offer the opportunity to quickly enter the workforce and with long-term growth potential. The program focuses on different aspects of the Journalism, Computer literacy and skill development programs. You'll find them practicing strategic communication as they work in advertising, public relations, marketing, and in areas such as health care, politics, gaming, and entertainment. The Management reserves the right, as and when necessary, to change the syllabus without prior notice. TV channels, FM radio stations, websites, newspapers, colourful magazines and journals are being launched by the week. I choose MassCoMedia as it provides a good platform and has the best studio facility and well trained faculty.
To become a successful media person it is very important to learn both the theory and practical nature of your work and I got this facility at MassCoMedia.
Advanced and innovative communication tools and technologies have shrunk the world giving a new meaning to the medium of media. MassCoMedia is in sync with industry requirements using state-of-the-art and in-vogue equipment systems.

If so, which would be the most useful to learn about and practice this year given the goals and challenges you have with your current team? However as we all know the careers in the media industry are shooting up at much higher rate as these jobs require minimal but sound knowledge about along with a brief OJT (on the job) training.
These courses are very helpful for the people who would want to make a shining career in the media industry.
It looks at the subject of journalism and communications in an integrated manner where different parts of the field are not broken up but need to be consolidated to give the right impact.
They report and write about all kinds of news and information in today's rapidly expanding communications media. Today if you are in research, knowledge process outsourcing, or fact spinning, you can contribute to the society.
The trained faculty and the studio facility helped me achieve my dream and I got the excellent opportunity to associate with Veera team as Assistant Director and now I am successfully working with StarPlus.
A stint at MassCoMedia will equip you will all the necessary tools through which you can make a mark in your career.
Its studios and edit bays as well as other facilities are comparableto those of leading news channels in the country.
Most of these activities can be self-guided, but it would be very helpful to recruit a mentor to help you along the way. The understanding of the area is to focus on journalism, Personality development, Advertising, event organizing and the Public Relations all together.
The need for communication specialists in almost every company, institution, and organization provides endless possibilities for the profession.

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