The overall intent of this program is to prepare students to achieve top-tier communication roles in their chosen industry, taught by a multicultural faculty that is comprised of academics and professionals stressing the importance of writing excellence and communications skills.
Regardless of which program you graduate from, whether at the bachelors or masters level, employers look for general qualities and characteristics when considering a potential new hire. Aside from the self-explanatory requirements, employers attempt to detect other factors that are less obvious, also known as soft skills.
It is strongly recommended that your resume feature positions where you were required to execute these soft skills. The culmination and integral feature of the Master of Science degree in Mass Communication, Creative Track joint program at FIU and the Miami Ad School is the Professional Project.
Simply put, having great contacts within the industry will help you land that great job after graduation. The Global Strategic Communication Creative Track program leads to a Master of Science Degree in Mass Communication with a specialty in Creativity, also known as the Creative Track. As you want to know about the names of Colleges in Mumbai which offers BMM course,so here I am providing you the names of some best Colleges in Mumbai which offers BMM course.
It is a three year full time degree program which offers students a glance in the mass media industry.

Generally students get admission on the basis of marks they have scored in their 10+2 board exam. Let’s examine the intended outcomes of this program to determine the potential jobs and career in the industry. The combination of courses designed to teach theory, strategy and practical skills, students leave the program understanding how to apply consumer insights discovered through research methods to develop the best creative solutions to client’s business issues. They not only distinguish you from other potential hires, but also demonstrate your leadership skills, which are what employers ultimately use when selecting new hires.
Consisting of a campaign-type creative project that exhibits a student’s ability to utilize academic research, course work, as well as their distinguished creative skills, this is one of the best things one can show to future employers. One of the options to earn work experience is to take advantage of the great opportunities available through the world renowned Miami Ad School by: 1) completing Greenhouse internships within the top advertising agencies around the world, mentored by leading agency professionals and 2) through Miami Ad School’s graduate placement program where graduates upload their portfolios online to make them accessible to advertising agencies and other companies looking for good, creative talent.
This program, in partnership with world-renowned Miami Ad School, is designed to tap into a student’s creative skills and strategic thinking.
Lastly, the report concludes that the top communication degrees for 2014 graduates are communications and public relations. Aside from being a requirement for graduation, the Professional Project proves to employers that a student is ready to take on a managerial communication role.

Learn how to develop an advertising campaign through the analysis of a brand’s issues with creative solutions that engage consumers at the deepest levels. Additionally, all course work leads to a portfolio building body of work that will give program graduates an edge in the job market. The program combines the theoretical and academic courses of Florida International University with creative skills development courses taken at Miami Ad School, learning from instructors that are at the top of their academic and professional careers. I am a BMM student of Mumbai.Will I have to purse any other course after BMM to get a good job?List of colleges in Mumbai which offers BCA course? What are the various course options after Graduation in Arts with 50%?What are the options available after BA? Some of the places where they can look for jobs are All India Radio, Newspapers, TV Channels, Advertising Firms, Central Information Service, Periodicals and Magazines, Websites, Press Information Bureau, etc. A few career profiles for these graduates are News Analysts, Reporters, Journalists, Photojournalists, Proofreaders, etc.

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