Researcher George Gerbner and his colleagues at the Annenberg School of Communica­tion at the University of Pennsylvania developed the cultivation theory using what was probably the longest-running and most extensive program of research on the effects of television. Other surveys have asked what percentage of Americans who have jobs work in law enforcement. The responses to such questions suggest that heavy television viewers are getting a heightened sense of risk and insecurity from television. Gerbner has shown that the differences between heavy and light television viewers show up even across a number of other important, variables, including age, education, news read­ing, and gender (Gerbner & Gross, 1976a). Resonance occurs when the cultivation effect is boosted for a certain group of the popu­lation.
The addition of mainstreaming and resonance to cultivation theory is a substantial mod­ification of the theory.
Rubin, Perse, and Taylor (1988) cast further doubt on cultivation as a general, across- the-board effect due to heavy, ritualistic television viewing.
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That is, Gerbner realized that the relationship between television viewing and different views of the world could be actually caused by other variables, and he attempted to control for those variables.

Gerbner’s re­search has been criticized by Paul Hirsch for not doing an adequate job of controlling for other variables. For instance, heavy viewers among both males and females are more likely than light viewers to agree that fear of crime is a serious problem. The theory no longer claims uniform, across-the-board effects of television on all heavy viewers. In their survey of viewers, they found effects of television viewing on perceptions of social reality, but the effects were program specific. I am a 1977 Vet Tech graduate and have an interest in not only the welfare of the animals but a keen interest in helping to eradicate genetic problems from the lines by testing all breeding dogs and promoting the breed by registering all pups and showing.
Please go to the "About Us" or "nutrition and care" page to find out more about this soy-free, no grain, multiple meat protein source, wholistic food. Heavy television viewers tend to overestimate this figure much more than light television viewers. Heavy television viewers give much higher figures, and they are more likely to do this than light television viewers.
Heavy television viewers are more likely than light television viewers to give a larger percentage. Hirsch’s (1980) further analysis indicated that if one controls for a number of different variables all at the same time, the effect that is left that can be attributed to television becomes very small. These concepts take account of the fact that heavy television viewing has different outcomes for different social groups.
It now claims that television interacts with other variables in ways such that television viewing will have strong effects on some subgroups of persons and not on others. That is, viewers of daytime serials tended to score lower in perception of altruism and trust in others, viewers of evening dramas (which often deal with control of others by powerful characters) tended to have lower feelings of political efficacy, and view­ers of action and adventure shows showed more feelings of concern about their own safety. Of course, the leading characters in television entertainment programs are almost always Americans.

Gerbner says mainstreaming occurs when heavy viewing leads to a convergence of outlooks across groups. Gerbner is also admitting that Hirsch was right on one important point—when one controls for other variables simultaneously, the remaining effect attribut­able to television is rather small.
They also found that age, gender, socioeconomic status, viewing intention (planning to watch television), and perceived realism (of television content) were better predictors of faith in others than television exposure.
For instance, heavy viewers in both low-income and high-income categories share the view that fear of crime is a very serious personal problem. Nevertheless, in light of the cumulative effects over time of the substantial exposure to television that most people (in the United States, at least) are receiving, the effects might not be negligible. These results provide some evidence that viewers actively and differentially evaluate television content, or, to put it another way, that the television audience is an active one. For heavy viewers, tele­vision virtually monopolizes and subsumes other sources of information, ideas, and con­sciousness, Gerbner says.
The light viewers who are low in income tend to agree with the heavy viewers in both categories that fear of crime is a problem, While the light viewers who are high in income tend not to agree that fear of crime is a problem. Gerbner presents research Supporting cultivation theory that is based on comparisons of heavy and light television viewers.
Gerbner analyzed answers to questions posed in surveys and found that heavy and light television viewers typically give different answers.
Furthermore, the heavy television viewers often give answers that are closer to the way the world is portrayed on television.

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