Mass media communication is relevant in peoples' lives today, and caters to all age groups from young to old.
Almost everyone in the United States of America, even the world, participate in the technological highway that has been rapidly advancing since the time of the light bulb. Whether I am working out at the gym, working towards an education at school, relaxing at home, or driving to New Jersey on the weekend, I am given the opportunity to watch television, surf the web, converse with friends, and family, or listen to radio stations, and music wherever I go.I am constantly surprised on how media communications have taken the world by storm when I partake in my daily work out routine.

While I am working out, I have the opportunity of using mass media communications, or telecommunications. Televisions are mounted non-sequentially around the grounds, and above the cardiovascular equipment, to make the environment more comfortable and relaxed for me, as well as all the other patrons of the gym.
Newspapers and magazines are also provided at the receptionists' desk, at the entrance of the gym, for those clients who are more comfortable reading current events while exercising.When I am at home, if I have time, I will usually kick back, and read a book that I have picked from the best seller list, or indulge in a trendy magazine that I picked up from the line in the grocery store.

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