Possess the advanced oral and written communication skills necessary to effectively present and communicate complex IT issues within an organizational environment. Have the knowledge and skills necessary to develop, implement, and assess a strategic plan to meet IT needs effectively. Possess the critical thinking skills necessary for facilitating decisions, solving problems, and developing innovative processes to achieve continuous improvement.
Possess the interpersonal skills necessary to successfully interact with others, and to participate actively as a member of a team. Assess emerging technologies and trends in the IT industry and evaluate their impact on the enterprise.
Have the ability to integrate information technology theories and apply the result to business opportunities and challenges. Have the project management skills necessary to successfully bring information technology projects to completion. Graduates will possess a commitment to ethical conduct and behavior in an information systems context.
The ideal candidate for the Baker College MSIS program will have a Bachelor degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Technology and a minimum of 3 years work experience in the Information Technology field. What do you view as your greatest strengths and challenges as you begin your graduate journey?
A current resume indicating a minimum of three years of full-time, professional work experience in information technology. GRE scores may be submitted if the candidate wants the scores considered in the admission decision, and are recommended for those applying for Provisional Admission.
As an accredited college, Baker College has been granted legal authority by the state of Michigan to operate as a nonprofit educational corporation and is empowered to grant certificates, associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees. The MBA program has international accreditation through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).
The Occupational Therapy program also has accreditation through The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE). Marketing is easy: All you need to do is sell your merchandise to customers more effectively than your competitors. When you graduate, you will know the approaches of strategic marketing and will have learnt to develop customer benefits and values.
The program takes four semesters to complete and will allow you to hold a part-time position of up to 50%. A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from an officially recognized academic university or university of applied sciences (worth at least 180 ECTS credits) or an equivalent university qualification in a related discipline, a 5.0 grade point average in the relevant subjects. The Rome Business Game is a simulation entirely dedicated to the world of business, international markets, marketing and management.

To satisfy the requirements of the joint degree programme, students must successfully complete nine core courses and five electives.
Our faculty consists of an outstanding group of professors from both SMU and Cass Business School, as well as leading practitioners of the quantitative finance industry. Studying under industry professionals, you learn how to effectively apply business intelligence principles, and help organizations take advantage of the benefits and opportunities that this type of information-gathering and analysis offers. Applications for Provisional Admission are accepted from candidates without a technical undergraduate degree, but who have extensive hands-on work experience in IT. How will you utilize your strengths to overcome your challenges in order to successfully complete the graduate program?
Official college transcripts must be mailed from the institution granting the degree directly to the Center for Graduate Studies.
If the resume does not show 3 years of IT-related work experience, the application will automatically be for Provisional Admission. Like all Baker Online students, you will begin your online experience with a three-week online class designed to orient you to the Baker Online classroom, and review the expectations and requirements of Baker Online students. To be able to this, however, requires specialist knowledge, entrepreneurial thinking, and leadership skills. You will be familiar with criteria and procedures of customer segmentation and will have methods at your disposal to measure customer behavior. The Festival will involve 30.000 participants coming from 100 countries around the world with 650 scholarships available for our 5 projects. Applications for Provisional Admission are also accepted from candidates without IT work experience, but with a technical undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. When you have completed this course successfully, you can move on to additional online courses.Load More FAQ'SProgram AvailabilityProgram availability varies by campus.
This MSc program in Marketing will enable you to recognize risks and opportunities, develop innovative strategies, and learn to actively participate in making change happen. You will be able to design and implement customer relationship management concepts along the entire customer lifecycle.
In addition to consolidating your specialist knowledge of marketing, you will further develop your management skills and will acquire new knowledge as you working in research projects. Multiculturalism, employment, internationalization and study are the keywords which will make the Rome International Careers Festival a precious opportunity for meeting people and exchanging experiences, dreams and knowledge. It examines the theories, concepts, and application issues associated with the design and implementation of database management systems.
With these more restrictive admission standards, we strive to maintain a higher-level of education and subject discourse, with students contributing greatly to the intellectual (and practical) depth of the program. It will enable you to will analyze and solve complex tasks using an integrated brand management approach, and you will know how to integrate the new media into strategic communication concepts.

A semester of study abroad will enable you to develop an international network, advance your knowledge of foreign languages, and experience the discipline of marketing from a new perspective.
Topics include requirements analysis, user specifications, design strategies, implementation, testing, growth, maturity, and obsolescence.
For provisionally admitted students, the Center for Graduate Studies will specify the conditions for admissions.
Contact us to request more information, schedule a visit to the campus nearest you, or get started by applying online. The course includes use advanced analytics and involves data models associated with Business Intelligence (BI).
Performance dashboards make use of BI to help analyze decisions and options available for decision making. The course covers the architecture, metrics and design components of the various types of performance dashboards. This course will provide the tools, skills and knowledge for successful planning, organization, and implementation of information systems and emphasizes the use of real-world examples and applications.
Common mistakes and pitfalls in project management when used in designing information systems will be discussed. We will be concerned with being able to understand how to represent systems of various types.
For most students, these courses will be undertaken with industry sponsorship, often their own employers, which will involve the development of an information systems project of appropriate scope.
The project is considered to be successfully complete when the system meets the requirements as specified can the project sponsor is satisfied with the results.
This course considers such topics as alignment of people within an organization, as well as techniques for these individuals to manage and lead more effectively. Topics include accounting concepts, accounting systems, preparing financial statements, product costing and overhead allocation, variance analysis, budgeting, and responsibility accounting. Students learn how to gauge the financial health of their company and to measure and understand the financial return in relation to risk. The program emphasizes information systems theory and its application to business opportunities and challenges.
Additionally, the program addresses mission critical issues such as strategic planning, risk management, financial considerations, project management, and quality assurance. The Business Intelligence major offers knowledge and technologies that assist executive decision-making and improve organizational productivity.

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