Protected by Copyscape Web Plagiarism CheckGenerally, humanities are academic subjects that involve the study of human culture by use of critical, analytical and speculative methodologies.
Like with other subjects, there are many humanities tutors who offer tutorials to students who wish to enhance their humanity studies.
Although teachers of humanity subjects undergo the same training, not all of them perform at the same level. Open mindedness – Top tutors of humanities do not impose their views or opinion on their students. In business sense, management refers to the art of organizing groups of people and all the business activities involved for accomplishing a desired goal. There is no doubt that efficient management is required in all organizations including businesses, in government and companies. Although you are required to learn management principles in general when you start managerial studies, you are obligated to specialize in one area of your interest in the course of your studies.
Qualifications – It is very important to ascertain a tutor qualifications before you make any commitments.
Welcome to the official website of Aabshar-e-Ilm Home Tutoring Agency! Aabshar-e-Ilm Tutoring Agency is operating in Karachi and Lahore and is dedicated in providing only the best home tutors available in the field of education.
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The meeting was hosted by Mohammad AlMuhaini, Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department in King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) and the Saudi IEEE Student Branches Coordinator.
The approaches that the sponsorship committee to come up with sponsorship plans for the student branches and to prepare the sponsorship brochures. Emphasizing the necessity to reconnect and to collaborate in organizing competitions and events in Saudi and Region 8. On that note, Alfaisal IEEE student branch has been given the chance to participate in the GCC conference and was approved to join the organizing committee in the IEEE GCC young congress 1.
For upcoming events, a member will be nominated to become student representatives of the Saudi section. To finish, it was decided to schedule semiannual meetings to reflect on the outcome of each branch after each semester and to discuss the upcoming events and conferences.
Alfaisal University received scholarships from the Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) as part of the program dedicated by the Company for sponsoring scholarships (SABIC Scholarships Program). By adopting this program, SABIC seeks to scientifically qualify national talents to achieve the vision of becoming the worldwide favorite company in the field of chemicals.
To fulfill the scholarship requirements, the prospective students shall have already completed one academic semester at least by the end of the preparation year. Alfaisal University has a number of successful partnerships with excellent local and international agencies to promote its mission in providing high quality education that meets the requirements of the Saudi local market. This was the first time that the Saudi delegation was invited to participate in the conference. The Happold Foundation in partnership with Alfaisal University, Burohappold Engineering, Henning Larsen Architects, and Knight Frank have set a series of urban design challenges for university students studying within the City of Riyadh. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Branch at Alfaisal University organized a lecture entitled: “IEEE – The Value of Membership to Students” on Thursday, April 7th by Eng. The College of Engineering (CoE) hosted a High Performance Computing (HPC) event on Monday April 18th, 2016. Dr El-Ghazawi engaged the students in his presentation followed by Q&A session on the male and female sides.
The talk was held on Tuesday, the 1st of March in the Female Theater and was attended by students and faculty members, including the Acting Dean, Nidal Nasser. The College of Engineering (CoE) hosted a seminar entitled “Discover Engineering: Let’s Make A difference” on Tuesday February 23rd, 2016.
Dr Hussain emphasised on the innovation era and how our society thrive for current and future generation of engineers, how to enhance student interest in engineering, science, and technology entrepreneurship?
Dr Hussain engaged the audience in his presentation followed by Q&A session from the male and female sides.
The College of Engineering hosted a seminar on the Boeing Solar Car which is a multidisciplinary student design project funded by a grant from Boeing. The seminar took place on Thursday February 18th, 2016 in the female theater, and was attended by more than forty students and faculty members, including Dean Nidal Nasser, and distinguished guests from Boeing Eng.
Industrial Engineering students visited Almarai dairy and L’usine production plants with their instructor Dr. We are so glad to announce SQL Gulf #3 event , Riyadh 2016 which will be held at AlFaisal University on 23th April where top notch MVP, MCM and MCA experts are coming from different countries worldwide Australia , US, UK and Germany to speak to you about SQL Server 2016 ONLY…! The minister described the role of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in supporting new projects, and that extracting a commercial register is being done in a very short period of time.
The Minister also pointed out that the investment in industry in the Kingdom is progressing well, and recorded a growth of 8% last year. The lecture is part of College of Business Executive Lecture Series to provide Alfaisal University students and guests from the business community the opportunity to learn from some of the country’s leading executives as they talk about their careers and leadership experiences.
College of Business successfully conducted a one day SmartPLS workshop on Saturday, 27th of February 2016. PLS workshop was one of the best workshops I have attended; it was informative, well organized, well structured, objectives were clearly stated. Bundles of thanks and gratitude expressed to college of business for conciliator choice of the workshop and its theme.
The College of Engineering (CoE) hosted a Northrop Grumman event on Monday February 1st, 2016. The presenter, Colonel Carl Williamson (Director, Business Development, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Northrop Grumman Information Systems) talked about the Northrop Grumman and its division in the Kingdom, talked about cyber security threats, cyber awareness.
Colonel Carl engaged the students in his presentation followed by Q&A session on the male and female sides. Dean Nidal said that “This is a great event for our students to get engaged and opportunities for training with international top company like Northrop Grumman. More than 200 students, faculty and Alfaisal University partners & friends were honoured on 16 February 2017 at the Princess Haya bint Turki Auditorium in recognition of their research contribution to the University. Faculty Awards for Research Excellence were handed to Dr Ahmed Yaqinuddin from the College of Medicine, Dr Samir Brahim Belhaouari from the College of Science & General Studies and Dr Redha M.
Two teams from the Software Engineering department were selected to participate at the KAUST undergraduate poster research competition to be held on the week of January 17th- 23. In their submission, the team wrote “The intent is to make the patient’s activity available to their caregivers (health professionals and family members), who can recognize potentially subtle harmful events and also alert the patient via audible notification or otherwise.
Acting Dean of the College of Engineering said, “This is a very prestige competition which KAUST organized each year.
Simio LLC® is pleased to acknowledge approval of a grant of $144000 (usd) to Alfaisal University to support teaching and research in simulation. Industrial Engineering Students at Alfaisal University are implementing an ergonomic project at Saudi Airlines. On Thursday, November 26th, an event was carried out to announce the launching of Alfaisal’s Robogals Club.
On November 15th-16th, 2015, a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) visited Alfaisal University for the primary purpose of evaluating a proposed Master of Science program in Engineering & Systems Management.
Adnan Alsaati (Deputy Director of the Joint Centers of Excellence Program at KACST as well as Deputy Director of the KACST-MIT Center for Complex Engineering System). The mission of the Master of Science in Engineering & Systems Management is to provide multi-disciplinary study and research opportunities involving faculty and students, leading to enhanced career opportunities for the graduates as well as contributions to the industrial diversification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the development of a knowledge-based society.
The key attribute which the graduates of the program will exhibit is the ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate information, solve real-world decision problems, and effectively perform engineering and management tasks for successful execution of engineering projects. During the course of the two-day visit, the MIT team had the chance to meet with various constituencies, namely senior students, engineering faculty, the Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, the Associate VP of Research and Graduate Studies, members of Alfaisal University’s executive leadership, and members of various College of Engineering industry advisory boards.
The launch of the Master of Science program in Engineering & Systems Management is planned for September 2016. Nyenrode Business University is the only private university in the Netherlands, situated in a large historical estate outside the town of Breukelen, near Utrecht.  Staying in this setting did not only contribute to intensive and undistracted learning opportunities, but gave our students insight into student life in Europe.  For entertainment, some of our group compared barbequing skills with some of the local students and some of the men learned how to operate student residence laundromats! During the Spring break in March, a group of MBA students worked with academics from various universities in Istanbul to explore the impact of changes in the national context on global economic development. Working with leading economists and historians, the MBA students got a first-hand view of the influence of Turkish history on current social, cultural and economic activity. Are you a mathematics or a science teacher in high school or middle school who wants to strengthen your math content knowledge, be challenged, and possibly teach advanced courses or teach at a community college?
The work of X.Viennot is in combinatorics with interactions and applications to pure and applied mathematics, computer science and physics. The main researches domain of X.Viennot is enumerative, algebraic and bijective combinatorics.
X.Viennot has written two books and published about 90 research papers in international journals in mathematics, computer science and physics. One of the activities of X.Viennot is also the vulgarization of mathematics and more generally science.

We have created an online education environment for students in which a student can study from home by attending live online tutoring from qualified and expert tutors from India, Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada , UAE and Australia. Such subjects include history, languages (ancient and modern), literature, religion, philosophy, cultural studies, law, art and music among many others. While some tutors offer their services locally, others do so internationally, offering their services to students across the globe.
In this regard, management involves planning, staffing, giving directions, and controlling how available resources of any kind are used.
It is through proper management that desired results are realized within allocated budget plans and timelines.
There are different types of managers including financial, human, production and business managers amongst many others.
Because of the limited time spent in a regular class undertaking your studies, it becomes necessary to engage management tutor to enhance what you learn in class. The fact that you can easily access one does not however mean that any can offer you quality management tutorial lessons. In particular, you need to engage a tutor whose area of specialization is similar to your management studies.Experience – Because you need to receive quality management tutorial lessons, it is critical that you choose a management tutor with experience in management.
Our home tutor will approach you at your residence and offer the student one FREE demo class,after which the student will decide if they want the tutor to continue or if they want to meet another tutor. AlMuhaini began with presenting the registered IEEE student branches in Saudi Arabia and addressing the issues and challenges that the IEEE student branches in Saudi are currently facing, generated possible solutions for these problems and considered the possibility of organizing an annual competition for the best student branch in Saudi. The program attracts excelling Saudi students who wish to pursue their university studies in the Kingdom or abroad in areas decided by the Company every year.
The number of completed credits for engineering shall not exceed 80 credits, and 60% for other majors. Maha Al Saud, Governor of the American College of Physicians (ACP) in Saudi Arabia, discussed training standards for internal medicine specialists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the annual ACP Internal Medicine Meeting in Washington on May 6. Alfaisal University had five teams who had participated in the challenge, they have collaborated on February 06 with the American International School of Riyadh (AISR) Middle School and High School Students.
The event was entitled “Advances in Supercomputing: Things we should all know!” Students from the 5 CoE departments attended the event with faculty members and the Dean of the college Dr Nidal Nasser. Tarek El-Ghazawi (Professor, and IEEE Fellow at George Washington University) talked about the use of supercomputing in research, being in engineering, medicine or any other field and how this is benefiting the humanity. The president and vice president of the university, Acting Dean of the college of Engineering Dr Nidal Nasser along with faculties, students from all the university attended the event. Naveed Hussain (Vice President of Aeromechanics Technology, BOEING Research & Technology) talked about how and why engineering is important in our daily lives.
The project follows on one of the major themes at the College of Engineering that focuses on Renewable Energy applications with the supervision of Dr. Tawfiq AlRabiah gave a lecture at Alfaisal University to the students of College of Business. Moreover, he praised the Ministers Council decision to establish a private authority for Small Businesses (SMEs) acknowledging the importance to support young people, their ideas and projects. Besides, he pointed out that the e-license is now issued in one day, and highlighted other several encouraging facilities.
AlRabiah was impressed by the quality and maturity of the questions he received from College of Business students in a live Q&A session that followed the lecture.
Mohammed Al Hayaza praised the significant role played by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to serve the country and the citizens, and he thanked Dr. College of Business sponsors the weekly Executive Lecture Series as a way to bridge the gap between the world of leadership and business education. SmartPLS is a software with graphical user interface for variance-based structural equation modeling (SEM) using the partial least squares (PLS) method. In brief I can see unique and distinctive workshop in everything beginning with super prof, organizers, date, participants, wonderful arrangement & preparation, services and upscale dealing from prof and organizers. Then, 4 students from each gender were selected for an internship interview with Colonel Carl and Eng.
The team members are: Sara Alarifi, Alanoud Albaiz, Abeer Alissa, Fatemah Alshaikh and Shaden Alhedaithy. Event detection can be identified by mining methods for recognizing pre-specified patterns of sensor readings indicative of potential problems in order to alert caregivers and cause them to intervene. Abdullah Al-Swaha, Deputy General Manager & OD   at Cisco who offered an unconditional support to polish the team’s entrepreneur skills in order to help accelerate bringing the planned product to market. Each year hundreds of international undergraduates from world renowned universities submit abstracts for their research. This subject is taught by Dr Gilles Cormier in course IE330 in the industrial engineering program. The objective of the project is to find the fitness between the airline passengers’ anthropometric measures and the airplane seating layout.
4th 2015, the Software Engineering Department at the College of Engineering hosted a workshop by IBM about their latest cloud technology Bluemix.
Manar Alalfi, Assistant Professor of Software Engineering, and the Software Engineering club ClickIT. The Robogals club is a global organization that aims to increase diversity in STEM fields through fun activities to educate the minority (especially females) about STEM fields.
Muhammad Anan, Vice Dean of Academic and Students Affairs for the College of Engineering and the Faculty Advisor of the Alfaisal’s Robogals Club. Williams and Dr Sanchez gave a talk entitled: “21st Century Digital Learning Models”, which was very well attended by the participating members of the College of Engineering Advisory Boards along with Alfaisal University personnel.
Necati Aydin, Associate Professor of Economics at College of Business, is organizing a mini-conference on Islam and economic morality at University of California, Berkeley. The conference team will select around 30 papers for the conference through the blind peer review process. This program is for you.This rigorous MS program in mathematics with a math education component is designed specifically to fit into a teacher's schedule.
He founded in 1980 and directed for 20 years in Bordeaux a combinatorics center, well known internationally.
Combinatorial mathematics is nowadays a very active field, knowing a spectacular Renaissance. He gave several hundreds invited conferences, communications and colloquia in various countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Island, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, United States, Venezuela. For many years he contributed for the development of a combinatorics center in Firenze (Italy) and in Montreal with the creation of LACIM (Laboratory for Combinatorics and Mathematical Informatics). The a€?bijective paradigma€? in combinatorics allows him to give the passion for contemporary research to colleges professors and students, in France and in Quebec, and also with a€?wide audiencea€? conferences. In this way, students have the opportunity to analyze and critic any confusing subject matter that they come across.Creativity – Top humanities tutors are always creative in the way they offer tutorial lessons.
Regardless of type, management personnel are normally categorized into three; first level managers (foremen, supervisors, section heads), middle level managers (general, departmental and branch managers) and top-level managers (CEOs, presidents and board of directors).
Another reason why you may need to engage management tutor is that as tutor, they do not only have management knowledge but the experience as well. Choosing one without any experience may robe you the opportunity to gain knowledge on what actually happens in the management field.Flexibility – Depending on your situation, it may be very necessary to choose from management tutor who are flexible particularly in lesson times. On Thursday February 11, the Jury members selected two place awards, and one honorable mention award. Hegab explained a proposed approach to redevelop Riyadh’s Central Business District in line with emerging global urban trends that promote startup and entrepreneurship ecosystems.
He talked about the history of the Boeing Company in general and the way the they conduct research through simulation in order to minimise the cost in terms of budgets and in terms of safety. The presentation took place on Sunday, November 29th, 2015, and titled “How to Start a Business”. He emphasized that new projects will be an important contributory for the national economy and for creating many job opportunities for the youth of our nation. He expressed his admiration to their deep and precise interaction and analysis, and wished for the University and its students more success. AlRabiah for his valuable lecture, and for his forward initiatives to cooperate and support the university students. Professor Marko Sarstedt, Chair of Marketing at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg-Germany, shared his knowledge and guided the attendees in their journey of PLS-SEM world and went through detailed training on the basics of SmartPLS.
Marko explained the concepts wonderfully to such extent that baseline concepts were clear to novice researchers like me.
Students who received Boeing Student Research Awards, those taking part in the Boeing Solar Car project, and those taking part in the Shell Eco-Marathon Challenge to build more fuel efficient cars were also acknowledged, as well as students who won in the 5th KAUST International Undergraduate Research Competition. Patent Awards were handed out to Dr Hassan Zohair from College of Engineering, Dr Edreese Alsharaeh, Mr Ali Othman and Mr Khaled B. Finally, analytics methods inspect the archive of recorded sensor readings in order to extract patterns and to recognize trends associated with clinically significant symptoms. From these entries, 50 students are selected and invited to come to KAUST and present in the competition.
The outcome of the project is expected to provide the airline with an efficient method to estimate the seating capacity of different airplanes and flight durations. After that, the founding officers introduced the concept of diversity and how it is lacking in STEM fields.

The conference is part of annual meeting of SASE (Society for Advancement of Socio-economics) which was established in 1989 as an international, inter-disciplinary organization with members in over 50 countries on five continents. The selected papers presented at the conference will be published in an edited volume through Edward Elgar publishing company in UK.
It provides mathematics teachers with advanced study in mathematics topics such as abstract algebra, real analysis as well as mathematics education.The program offers teachers additional experience in higher-level mathematics in order to enhance their teaching with additional depth and breadth of content. Aurora, Illinois 60506-4892 630-892-6431 (General Information) 630-844-5533 (Admission) 800-742-5281 (Admission) Aurora University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Aurora, Illinois 60506-4892 630-892-6431 (General Information) 630-844-5533 (Admission) 800-742-5281 (Admission) Our other locations: George Williams College Woodstock Center Aurora University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
A new a€?paradigma€?, the a€?bijective paradigma€? is revolutionizing classical combinatorics, and thus certain parts of pure and applied mathematics and theoretical physics. He also help for the development of a combinatorial center in Nankai University, Tianjin, China. We become equipped with knowledge on how we have managed to develop morally, spiritually and intellectually. Online tutorial services re in most cases offered by tutorial colleges who engage the service of humanities tutors charged with the responsibility of offering tutorial lessons to individual students. The tutorial methodologies they employ allow their students to look at the past with the aim of identifying successes and failures. They are therefore in a good position to guide you in line with modern managerial techniques and principles.
The fact that you are normally engaged in another activity should not hinder you from receiving your tutorial lessons.Cost – Your management tutorial lessons do not need to be expensive. Our tutors teach in very reasonable amount but the fees charges varies from tutor to tutor,according to their experience and qualification and the time required to prepare the student. Our local schools and colleges do excellent work within the time and resources available, but they are not always able to offer such personal one-to one time.
It is worth noting that these majors change annually according to the plan devised by the Company’s Human Resources Department. Al Saud created multiple committees to streamline women’s admission and improve their learning environment. Jaafar addressed Alfaisal’s engineering community, an audience coming from many different departments. Participants, who were mainly from universities in KSA and the gulf region in addition to Alfaisal CoB faculty, expressed their appreciation to the organization of the workshop and the knowledge gained.
AlSaud from the College of Science & General Studies as well as Dr Mohammad Ateeq AlDosari from KACST. The motivation behind the research project is to create an intelligent system that supports dependent outpatients that either can’t gather their own vital signs or may be living alone and not be able to act upon sudden emergency.
This is indeed an excellent achievement for the students and the supervisor to be qualified to compete with others at KAUST. Director General of King Khalid International Airport Engineer Yusuf bin Ibrahim Al-Abdan facilitated a visit for students and their advisor Dr. Mir Firasath Ali introduced our students and faculty to IBM® Bluemix™ and IBM® Bluemix™ DevOps Services, their architectures, and functionalities. Robogals.Saudi is the 32nd chapter that has been established for the first time in the Middle East this past summer.
After that, they introduced the audience to Robogals and shared the story of how Robogals.Saudi was established.
Selection of papers will be based on 1000 word extended abstracts, which are due 18 January 2016.
At the same time, it strengthens their background in the school mathematics curriculum, instructional practices, assessment and technology, and research in mathematics education. We are offering online tutoring which is our main foucus and our secondary focus is on arranging private home tuition in different cities of Asia and Europe. This informs how they handle different situations in the future.Sense of humor – Humanity subjects are very interesting to teach. There are professional management tutors who do not only levy affordable fees but also give you room to make payments in a customized structure.These are just some of the factors that you need to take into account before you choose a management tutor to help you in your studies. Applications for the scholarships take place at certain times during the year and they are announced for those who fulfill the set conditions. As a leading advocate for the advancement of female education, she vigorously supported admitting women into the university.
Electrical engineering senior students, AbdulAziz Alyemni, Fahad Albeshr, Mohamed Alghanim, AbdulAziz Alnukta, and Khaled Alsaleh are divided into two groups designing and implementing the motor control and the maximum photovoltaic (PV) power supply for the solar car. Marko is an institution himself, it is easier to understand the concepts if you are taught by the one who is part of the founding team.
The audience was then thrilled with an exciting and informative talk from the Honorary Guest Speaker Mr Yousef Abdullah Al-Benyan, the Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of SABIC. After preliminary research, the two focal cases during the development will be postsurgical patients and asthma patients. It shows the quality of our students’ work we have at Alfaisal University and the professional supervision they are receiving from Dr. He then discussed how these technologies could benefit the world of academia by introducing the IBM academic initiative for the cloud. Alfaisal students went through a submission and interviewing process and were selected to represent the KSA Robogals branch. The event was concluded with a call to help the club on their mission to increase diversity in the simplest of ways such as volunteering and supporting RoboNeers on social media. Top humanities tutors are known to have a deep sense of humor that their students find encouraging.
He also shed light on the starring role IEEE plays in fostering technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity and how it is considered not only to be essential for its professional members, but for the global technical community. Mechanical engineering senior students Khalid Sulaiman and Syed Adnan are designing and implementing the mechanical modules of the car, including, the body, chassis, suspensions, brakes, seating and hatch, etc. Additionally, an agreement was signed between Ultimate Solutions and Alfaisal University for the establishment of a Product Design & Development Unit. AlMakadma an Assistant Professor of clinical Medicine and Pediatrics from the College of Medicine.
Postsurgical patients require very keen monitoring since they’re prone to get internal bleeding which can be subtle and pass unnoticed at first due to the distress the patient is already in, however patients suffering from respiratory distress can get very obvious Asthma attacks but the danger lies in them being secluded from anyone who can actively help. Pilots and other officials supported the project idea and looking forward to seeing students’ recommendations.
Three best papers awards will be given, as well as a limited number of travel grants for graduate students. Wit such humor, students are able to be attentive and can easily follow their tutorial lessons.Interest – Like with teachers, tutors of humanity subjects do have a deep interest in the subjects.
The organization has been universally recognized over the course of the last century for its outstanding contributions in improving technology and global conditions. Other opportunities remain for Alfaisal students to become affiliate members with tasks including devising the communication system of the car, improving the aesthetics, and enhancing the ergonomics of the driver interface. Indeed, I am thankful to the organizers for arranging this workshop and looking forward to attend such workshops in near future. The superb teams are designing and developing a framework to monitor the vital signs of outpatients under medical attention. You can take demo class of from online tutor from Dubai, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and Pakistan. They not only offer tutorials for the sake of it but also enjoy offering the tutorial lessons.Although generally considered as simple subjects, learning humanity subjects allows a student to have a different view of any situation and can easily make informed decisions, which is very critical in any industry. Abdulrahman Almousa, presented career opportunities at IBM, and encouraged our students to apply for a two years internship program for fresh graduates. We are offering our online tutoring services to gulf countries mainly to India, Saudi Arab, USA, UK, Australia and other English speaking countries. The number of students is increasing day by day, the students and their parents are satisfied with our working and helping us in our promotion, they refer other students and families to join us.
Jaafar encouraged engineering students from different majors to join IEEE to enhance their professional journeys as future engineers.
He also mentioned the intention of IBM Saudi Arabia to open a new summer internship program in the near future. The situation has certainly boosted our moral and we pay more and more attention in the betterment of our services.We hope you will enjoy visiting our website repeatedly and provide us positive feedback so that we can improve the quality of the stuff we are providing free online. A recognition certificate was presented to the speaker by the Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr.
Details of our services, contacts, tutors' profiles, free online math and stats worksheets, free questions sheets of math, physics, stats, chemistry, biology, mcq's and many more.Expert in online teaching Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Economics, Accounts and other major subjects. Similarly, for physics, chemistry and biology, notes are prepared with great care, as different curriculums differ in these subjects.

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