The Illinois Science + Technology Park started with the former corporate headquarters of pharmaceutical giant G.D. The Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research (KUSTAR) will accommodate 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Before its evolution into a more open economy, China's state-owned factories were identified by number.
The university's primary mission is to lay the groundwork for a post-oil economy in Abu Dhabi. It will enable Emerati to become entrepreneurs and researchers who will help Abu Dhabi play prominent role in an economic reality. A significant part of the student and faculty population will live in a series of neighborhoods that are connected to and integrated with the academic core and urban structure of Masdar.

A revolution that will require a new generation of specialised engineers and researchers capable of developing, optimising and integrating sustainable energy sources including solar power, wind power and energy from biomass. Masdar is a compact composition of urban research and development infrastructure—a blueprint for a sustainable, socially vibrant, mixed-use community. Research is also required on innovative batteries and the potential to exploit hydrogen as an energy source. New technologies need to be integrated into existing socio-technological networks, and research is required into new forms of energy distribution, new energy market structures and new means of intelligently satisfying the energy needs of complex modern societies.Energy technology at three universities TU Delft’s unique MSc Programme in Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) aims to give engineers broad knowledge in the field of energy technology. Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) will export an education program to the United Arab Emirates.
Ambrose U (IA) Texas Southern U (TX) U of Pennsylvania (PA)Nipissing U (ON, Canada) St.

Cloud State U (MN) Texas Wesleyan U (TX) U of Pittsburgh at BradfordNorth American Baptist Coll Saint Francis Coll (PA) Thomas More Coll (KY) (PA)& Edmonton Baptist Sem St. Joseph’s Coll, New York Trinity Coll (CT) U of Prince Edward Island(NC) (NY) Trinity Western U (BC, (PE, Canada)North Central Coll (IL) St.
Olaf Coll (MN) Canada) U of South Florida (FL)Louisiana (LA) St.

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