An LLM (or legum magister in Latin) is a post-graduate master’s law degree program meant to supplement an undergraduate education in law or another relevant discipline with specialized legal knowledge.
The costs of an LLM in European Law program vary from faculty to faculty, at different universities in different countries. Universities in Europe and around the world are looking for successful graduates from bachelor’s programs in law or disciplines relating to European Studies for LLM in European Law programs. Graduates from LLM in European Law programs go on to work for multinational government and non-government organizations, international law firms, businesses, universities and other public or private institutions as lawyers, advisers, consultants or teachers. Some law faculties offer LLM in European Law online programs – these provide students with the opportunity to get their LLM while working or juggling a tight schedule. To learn more tuition costs, career prospects, about online LLM study options and more, contact top schools on this website today. Our LLM Master of Laws is a highly flexible programme offering an extremely wide range of modules dependent on your interests. Studying an LLM Master of Laws offers unrivalled academic stimulation, the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the law and specialise your knowledge in a particular area, and improved career prospects at the highest level whether that be in practice or academia. The Exeter LLM is a substantive, rigorous, and genuinely flexible programme of postgraduate study designed for the most ambitious and capable students. Our faculty is able to teach and supervise an extensive range of international subjects, with particular specialities inspired by our renowned research in the areas of Commercial Law, Public Law, Human Rights Law, and Family Law. International Commercial Law is one of the most popular, challenging, and relevant areas of law to study at postgraduate level.
This specialism is designed to give students the opportunity to study the constitutional issues which arise from the concept of the European Union, including law making and the relationship between the EU and Member States. The LLM in Intellectual Property Law allows students to study in depth the substantive areas of law which make up intellectual property. This specialism has been specifically developed to allow you to construct a programme appropriate to private practice or public employment in the field of international human rights law.
The LLM in Maritime Law is designed specifically for students who wish to study shipping and international trade law in detail. As one of the leading business universities in Europe, the University of St.Gallen HSG is the ideal base for our program.
At the same time, economic and social integration increases the multinational character of the cases in which lawyers are called in to assist on a daily basis. The programme will adopt the approach to teaching that Joseph Weiler has coined as “Total Law™”.
The students enrolled in this course will face a huge effort with which most will be unfamiliar: it will demand a sustained level of very high commitment, preparation and engagement. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the exchange agreements with top American and European Law Schools, and attend an additional semester abroad. Students approved in a Master of Laws Thesis will receive a Master Diploma, according to the Bologna Declaration. Brazilian students approved in a Master of Laws Thesis will receive a Master Diploma which may be recognized as a “Diploma de Mestrado” in Brazil.
The program that will give a possibility for preparation of highly qualified specialists with profound knowledge in International and European law with double diploma to broaden horizons of knowledge and competences application in the sphere of legal science. National University “Odessa Law Academy” is proud to announce about our unique two-years English taught Master’s programme in European and International Law.
Because of NU “Odessa Law Academy” modern auditoriums and libraries, modern dormitories, legal networks, moot courts and special facilities to provide European quality in education and training. Because of the EU professors and our teaching staff including Judges of ECHR with unique European adapted programmes and practices in the fields of EU internal market law, competition law, social law, judicial protection, human rights law. Moreover, there is a real chance to obtain the Double diploma in European and International Law, to choose a special subjects and courses for individual learning. Simply contact us to know everything on Entry requirements and English Language requirements needed for entering Master’s programme in European and International Law. The Master of Laws in Advanced Studies programme in European and International Business Law is a high-level, demanding postgraduate programme in the field of international and European law. The programme is designed for law graduates, or graduates with a sufficient background in law, who wish to pursue advanced studies to specialise in the area of business law from a perspective of international and European Law.
Please note there are a limited number of places available on this Master of Laws: Advanced Studies Programme. Selection of applicants will take into account the aim of diversity in nationalities in the student body for each programme year as pluralism and interaction between students with different background enhance the Adv. The programme addresses the practical effects of the co-existence of business law at different levels, e.g. The essence of the Advanced Studies programme in European and International Business Law is on the impact of the law of the EU on government and enterprises in a global economy, and its repercussions on, and interaction with, other international institutions, in particular the World Trade Organization.
A number of European Law or Business Law-orientated degree programmes exist worldwide, yet the Leiden programme possesses some unique characteristics.
The regular programme is part of the standard Dutch law curriculum, and is a required programme for Dutch students wishing to gain the right to legal practice in the Netherlands.
In terms of level of study, the Advanced Studies programme is substantially more in-depth and demanding. The LLM in International and European law is a one-year 60 ECTS Advanced Master's degree.
The LLM in International and European law at the Institute for European Studies (IES) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel?(VUB) has been an internationally renowned programme?for over 40 years.
The programme offers each year a selection of 40 international post graduate students a demanding and versatile curriculum that opens fascinating career paths in European and international legal affairs. Na ontvangst van diploma of daarmee vergelijkbare kwalificaties van een bachelor's, veel studenten ervoor kiezen om hun opleiding voort te zetten en voltooien van een Master of Science in het milieurecht. MSc Environmental Science: Wetgeving & Management Onze milieuwetgeving en Management modulair programma voorziet in een streng academisch behandeling van de fundamentele wetenschappelijke principes van het beoordelen en controleren van de omvang van de schade aan het milieu door de mens van de activiteiten.
De IHU "Master of Science in Energy Law, Business, verordening en Beleid" heeft als doel het verstrekken van postdoctoraal niveau studies, specialisatie en ervaring in het energierecht, ?usiness, energiebeleid, en geostrategie, evenals de algemene regelgevende maatregelen in het gebied van de energie-sector als geheel. Nadruk wordt gelegd op juridische, economische, geopolitieke, bedrijfsleven en milieu-problemen die zich voordoen en de politieke, juridische en wettelijke oplossingen aangeboden in de grotere Europese sector en de International Energy, met betrekking tot energie-bronnen en infrastructuur, internationale transacties energie, transport en opslag van energie, de juridische, commerciele - zaken, regelgeving, geopolitieke, economische en financiele vraagstukken en het oplossen van geschillen die zich voordoen in de energiesector, met het oog op een holistische, all-around interdisciplinaire aanpak van energievraagstukken. De overname van gespecialiseerde kennis voor een succesvolle carriere in de nationale en internationale organisaties, energie bedrijven en ondernemingen, advocatenkantoren en bedrijven, regelgevende instanties, en de publieke sector diensten en organisaties, die zich bezighouden met het hele scala van energievraagstukken.
Het inzicht in kwesties die zich voordoen in de hedendaagse internationale omgeving van de energie-inkoop, energie transacties, en hun geostrategische en ecologische gevolgen, evenals de snelle en succesvolle oplossing van relevante geschillen. De grondige studie van vraagstukken met betrekking tot de formulering van het energiebeleid en ontwerp op een nationaal, Europees en internationaal niveau, alsook binnen hun wettelijke context.
De uitgebreide kennis van de transnationale, Europese en vergelijkende aspecten van de energiesector, die betrekking hebben op kwesties van handel, bedrijven, internationale uitwisselingen, recht, economie, financien en ADR. Dit programma is bedoeld voor de Universiteit afgestudeerden van Law & Politieke Wetenschappen, Economie, Business Studies & Engineering, met een sterke motivatie om een ??carriere in de energie-gerelateerde domeinen te streven. De MSc in Energy Law, Business, verordening en Beleid (full-time mode) is een 14-maanden durend programma onderwezen over drie termen.
Met het oog op de toekenning van de MSc-diploma, moeten de studenten een totaal van 90 studiepunten te voltooien. Tijdens de eerste termijn, zijn alle studenten verplicht om vijf (5) verplichte kernvakken volgen.
Master in Environmental Pollution Control (MSc) De Environmental Pollution Control Masters op Middlesex in Londen (waar u kunt beginnen in een van beide oktober of januari) identificeert en onderzoekt de kenmerken en bronnen van de grote milieu-verontreinigende stoffen. Deze interdisciplinaire programma is ontworpen om een ??kans om de wisselwerking tussen wetenschap en de wet te verkennen bieden. Klimaatverandering, zure regen, het behoud van biodiversiteit, het uitsterven van diersoorten, verontreinigde grond - dit zijn maar enkele van de milieuproblemen die vandaag voorpaginanieuws vormen. Regimes Verdrag onderzocht onder meer die met betrekking tot zure neerslag, klimaatverandering, aantasting van de ozonlaag, nucleaire besmetting en zoetwater vervuiling. Het aanpakken van deze problemen op een schoon en gezond milieu voor het genot van de toekomstige generaties te garanderen is een van de grootste uitdagingen voor het milieu wetenschap en recht.
De School of Law is beoordeeld als 'internationaal outstanding' (Grade 5A op een schaal van 1-5) voor zijn onderzoek en als 'Excellent' voor de kwaliteit van het onderwijs.
De School of Biosciences is een van de grootste en sterkste Scholen in zijn soort in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.
De Sutton Bonington Campus is een self-contained, 16 hectare in het prachtige landschap van Zuid-Nottinghamshire en het biedt een aantal gespecialiseerde voorzieningen van toepassing zijn op deze cursus.
Inleidende modules in de wetenschap of de wet zijn verplicht voor studenten zonder een wetenschap of de wet achtergrond om de toegang tot het aanbod van cursussen aangeboden te maximaliseren. Naast deze modules, zult u vrij om aanvullende modules uit het aanbod van compatibele wetgeving en wetenschap modules beschikbaar, slechts onderworpen aan de voorwaarde dat een minimum aantal van de wet en de wetenschap modules worden geselecteerd te kiezen.
De MSc in Law and Environmental Science kan worden genomen op een full-time basis over 1 jaar of part-time meer dan 2 jaar. De onderwezen onderdeel van de cursus (ter waarde van 120 studiepunten) zal worden genomen over twee semesters; zult u dan ondernemen een 60-credit onder toezicht proefschrift over de zomerperiode aan het eind van de cursus.
Uw werk in de wetenschap zal worden uitgevoerd naast die zich bezighouden met andere postgraduate programma's worden aangeboden door de School of Biosciences, met name de MSc in Environmental Science, terwijl aan de wet ziet u lessen bij te wonen in het gezelschap van studenten in LLM de Law School in Environmental Law. De lessen omvatten een verscheidenheid aan vormen van het leren van de ervaring, met inbegrip van lezingen, seminars discussies, presentaties van studenten, practica en excursies, afhankelijk van de precieze waaier van opties geselecteerd. Een individueel onderzoek is verplicht voor alle studenten, terwijl de keuzevakken worden beoordeeld door een mengsel van cursussen essays, laboratorium rapporten en traditionele examens. MSc afgestudeerden zijn gegaan om een ??verscheidenheid van loopbanen na te streven, of in het milieu consultancy, private juridische praktijk, overheidsinstellingen of vrijwilligerssector. Kansen bestaan ??ook expertise nog verder overgenomen van de cursus door middel van inschrijving voor een postdoctorale onderzoek mate ontwikkelen, hetzij in Nottingham of elders, of door het verkrijgen van werkervaring in een internationale organisatie door deelname aan een van het groeiend aantal formele stageprogramma's.
Andere eisen: Mature aanvragers zonder standaard toelatingseisen, maar met een aanzienlijke en relevante ervaring kan worden beschouwd. Deze cursus is geschikt voor studenten die geïnteresseerd zijn in zowel technische problemen en life sciences. Award: Master of Science Deze cursus is geschikt voor studenten die geinteresseerd zijn in zowel technische problemen en life sciences. De Environmental Engineering en Bescherming studies levert een uitgebreide training in rationeel beheer van de natuurlijke hulpbronnen, maar ook in de prognose, evaluatie, het voorkomen en herstellen van de effecten van menselijke impact op het milieu. Het studieprogramma omvat kwesties in verband met de theoretische en praktische aspecten van de bescherming en milieutechniek, die is verdeeld in zeven groepen proefpersonen. An LLM in International Tax Law degree provides specialized knowledge of the international aspects of the regulatory, statutory, constitutional and common-law rules of national tax laws.
While an LLM alone does not guarantee the right to take qualifying legal examinations or begin practicing law, it adds other valuable qualifications to a CV.
Law faculties are looking for applicants with a Bachelor’s in Law, Economics or another relevant discipline for LLM in International Tax Law programs.

LLM in International Tax Law graduates go on to practice tax law in international firms, advise multi-national companies, take up consulting positions in international organizations or corporations, and also go on to teach the subject in academia. Many LLM in International Tax Law programs are also offered online to provide flexibility for working professionals who also aim to study. Filling out the short lead form on the program pages linked below will prompt the university to send more information to you. A primary goal of the program is to enhance the international student's legal skills so that he or she may become a more effective lawyer and member of society. SMU Dedman School of Law offers a rich curriculum to enhance the international students' legal skills to become a more effective lawyer. International students who wish to practice law in this country and qualify for admission to the bar in one of the states or the District of Columbia should familiarize themselves with the bar admission requirements in the particular jurisdiction where they plan to practice. Founded in 1925, SMU Dedman School of Law is a top-ranked tier-one private law school located in Dallas, Texas, and is situated in a tree-lined neighborhood, just minutes from the city center.  Established in 1949, the law school's graduate degree law programs have played an important role in training some of the foremost leaders around the world. SMU Dedman Law offers international students an opportunity to become part of a vibrant, diverse, scholarly community with the advantage of studying in Dallas - not only an international business center, but a dynamic cultural center situated midway between the east and west coast of the United States in a region known for its mild, sunny climate. The faculty includes scholars and innovators in a variety of fields, including constitutional law, corporate law, criminal law, environmental law, health law, intellectual property, national security law, oil and gas law, public interest law, and tax law. In addition to our diverse curriculum, students are invited to take advantage of the many activities outside the classroom.
International graduates of SMU Dedman School of Law have made an impact all over the world. SMU’s international alumni represent a broad spectrum of legal systems, including those from Central and South America, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim. The law school is located on the northwest corner of SMU’s main campus – with the classroom buildings, administration building and law library forming what is called the “Law Quad.” This ideal location provides easy access to many of SMU’s wonderful student resources, including dining services, a premier fitness center, and health services center.
The Postgraduate Program in International Tax Law, as the name suggests, aims to provide postgraduate education in the area of international tax law focusing on significant national tax law regimes and related areas, in particular business administration. Students will learn about the taxation of individuals and businesses from leaders in the field, including former IRS agents.
Thomas Jefferson school of Law has offered an LLM in Taxation since 2008, and is a leader in the field. The program is offered entirely online, and can be completed in a year while working full time.
Studying tax law is not about numbers: it is about bringing to bear the best in legal and financial consultants and managers.
Practical and personalised instruction: Learn from the Faculty’s distinguished academic staff, but also from judges & legal practitioners from the Court of Justice of the European Union and the private practise. Bilingual programmes: Sharpen your language skills to your professional advantage, as English and French are both the programmes’ working languages. European and Financial capital: Engage with the surrounding European institutions, such as the Court of Justice of EU, the EIB, etc. Moot Court: Gain international recognition and practise by participating in world-renowned competitions. Study abroad & Internships: Be immersed in different legal systems, & cultures by studying a semester abroad in leading partner law schools in the US, China, Russia, India or Canada. Leading Research & Recognition: Share the success of the Faculty’s listing in the Financial Times Innovative Law Schools Report.
International faculty & student body: Make connections with highly qualified faculty & talented students from over 80 countries. You will find our graduates working in European institutions, national governments, banking and finance institutions, as members of the judiciary or in law firms.
Advanced law students are welcome at the University of Luxembourg and may enter directly into one of the six LL.M. Tilburg University's Master's in International Business Taxation LLM program (sub-track: International Business Tax Law) equips you with the advanced tools needed to understand and manage the complex problems facing companies and governments in the field of international business taxation. Taxation is an increasingly important determinant for enterprises in their decision-making processes on where and how to invest.
The key competencies necessary for a successful career including the ability to gather, process, and analyze information and communicate the results in an effective way.
Theory is integrated with practice offering you a legal education that is both grounded in theory and infused with real-world and practical knowledge and experience. Our goal is to ensure that you reach your full potential - and thus meet your ambition of establishing a career at the top of international business tax law practice. Your International Business Taxation LLM master will ready you for the transition from university to your first job and the start of your career. A key advantage of the International Business Taxation LLM qualification is the specific skills you develop throughout the program - qualities valued by future employers.
Both sub-tracks are advised to students who wish to work for large consultancy or law firms, international organizations such as the EU and OECD, economic departments of multinational enterprises and governments. The Master's in European and International Tax Law prepares you for a career within law firms, multinational audit and tax agencies, tax divisions in multinational companies as well as finance departments and other government tax policy institutions. Position yourself for a successful international legal career with our LLM in International Business and Trade Law.
LLM in International Business & Trade LawPosition yourself for a successful international legal career with our LLM in International Business and Trade Law. European Law is a term referring to the constitutional law, competition law, employment law, immigration law, human rights law and environmental law in EU and European countries. However, it will enhance career prospects for those with an LLB or Juris Doctor law qualifications, or an undergraduate degree in European studies, for example. Since there is so much variation, it is best to contact the university of interest directly regarding tuition costs, other associated costs and possible funding options.
Research-based LLM in European Law programs normally require students to deliver a dissertation or thesis upon graduation.
Taught by leading academics, we offer access to the most topical, academically rigorous and professionally relevant courses in a variety of legal subjects.
Delivered by some of the biggest names in legal research, our LLM allows you to create a bespoke programme of learning addressing your specific academic and professional needs, readying you to fulfil your career ambitions or for doctoral study. Our faculty includes some of the most respected international names in the field, including the authors of leading practitioner and student texts and editors of important journals.
We provide modules which examine the substantive law of the EU, and the way in which that law has been implemented in English law.
Much of the law is derived from EU measures, and the modules are taught from both a domestic and EU perspective.
An important element of the programme is a study trip to Geneva to gain first-hand experience of the work of the United Nations. The modules are particularly suited to students who intend to pursue careers in chartering, trade and marine insurance (including Protection and Indemnity Clubs). The first module sets out the groundwork in European and international business law in preparation for subsequent studies.
Our aim is to teach Law in a European and Global Context and to do so with a top international faculty and employing new methodologies and pedagogical techniques.
It is not simply one more programme focusing on European and International Law, our aim is to teach Law in a European and Global Context and to do so with a top international faculty and employing new methodologies and pedagogical techniques.
Lawyers increasingly need to operate in the context of a plurality of jurisdictions and legal sources. This represents a bold pedagogical and intellectual break with the traditional ways of teaching Law. They will obtain a strong international academic experience, as well as two degrees from cutting edge global institutions.
They will obtain a strong international academic experience, as well as two degrees from two global institutions. Ukraine today demands students from different kind of specialties who wish to develop their proficiency in the sphere of European and International law. Due to the large number of applications we receive each academic year, we cannot guarantee places for suitable candidates who submit their applications after the maximum number of students have been accepted into the programme.
Firstly, it has a clearly defined focus on the interaction of international, European and national law, with a deliberate choice of compulsory courses, thus allowing for depth of study and coherence of the subject matter chosen.
The regular programme is also accessible for international students (and attracts many!), aimed at those coming in directly after completing their bachelor ‘s programme. In just one academic year it offers a thorough and focused education on European and International Business Law. It is a demanding day course which is composed of compulsory courses and two specialisation options: Public Law or Business Law. Created in 1971 as the Programme on international and Legal Cooperation (PILC), it is one of the most established LLMs of its kind. The programme has for 40 years been successful in combining academic rigour with the latest practical insights and cultural diversity. Deze graad is geschikt voor studenten die geinteresseerd zijn in de life sciences, duurzaamheid, wereld gezondheid, verontreinigende stoffen en andere ecologische en klimatologische onderwerpen. Studenten leren om te evalueren key management principes die nodig zijn voor de uitvoering van een gezond milieubeheer, technologische en juridische aspecten bij het beheer en de verwijdering van vaste, vloeibare en gasvormige afvalstoffen en het beheer van verontreinigde gronden. Het biedt een zeer flexibele kwalificatie geschikt voor een breed scala aan carrieremogelijkheden in vele sectoren. Het gaat om het nemen van: Negen kern cursussen (54 studiepunten), twee keuzevakken (6 studiepunten), masterproef (30 studiepunten). Tijdens de tweede termijn, volgen alle studenten nog eens vier (4) kernvakken en twee (2) keuzevakken. Modules worden aangeboden door de School of Law zijn ontworpen om een ??breder begrip van de EG en het internationaal recht perspectieven op milieuproblemen die vaak alleen via regionale of internationale regelgeving worden aangepakt geven. Daarnaast zal een inzicht worden gegeven aan de verschillende verdrag regimes die streven naar de voortdurende druk op de biodiversiteit in de wereld aan te pakken.
Daarnaast is de gezamenlijke syndicaat oefening en individueel onderzoeksproject zijn verplicht voor alle studenten.
Dit is een praktijkgericht hoger onderwijs cursus leren hoe om milieukennis en technische maatregelen om de negatieve invloed van menselijke activiteiten op het milieu te verminderen integreren. Studies zijn interdisciplinair, gerelateerd aan ecologische en milieu-uitgangspunten geintegreerd met technische oplossingen en het betrekken van de meest recente en geavanceerde technologieen.
An LLM in International Tax Law is particularly applicable to the business administration of multi-national or international corporations. An LLM in International Tax Law would also provide a jumping-off point for PhD research in the subject. Juris Doctor graduates are also eligible to enhance their law practice qualifications with specialization in International Tax Law.

The career opportunities for an LLM in International Tax Law degree-bearer are diverse and rich. The costs of LLM in International Tax Law online, full time or part time programs vary depending on the department, so it is important to contact the university for more information.
Degree for Foreign Law School Graduates must be a graduate of a recognized foreign law school.
The diversity and depth of courses offered can be found in the SMU Dedman School of Law course catalog or in the course schedule listing. We are proud our global alumni network - more than 2,000 graduates from 80 countries who hold prominent positions in government, legal practice, business, the judiciary, and legal education worldwide.
These scholars regularly engage the world by appearing before congressional committees, working with state and federal regulatory agencies, arguing before state and federal courts, working with corporate executives and nonprofits, and regularly appearing in the media to translate their research or offer commentary on important stories of the day. At SMU Dedman Law, your learning experience will be enriched through year-round international conferences and lectures, bringing prominent international figures to campus to discuss current global legal issues. Our international alumni network includes more than 2000 graduates in more than 80 countries. We strive for global geographic diversity in our student enrollments, and provide a high degree of individual attention and support for each international student. Topics range from: individual taxation, business taxation, estate planning, and international taxation. Tax professionals operate in a globalised environment where trade and investment take place on a multinational level. Study in one of the most important financial centers in Europe with increasing needs of highly qualified staff.
Benefit from the excellent research environment as the Research Unit in Law gets top recognition in recent external evaluation. Incentives and disincentives created by tax systems affect the behavior of multinational enterprises. Your graduate degree in law is a qualification in high demand by employers in both the public and private sector. These academics are widely published in the top academic journals in the fields of corporate tax law, international and European tax law, VAT, company law and European law. As a student of this program, you will benefit from the department's position at the cutting edge of international business tax research.
Potential career paths include international roles as a professional business tax adviser, an in-house counsel of corporations, or a career in academic research. Those interested in doing business within EU member states must know the tax rules and practice of relevant laws. Optimized to provide degree candidates with a solid foundation in the rules, regulations, and legal approaches underlying international business and trade law, our LLM program offers enhanced marketability by building on Chicago's legal, business, and trade resources.Our curriculum combines coursework, skills training, and research developed to meet the needs of a changing world and marketplace. Students who choose to study an LLM in European Law abroad will also have an enriched international academic experience. We are confident that Exeter is the best possible environment in which to study the exciting, fast-paced, and lucrative commercial world, including subjects like corporate finance, international trade, intellectual property, energy and the environment. During the trip you will have the opportunity to attend committee sessions, joining the delegation, NGOs and committee members in the committee chambers.
English law is widely adopted in other jurisdictions, so a study of English law is particularly important. A focus on interdiciplinary understanding and practical relevance means that economic, business and legal aspects are interlinked with practical excercises forming a core element. As a consequence, a growing number of legal actors (in courts as outside courts and even in the legislative process) need to operate in multiple jurisdictions and be comfortable working with different legal sources. All this requires a different type of lawyer from the traditional lawyer trained exclusively in a particular domestic legal system. The right way to find your fortune in international law firms and European institutions, in governmental agencies and parliamentary committees. NU “Odessa Law Academy” as a member of European University Association, European Public Law Association, Magna Charta Universitatum et al, participant of different EU programmes in the field of education and innovations is ready to provide students with the skills for future successful professional carrier in international legal environment. However, since not all students accepted into the programme actually take up the offer, places do often became available at a later point in time.
In this way, it takes its cue from the Leiden Law School’s research programme “Securing the Rule of Law in a World of Multi-level Jurisdiction”.
A second distinction is that, without neglecting academic levels, Leiden pays specific attention to professional applications, particularly through its assignments and teaching methods. The Advanced Studies programme focuses on European Law from a business perspective, as seen against the background of international law.
The Advanced Studies programme is specifically designed for excellent students at an advanced level and for qualified lawyers who wish to enhance their career prospects. Students also have to carry out legal research as part of their thesis (worth 18 ECTS credits).
Het is ook beschikbaar in part-time mode meer dan 26 maanden voor degenen die niet kunnen verbinden tot een full-time programma, hetzij vanwege werkzaamheden verplichtingen of andere redenen. Het programma richt zich op het platteland, maar ook omvat een breed scala van problemen in industriele en stedelijke landschap. Een afgestudeerde heeft kennis hoe het verminderen van de negatieve impact van de menselijke activiteit op basis van biologische en technische maatregelen. An LLM provides relevant specialization for lawyers, economists and other professionals in the field.
An LLM in International Tax Law is often one-year’s study comprised of coursework and research.
The score must be reported to the Admissions Office directly from the Educational Testing Service. It is in your best interest to submit your application as early as possible with all supporting documentation.
Studying law at SMU gives students access to an exceptional faculty engaged in timely and cutting-edge research often informed by years of experience. These professionals can be found at the highest levels of government, legal practice, and business. With the increasing government regulation in the field, this is a growing area of employment and a ripe time to gain knowledge in the arena.
It offers a variety of courses in European, comparative and international law from which the students may choose in order to prepare for the requirements of the second year. Nonetheless, legal considerations are taken into account as well in the decision-making process on whether, where and how to invest. Our status within the academic world and affiliations within academia enable us to involve some of the world's top experts in your learning. With our Master’s in European and International Tax Law you will be able to help businesses and institutions operate in a worldwide context with the European Union’s legal framework in focus.
In this programme you will gain a deeper understanding of the European Union’s legal system and how the tax laws of EU’s internal market operate in a crossborder context. The creation of an interdisclipinary perspective is one of the many reasons why St.Gallen graduates are highly respected worldwide.
It requires a truly international legal education, where courses are specifically tailored to meet the challenges of this pluralism of legal sources and jurisdictions. Applicants will be informed when we are full and will be given the option of being placed on a waiting list, subject to a place becoming available at a later date. The regular master’s programme focuses on European Law only and within this field provides a more general perspective (e.g. It caters exclusively to this select and limited group of advanced students who in this way benefit from close contact with their professors as well as their fellow students. Het programma van deze cursus richt zich vooral op het platteland, maar ook omvat een breed scala van problemen in industriele en stedelijke landschap. Students enrolled in this degree program must complete 24 credit hours including the required two-credit course in Perspectives of the American Legal System. An applicant for whom English is a second language must present evidence of a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) computer based score of 233 or written score of 575. It is important when applying that you indicate on the TOEFL form the code number 6660, department code 03, to ensure that your score is sent to SMU Dedman School of Law. Faculty members advising candidates for this degree will make every effort to tailor a student's study plan to his or her specific graduate objectives. Programs enhance careers in the private practice of law, teaching, and public service by teaching analysis and problem-solving skills for meeting the complex demands of our world.
Generally speaking, their salary levels are higher than for jurists who graduate in other fields of law.
During the second year each of the six specialisations provides an in-depth knowledge and practical training in the chosen field. The students in the Advanced Studies programme come from different continents and countries, thus contributing to a truly international study environment. Applications will be reviewed upon completion, and decisions will be made shortly thereafter. However, all students are required to take the course on Perspectives of the American Legal System. The programs increase the student’s understanding of legal theory and policies, broaden the student’s legal horizons, and encourage the development of legal research and writing skills. With your understanding on how tax and legal considerations relate, you will be optimally prepared to help multinational enterprises, organizations and governments to improve today's decision-making processes in the field of international business taxation.
Students have the freedom to choose from a wide array of classes and can design their LL.M. Students whose TOEFL score does not meet these requirements can apply for conditional admission subject to the student successfully completing sufficient English as a second language course at SMU or another institution.
A student will not receive credit for a course or seminar in which his or her grade is below D or 1.00. Students for whom English is a second language are allowed additional time to complete written final examinations. Studenten moeten de beste school voor hen te bepalen door het onderzoeken van de unieke aspecten van ecologische studie die beschikbaar zijn vanaf elke locatie zijn. Zoeken naar je programma hieronder en neem contact op rechtstreeks de toelating kantoor van de school van uw keuze door het invullen van de leiding vorm.

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