The news related to Mega Million Game Show is that Mega Million Jackpot hits to $290 million.
It is reported by Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Website that 1 of the tickets sold in Arkansas won a $40,000 prize while 2 other players won prizes of $10,000. If you couldn’t watch Mega Millions Game Show but want to watch it just tone up KARK4 TV Station as it’s the only Little Rock TV Series where players as well as the game show fans can watch Live Lottery Drawings of Mega Millions. Mega Millions drawings go on air on KARK4 Television Market on each Tuesday and Friday at 10 p.m.
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December 13, 2013 - Migdalia Julia of Irondequoit, Monroe County has a plan for winning the Lottery.

The price rate of Jackpot can increase more and more until next drawing on Tuesday if more players buy a lot of tickets. I look forward to future articles and will definatly link to this and tell the people I know.
If the number of balls is matched with the row of your lottery ticket, you can win the prize.
Julia's plan finally paid off last month when the mother of three purchased one set of Quick Pick numbers for the November 15 Mega Millions drawing offering a jackpot of $149,000,000.Julia said she stopped at the Wegmans at 2200 Ridge Road East in Rochester after work. The frugal Lottery player said she checked her numbers over the weekend and realized she had the first five numbers. What the new Lottery millionaire didn't know were the odds of winning that $1,000,000 second prize.

When told about the 1 in almost 18.5 million chance of matching the first five numbers drawn Julia said, "Wow!
She will receive her prize in one lump sum payment totaling $661,800 after required withholdings.Like her plan for winning the Lottery, Julia's plan for spending her Lottery prize is pretty straight forward. She is the first Lottery player from Monroe County to win the new $1,000,000 second prize in the recently re-formatted Mega Millions game.

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