404069 04: Ericka Greene, 20, of Lawrenceville, GA, and her mother Vicki Chambless appear at a press conference after Greene won almost $59 million with one of the three winning tickets in the $331 million Big Game jackpot drawing April 17, 2002, in Atlanta.
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Lottery winner Marion Richardson (R) with her son Scott after receiving her cheque at a London hotel 13 April 2004.
BRAINTREE, MA - JULY 9: Mega Millions lottery winner Geraldine Williams, of Lowell, Massachusetts, attends a press conference July 9, 2004 at lottery headquarters in Braintree, Massachusetts. NAVAS, SPAIN: Carlos, the sweeper of the town, smiles after winning a share of Spain's Christmas lottery "El Gordo" in Navas, near Barcelona, 22 December 2004.
MADISON, WI - MAY 22: Powerball winner Frank Capaci (C) and his wife Shirley (L) pose with the winning ticket and Don Walsh, Director of Wisconsin Lottery (R) at the Wisconsin Lottery Office in Madison, Wisconsin 22 May. MADISON, WI - MAY 22: Powerball winner Frank Capaci (R) and his wife Shirley leave the Wisconsin Lottery Office in Madison, Wisconsin after validating their winning Powerball ticket 22 May. Barcelona, SPAIN: The owner of a lottery shop Miquel Colina (L) sprays Cava onto Lottery winners (no names available) in Vic, 22 December 2005. VALENCIA, Spain: Winners of the second prize in the Spanish christmas lottery known as 'El Gordo' celebrate in Valencia, 22 December 2005. Evian-les-Bains, FRANCE: A tobacconist manager poses with a board announcing the amount of the prize won by one of the three EuroMillions jackpot lucky winners who validated his ticket in Evian, 04 February 2006. Sevilla, SPAIN: People celebrate winning the first price with the number 20297 of the 'El Gordo' during the Spanish Christmas lottery at Santiponce in Sevilla, 22 December 2006. FALKIRK, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 15: Record Euro Lottery winner Angela Kelly celebrates her win in front of assembled media, August 15, 2007 in Falkirk Scotland. Euromillions lottery winners (from L to R) Emma Cartwright, Ceri Scullion, Sean Connor, Alex Parry, James Bennett, Donna Rhodes and John Walsh celebrate their GBP 45,570,836 win at a hotel near Liverpool in north-west England, on November 10, 2009.
Lottery shop keeper who sold the winning ticket poses with the ticket number on December 22, 2009 in Madrid.
Ticket holders celebrate with the winning ticket number 58.588 after the draw of Spain's lottery named "El ni?o" in Castelldefels, near Barcelona on January 06, 2010. Ticket holders (Unhave names) show their ticket after the draw of the winning numbers of Spain's lottery named "El nino" in Castelldefels near Barcelona on January 06, 2010. Nigel Page (R) and partner Justine Laycock celebrate winning 56 million pounds on the EuroMillions lottery, in Bath, Avon, south west England, on February 15, 2010.
A winner of the Spanish Christmas lottery pours a beverage on his head as he celebrates with friends his winning number, 79.250, on December 22, 2010 in Palleja, near Barcelona. The Beach Boys Announce Three Michigan Summer ConcertsThe 50 Years of Good Vibrations tour will visits Michigan three times this summer! New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. Select Sport Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School Crime U.S. A Bronx native will take the money after she won half of the $648 million Mega Millions jackpot a€” and her sisters back home say theya€™re going to run. Georgia resident Ira Curry, 56, has come forward as one of the two winners who will take home a massive chunk of the lottery windfall.

Curry will take the cash option and, after taxes, will rake in about $120 million, Georgia Lottery Corporation president and CEO Debbie Alford said at a press conference from Atlanta on Wednesday. But the payday, while spectacularly exciting, is sending her sisters scurrying from the spotlight a€” and the Boogie Down borough.
The Mega Millions winner, who was raised in the Bronx, works as an underwriter at an insurance company.
Though Curry now lives like a€?a Southern bellea€? in her Atlanta suburb, her sisters said, they were all raised by a single mother in West Farms. A sign put out in front of Jenny's Gift Shop by the California Lottery officials, where one of the two winning Mega Millions jackpot lottery tickets was sold in San Jose, California.
After Curry heard on the radio that the Mega ball number was 7, she immediately called her daughter, Georgia Lottery Corp.
Currya€™s excited daughter read off the rest of the winning numbers through a€?joyful tears and laughter,a€? Alford said.
Jenny's Gift Shop owner Thuy Nguyen, right, accepts a $1 million check from California lottery sales representative Mona Sanders Wednesday.
Curry, who couldna€™t be reached for comment, will split the jackpot with a California winner who has yet to come forward. The winners will split the estimated 636 million US dollar jackpot with the winner in Georgia. Records show the lucky player and her husband, Talmer Curry, 74, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 1994.
Curry bought her ticket at Gateway News, in Atlanta, but the owners wona€™t receive any bonus for selling the winning ticket because of Georgia state lottery rules. Kenneth Parcell, played by Jack McBrayer, is a fictional '30 Rock character who claims Stone Mountain, Ga., as his hometown.
ATLANTA, GA — Johnson Grocery in Quitman sold a quarter of a million dollar winning lottery ticket.
The Euro Millions lottery, launched in 2004, is now played by nine countries across western Europe: Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. Greene's Quik Pic ticket had the winning numbers 7-10-25-26-27 and the Big Money Ball number 23. Scottish student Dougan, aged 17, of Livingston, Scotland, has become one of Britain's youngest Lotto millionaires after scooping the jackpot with a lucky dip ticket bought at the Tesco Supermarket where she works.
Williams, a retired house-cleaner, won $294 million, making her the second largest jackpot winner in North American Lottery history.
The Kainz family, including (back L-R) John, Michael and his wife Jennifer and Patrick, won half of the 363 million USD jackpot. Shop-keepers, sports clubs and groups of all kinds buy entire sheaves either to offer or to resell to their most faithful clients.
Lucky Spanish ticketholders 22 December shared prizes worth two billion euros (2.36 billion dollars) when the annual drawing in the El Gordo lottery, the world's richest, took place. Lucky Spanish ticketholders Thursday shared prizes worth two billion euros (2.36 billion dollars) when the annual drawing in the El Gordo lottery, the world's richest, took place.
Three lucky winners have scooped the EuroMillions jackspot and will share the record 125-million-pound (182-million-euro), 220.7-million-dollar).

A group of British IT workers who won 45 million pounds in the Euromillions lottery revealed Tuesday how they feared they were going to be sacked when they received the call about the win. Spain's Christmas lottery named "El Gordo" (Fat One) is a Christmas tradition in Spain and is the world's biggest lottery in terms of the total sum paid out. A British couple who won a record 56 million pounds (65 million euros, 88 million dollars) on the lottery told Monday how they celebrated with a bacon butty breakfast at the local supermarket. She heard on the radio that the Mega Ball number was 7, the one she had picked, Alford said. But her Bronx brethren a€” Price and another sister, Brenda Baker, who still live in the apartment they all moved into 40 years ago a€” played a part in her unexpected bonanza. By Wednesday afternoon, the frantic sisters were making rushed plans to move, possibly even out of state. That type of bankruptcy filing allows the debtor to repay creditors in installments over three to five years. The Quik Pik ticket matched the first five winning numbers from the September 24th Mega Millions drawing. Greene, a warehouse worker, selected the lump sum option and receives $58,938,743 before taxes.
The top prize, worth three million euros this year was won by ticketholders at Vic, near Barcelona in the northeast of the country. Brian, age 74, and Joan, age 72, plan to share the cash with their two daughters and four grandchildren.
John Walsh, 57, who with six members of his syndicate won 45,570,836 pounds (75,994,135 dollars, 50,668,873 euros) in Friday's draw, was the first to discover on Sunday that they had hit the jackpot, and called his colleagues.
Thousands of lucky ticket holders in Spain may have found some relief from the country's economic malaise as the world's richest lottery paid out more two billion euros in prize money. Nigel Page, 43, and his partner Justine Laycock, 41, won the fortune as their half share of a 129,618,405 euros jackpot on EuroMillions lottery, along with a ticket-holder in Spain. Thousands of lucky ticketholders in Spain may have found some relief from the country's economic malaise as the world's richest lottery paid out more two billion euros in prize money.
Curry called her daughter, who read off the rest of the winning numbers through a€?joyful tears and laughter,a€? Alford said. The married mom bought one ticket, using a combination of Baker family birthdays and the familya€™s lucky number, seven.
The Christmas draw of El Gordo (The Fat One) is a national institution, held every December 22, and watched with bated breath by millions of Spaniards. The winning numbers from the September 24th drawing were 4-11-32-39-40 and the Mega Ball was 33.

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