Paschen has used our experience and leadership to help thousands of small businesses advance in the industry. Growth through Mentoring Paschen has a long and successful history of mentoring small businesses, with a special emphasis on disadvantaged, minority- and women-owned enterprises. Whether your child needs support in the basics of a particular subject matter, or has exceptional skills in a certain subject, Young Einstein has the right program for you. Our College Prep 2016 Program prepares our reviewees not only for UP, but for the other universities as well.
Young Einstein Learning Center’s Free G11 Prep Diagnostic Test is a test designed to assess Grade 10 students’ readiness to take the entrance tests to schools offering Senior High School, or Grades 11 and 12.
We aim to mold students who strive to become role models to their peers, who dream to make a difference, and to start this by studying hard to excel in the fields they want to pursue. Our High School Prep 2016 Program is a comprehensive review program in preparation for the High School Entrance Tests, such as those in Philippine Science High School (PSHS), Quezon City Science High School, Manila Science High School, other science high schools, and other high schools. The Young Einstein Learning Center Home Review Package is currently available for those who are about to take the Ateneo Senior High Admission and Placement Exam (A-SHAPE) which will be held on October 3, 2015.
The Home Review Package is a tool for Grade 10 students to reach their maximum potential in reviewing. Step 1: Reserve your copy at this link Home Review Package Reservation, where you will indicate if you prefer the package to either be picked up or delivered to you.
Take our Free G11 Prep Diagnostic Test on the weekends of September, at 8:00 am, and find out!
Enroll in Young Einstein Learning Center’s review program and we will provide you with the right tools to excel in any entrance test! January 2013 marks the 12th anniversary of National Mentoring Month, an annual medial campaign to recruit volunteer mentors for young people. In response to outcome disparities between underrepresented men of color and their peers, there has been an expansive increase in the number of programs serving men of color in colleges and universities.
While widely used, more often than not, mentoring programs are woefully ineffective in serving the needs of men of color.
That being said, mentoring programs, when designed and executed correctly, can be a useful strategy for facilitating student success. Mentoring is a tool that can enable educators to meet the needs of the students they serve. Typically, mentoring programs are structured to provide "once a week" meetings between mentors and proteges to discuss how the protege is doing.
Second, it has evolved in a much more balanced approach between hard and soft skills.  Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Relationship Planning have become as critical as the technical skills to succeed, grow personally and professionally, and to engage and influence others often without authority. Ways To Get InvolvedThe Young Women’s Leadership Academy Foundation is the founding sponsor of the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy.

Make A Gift Today: Your contribution will help support the many programs allowing our girls to succeed at CGLA. Vendor OpportunitiesThe Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy is currently not receiving proposals. In September 2013, CGLA launched a mentoring program looking for individuals and organizations with enthusiasm and commitment to mentor students in grades 6-12 throughout the school year. EMPOWER Mentoring Program has expanded and collaborated with other mentoring advocates to recruit mentors for youth across the City of Chattanooga! We view the small businesses we work with as our partners, working closely with them to help them develop through new business opportunities and invaluable experience on larger, more complex jobs.
It is a comprehensive review program that covers Math, Science, English, Filipino, and Abstract Reasoning, which are included in the college entrance tests. Through the Leadership Conference, students are trained in Personal Goal-setting, Effective Time Management, and Test-taking techniques. Science HighSchool, but for the other science high schools and high schools as well.  The HS Prep POWER REVIEW will focus on Math and Science, the critical subjects in the science high school entrance tests. These programs have long employed mentoring as a primary 'silver bullet' for advancing the success of college men of color. As adeptly argued by Andre Perry in The Hechinger Report, mentoring programs focus on addressing "personality mechanics" rather than addressing the need for "good schools, great teachers and professional opportunities." Simply put, most mentoring programs are focused on 'mending' students rather than the systems and people who educate them. Few (if any) could argue that they succeeded in their collegiate endeavors without receiving mentorship from others. Please tell us your ideas about how to effectively design and implement mentoring programs.
Sharing knowledge, insight and wisdom that one person has with another person benefits everyone who is involved in such a program. If you do not wish to make an online gift, you may click here to download a General Donation form to mail or fax in your donation. The Empower Mentoring Program connects CGLA students with caring adult advocates who will provide encouragement and support in academics, college and career planning, life skills, and leadership development.
In addition, we educate our small business partners on the Paschen Way, our proprietary approach to construction that emphasizes success through team leadership.Paschen has been recognized for our leadership in developing small businesses by a wide range of prestigious industry organizations, including Black Contractors United, the Federation of Women Contractors, and the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association. The teachers are all very attentive and adjust to each student's needs, not to mention they're fun! In fact, a 2015 analysis by Levi Sebahar and Fnann Keflezighi of programs serving men of color in community colleges identified mentoring as the second most common intervention tool employed by these initiatives, with 65 percent of all programs using mentoring models. In addition, mentoring programs are very difficult to sustain over time, are expensive to operate using effective mentor models, and are often critiqued due to scalability challenges.
With this in mind, we offer three recommendations for designing 'effective' mentoring programs.

Educators should be clear as to what objectives the mentoring relationship is designed to achieve. It is so important to know why you are getting involved in a mentoring program, what you want out of it, and which program to choose from. All proceeds go towards educational programs and resources that enhance the quality of education that CGLA students receive.
CGLA mentors will be expected to commit at least five hours per month to mentoring activities and to connect with their CGLA mentee weekly.
But perhaps a better indicator of our mentoring program’s success is the fact that many of the small businesses we have helped develop have grown to become our joint venture partners—and some even our competitors. Too often, mentoring programs merely link men of color with mentors who are to spend time with one another with an unspecified purpose. Before beginning a mentoring relationship, students' should be assessed to determine the factors that influence their academic success.
For example, a question often posed is whether women should be permitted to mentor male students of color. The assessment can take the form of a survey, interviews, focus-groups, written feedback, or analyses of students' academic records, which will enable program leaders to determine the primary challenges facing students. Well, some men of color may be more open to mentoring relationships with women than they are with men, particularly if they have had poor relationships with their fathers and other male figures while having closer relationships with mothers, aunts, and grandmothers. Based on this feedback, mentoring should be viewed as the medium by which identified challenges are addressed. Similarly, some men may prefer to be mentored by a man as the relationship may allow for 'different' types of conversations than may be had with women. For example, during a survey, it may be revealed that self-confidence, awareness of campus resources, and lack of clarity around goals are common challenges faced by men of color. Armed with this information, the mentor intervention should focus explicitly on building confidence, introducing students to campus resources, and engaging students' in introspection and exploration about potential major and career goals. Using this approach, mentors are not merely mentoring for the sake of 'mentoring', but mentoring with a clear objective in mind.
While inquiry must occur to determine the focus of the mentor engagement, inquiry should also take place throughout the program to determine the effectiveness of the intervention.

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