Historical examples of relationships between mentors and mentees include Socrates and Plato, Hayden and Beethoven, and Freud and Jung. Online mentoring, or e-mentoring, is ideal for those who are looking for an informal connection or who are geographically distant from one another. To get the most out of a mentoring experience, it is important to choose a mentor who has a deep understanding of how business works.
One of the key benefits of the mentor-mentee relationship is advice from a more experienced party. Because they are experienced, mentors can also provide context and perspectives that were not previously considered. In contrast to consultants who may only be concerned with what’s best for a business venture, mentors are invested in helping mentees develop business skills for the long term. Business mentorship can also be a source of proven approaches to prevent or address problems when they arise.
One of the most significant benefits of business mentorship is the chance to collaborate throughout the course of careers.
Forbes contributor Ken Perlman is a passionate supporter of mentorship because of its effects on leadership in the business world. Each of MILSPEAKa€™s 58 selections is a carefully crafted reminiscence, a completed piece of a larger personal history, the telling of a particularly eventful moment, a personal, cultural and historical record, and a work of art.
MILSPEAK, the anthology, is also available for purchase through online retailers, select bookstores and through Ingram Books. The appearance of hyperlinks or logos does not constitute endorsement of Milspeak, Milspeak Memo, or linked sites, or the information (written and graphic), products, or services contained therein, by the Department of Defense, any other government agency or office. MILSPEAK FOUNDATION does not engage in political activity; however, writers and artists may present political opinions. I am pleased to announce that my new, unique Come Paint-A-long with Albert Handell Program has taken another giant step forward. Albert will first explain how he has built his own career and give you important insights and information on how to build your career.
Virga by Albert Handell Mixed Media (watercolor and pastel) 16X20, actual demonstration painting Join Albert for his Summer Mentoring Paint-A-Long Program to be held in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Coastal Fog by Albert Handell, Pastel, 15″x14″ Come Paint-A-Long with Albert Handell in beautiful Northern California! Today, the term “mentor” has evolved to mean a trusted advisor, friend, teacher and wise person, according to a book on mentoring by author and businessman Gordon Shea.
Sir Richard Branson, billionaire founder of the Virgin Group, discussed his take on how important the relationship between mentor and mentee can be for success: “I have always been a huge believer in the inestimable value good mentoring can contribute to any nascent business. Although it may seem that the information learned in manuals and classes is enough, the information gained from these sources is better absorbed and applied through the context a mentor can give. Mentors can provide answers to questions and suggestions that can make a big difference when it comes to navigating the business world. For example, they can be knowledgeable about how consumers and potential investors respond to various strategies because they have encountered similar situations in the past.
Networking is vital for climbing the corporate ladder, so having a close relationship with a successful mentor can be essential.

From recruiting and staffing to cultivating a positive company culture, mentors provide knowledge for all aspects of business. Fostering a long-lasting relationship with mentors can give new business professionals access to consistent guidance and resources. Mentors are perfectly positioned to provide guidance and reinforce the business skills their mentees have, making them more self-assured in all of their business interactions.
He stresses that good mentors can help new professionals learn skills that go beyond the classroom, such as management principles and leadership practices. Paul is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. Except for a small portion of proceeds going to the distributor, your purchase price will go toward supporting MilSpeak Foundation.
The Milspeak anthology, also the result of collaboration, is a hybrid: part workshop memoir and part handbook for military people who want to write. Four years later, Milspeak Creative Writing Seminar participantsa€™ work is collected in MILSPEAK: WARRIORS, VETERANS, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS WRITING THE MILITARY EXPERIENCE. Due to the traditional silence concerning military life, Milspeak writersa€™ stories are often difficult for them to share and some are shared for the first time in this collection. On July 23, 24, and 25 in Beaufort, SC, readings from the anthology will be directed by Dr.
Starting in 2006, I began offering this format in France and in select locations within the United States.
TAOS, NEW MEXICO Sunday 5pm October 2 – Saturday October, 2016 Tuition $975 KACHINA LODGE 413 PASEO DEL PUEBLO NORTH TAOS, NM 87571 575-758-2275 or 800-522-4462 Join Albert for his annual Taos Paint-A-Long mentoring program, Albert has painted there often and knows Taos and its area intimately.
And they’re not alone: There is a long tradition of mentoring that spans history and even dates back to mythology. Mentoring is a fundamental form of human development where a person invests time, energy and personal know-how in assisting the growth and ability of another person, Shea wrote. Ask any successful businessperson and, if they are honest about it, they will almost certainly admit to having benefited from the advice of a mentor at some point along the way.” Branson credits his own mentor, Sir Freddie Laker, with helping to shape his entire approach to business.
Now, mentees can get in touch with their mentors through both face-to-face meetings and online interaction.
The arrangement should meet the needs of both the mentor and mentee, whether they choose to work closely with each other or to carry out conversations by email as needed. In today’s globally connected world, meaningful mentorship is more achievable than ever before.
Especially for those new to business, building a one-on-one relationship with an experienced advisor is a smart way to help ensure success. Perlman has seen firsthand the benefits that the mentor-mentee relationship can have for both parties.
The Concordia MBA Mentor and Managerial Application Portfolio (MAP) program sets you up for success through your studies and beyond graduation.
Included are poetry, essay, and memoir by established authors who assisted in developing the workshop and mentoring writers, among them Michael Kobre, Dinty W.
Milspeak writers, their friends and mentors come together in MILSPEAK to share their understanding of the power of writing to heal wounds of memory and to broaden civilian understanding of military life.

Content on these pages represents thoughts and opinions of the writers & artists, and not the official position of MilSpeak Foundation, its directors or of any other person, organization or institution. In addition, mentors can come from many places: Family, friends and business contacts can all play a role.
All MBA students have a designated faculty mentor to support and guide them through graduate school. Like the seminar itself, the Milspeak anthology is a mix of writing workshop and fellowship. Admission is free at the USCB Performing Arts Center, 801 Carteret St., Beaufort, SC, with a reception and book signing with the writers each night. In this text that takes place during the Trojan War, Odysseus relies on Mentor to serve as both an overseer of his household and a teacher to his son, Telemachus.
And mentoring can be either casual or structured, depending on what works best for both parties. If the mentoring is formal, there could be regular meetings with specific agendas and goals. Your faculty mentor will act as a personal business coach and help you develop networking strategies, polish interpersonal skills and enhance your resume. Milspeak writers bring to workshop a shared experience of living a military life and a shared dream of writing for a reader, for themselves, or for family. Also in this hefty 474-page anthology published by Press 53, editor Sally Drumm provides readers with the workshop story as it unfolds parallel to her own search for home and stability following a twenty-year military career and assignment of a 60% service-connected disability rating.
Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, and Beaufort Naval Hospital are also located in Beaufort, SC. In this program we will all paint together during the day, every day both in the morning and afternoon you will be painting along with me as I start and finish my paintings on location. The most important aspect of the relationship is regular professional contact — no matter how it is carried out. In more casual arrangements, mentees might call on the mentor as problems arise or when guidance is needed. Six years after the first Milspeak Creative Writing Seminar was held, the program continues to bring writers together to share the military experience. In the evening, we will have our critique of the day’s painting and continued instruction, plus valuable (and effective) information on career-building. Yet there is much, much more – all presented to you in the evenings after the day’s painting.
Handell finishes his afternoon painting, he will then give detailed help at each artist’s easel.

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