State of Mentoring Survey and Report Every other year, the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) measures the collective impact of mentoring on Minnesota youth through a statewide survey. As discussed at the December General Meeting, we have launched a mid-term assessment survey for the current participants which also allows them to request for a change of partner, and for prospective participants to sign up for the program. With this data from mentoring programs, MPM is able to provide an in-depth assessment of youth mentoring in our state, articulate the need for increased support of Minnesota mentoring programs and advocate for pro-mentoring policies at all levels. In order to provide a comprehensive look at mentoring in our state, our goal is to have this survey completed by every organization that provides mentoring services to youth in Minnesota.

Many programs serving youth in a mentoring capacity throughout Minnesota have responded to our survey and we are excited to tell the story of the progress Minnesota has made in mentoring.
The survey covers recent program trends, as well as program data from the previous year (2013 or the 2012-2013 school year, depending on which is most relevant for your program).
Full details, including an executive summary, infographic, and info bytes may be found at 2014 State of Mentoring Report. The survey data was also used to construct our 2014 State of Mentoring Infographic (Seen at right), which is a useful tool for representing the data we were able to compile from programs that responded to the survey.

With the information we received we were able to emphasize the awesome progress programs are making and the continued dedication of volunteers, program staff and caring adults all over the state to increasing the presence and impact of mentoring throughout Minnesota.
We thank all mentoring program providers for the work you do with Minnesota youth and for taking the time to help us map the big picture of mentoring in our state.

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