Realistic, exciting scenario demonstrates the value of a structured approach to team decision-making. In Antarctic Challenge, teams have to plan a complex project and present their findings in a way that will achieve results. An effective teamwork activity that reminds teams to focus on what the customer wants rather than relying on what they think the customer wants.
Ideal team exercise to highlight common communication stumbling blocks - and agree how to avoid them. Establish fundamental principles for building better relations with customers, service users and everyone in the organisation. This 30 minute activity is an ideal activity to demonstrate the need for teams to manage their time, be accurate and work together. This engaging, 25 minute module gives Learners the opportunity to consider what having a positive, resilient mindset really means. Introduces an increasingly important topic that underpins good interpersonal skills and good team skills. This challenging and popular activity encourages teams to cooperate rather than compete, to share information rather than hoard it and to work together for ultimate success.
Faced with a process that isn’t working, teams are empowered to change it - then test it - then measure the level of improvement. Quickly gets groups interacting and exploring some basic ideas about leadership, leadership traits and situational leadership.
A short starter activity to get teams working together, solving a problem and making decisions under time pressure.
Teams need all their business and financial management skills to win out against the competition in this tough simulation!
Experience the impact of organisational change and reveal typical issues with this interactive simulation. Ideal starter activity which identifies those with leadership potential and those who understand the benefits of cooperative working.

A collaborative teamwork activity which identifies key lessons to improve communication skills in the workplace. Awareness-raising, discussion activity to educate staff and help reduce this major problem in today's workforce. Brain-storming, fish-boning, information-seeking and analytical thinking track down a production problem. Identify and evaluate a range of problem-solving techniques with this fun, hands-on activity.
Apply basic project planning principles to the construction of a log cabin within a tight deadline and within a tight budget! Create a positive mindset amongst your workforce so that they can overcome and even thrive in the most difficult situations. A fun team activity that encompasses teamwork, planning, strategy, risk analysis - and an element of luck! These Teamwork Cards (part of Northgate's Management Cards series) show what teamwork is all about and why it's so crucial to success.
Essentially for hospitality, food and beverage sectors this inspired game teaches the essence of service in the restaurant business. Demonstrates why teams from different departments need to cooperate with each other rather than work in silos. Compete against up to three playing teams and one virtual team to run a simple business and make the most profit.
Challenges a number of myths about leaders - and it could awaken your organisation’s dormant leaders! In this business game, teams conduct a SWOT analysis on company data to see what’s wrong at WaveRiders.
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MelAus PartnersCOACHING AND MENTORING TRAINING EXERCISESFor coaching and mentoring and berry, charlescoaching, mentoring organisations training coaching. Assess staff competencies in four key areas - time management, teamwork, leadership and decision-making - and plan strategies for better performance. They know their key result areas, have stringent goals and are willing to take responsibility.
Great as a starter or icebreaker, or for use as part of a teamwork, time management or communication skills course.
To achieve work objectives, without upsetting everyone(!), we all need basic influencing skills. Engaging, interactive focus where teams have the opportunity to think innovatively about a real business.
Shows teams how to make a plan, overcome obstacles, communicate effectively and assess risk.
A highly competitive test, perfect for team development, that builds in excitement as the session progresses!
The Appraisal Game defines 'appraisal', challenges assumptions, establishes basic principles and practices, and puts them to the test. The Pyramid Game is a simple test of a team's ability to get organised, manage a project and present a good case.
Ideal to quickly assess team problem-solving competencies - and a range of other team skills. By pdtrainings plays sharpen activities for organisations training, coaching, mentoring activities series.

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