The coaching paradigm for preservice and beginning teachers aims to help the novice improve instructional performance.
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Because of this and by the recommendation of our mentors at the NCAA Women’s Coaches Academy, I have taken it upon myself to gather our female coaches from all sports from lacrosse to crew, to find a monthly date to meet up, share a professional piece of advice, and talk about the challenges and how we can support each other at our university. It is my hope to get the Women’s Coaches Morning Crew off the ground and running so that as female coaches, we can support each other and help each other grow as coaches in our respective sports. Find a time, date, and space that is conducive to fit the number of coaches and a space that is confidential.
Once you have your colleagues in agreement to attend and contribute, make a decision of how the group would like the meetings to run. Once you get your group together and get in a groove it is always helpful to look back and reassess. What can be changed to make the group run more smoothly or to create more consistent attendance? Working in the Sport for Development sector in a developing country in Africa, our coaches face many challenges that coaches in the developed world will not necessarily face on a daily basis. The other day we were camping with a group of children and whilst we were sitting around the campfire having a debate about culture, the most interesting questions came from the group of 13 year old soccer players. The challenges and issues within a unique social context can be overwhelming, and even disheartening at times, having to deal with circumstances of abuse, poverty, racism, substance abuse, crime and poor education.

My compassion and encouragement goes out to every community coach and volunteer out there – you will experience times that you think it is all in vain; you will feel lonely, vulnerable, helpless and even hopeless at times. The only way that community coaches can continue with this meaningful, worthwhile and much needed work, is through a network of supporters – a team of coaches that can share experiences and best practice to let them know that they are not alone on this journey. My palms get sweaty at track meets, not because I am nervous about my job (okay, maybe just a little), but because I am excited for the race on the track.
My palms also got sweaty when I worked in an office, typing away in Excel or PowerPoint, but I was nervous about my job or what my boss might say. With these thoughts in mind, I decided to make a diagram for this week’s blog, outlining why COACHING ROCKS! Martha “Pat” Moore was the first volleyball coach at FSU with the program beginning in 1968 (I was still in high school in St.
Step 2: Organize your professional and personal networks in a system that allows you to note your current resources. Step 7: Formalize the relationship and schedule meeting dates and times convenient for you both. The diagram below is an attempt to clarify some of the distinctions between these various approaches. Typically any coach will make interventions from across the space shown - and the same will be true for mentors, therapists and so on.
After a busy summer for all of us it has been great to catch up with those who I work with and start the support system at our university.
This idea does not have to stay within a college or school, this to0 can branch out to other schools, and yes, even your rivals! Coaching is easier when you have that support system and sometimes that support system just needs to be discovered.

On any given day our coaches may act as councillors for troubled children, teachers for children who need to support with schoolwork, mentors for children who lack role models and need guidance. Coaches work really hard to impact change and a better society through sport, but given the milieu and harsh realities that the children are faced with in their communities this is not an easy feat and coaches can become discouraged when bombarded with a host of convoluted social issues every day. My fingers grip my stopwatch as I wait for the gun to go off, and my heart pounds as I watch my athletes race around the track. Will they flat out say no?  If they do decline, will I have ruined our relationship moving forward?
Now to most people in the Western World this question might seem outrageous and the answer blatantly obvious.
Even though you might not see that change immediately, it is a process and will most certainly show results in the long run. We need to reach out to fellow coaches in all contexts, learn from one another, offer advice or a kind word. But given the complexity and richness of African culture, the deep-set traditional beliefs, and the diversity of people in our communities, this question is completely legitimate and provides insight into the complex environment that our coaches are working in.

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