A must-have volume for every communication researcher's library, The SAGE Sourcebook of Advanced Data Analysis Methods for Communication Research provides an introductory treatment of various advanced statistical methods applied to research in the field of communication. Design Science Research Methods and Patterns: Innovating Information and Communication Technology, 2nd Edition by Vijay K.
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Free download Design Science Research Methods and Patterns: Innovating Information and Communication Technology, 2nd Edition. Whether it is examining the persuasive impact of public service announcements on attitudes and behavior, determining the impact of viewing political debates on political knowledge or voter turnout, or assessing whether success in achieving one's Internet browsing goals prompts greater interest in e-commerce, communication scholars frequently conduct research to answer questions about cause.

Written by authors who use these methods in their own research, each chapter gives a non-technical overview of what the method is and how it can be used to answer communication-related questions or aide the researcher dealing with difficult data problems. Data analysis usually focuses on examining if the putative causal variable, whether manipulated or measured, is related to the outcome using a linear model such as analysis of variance or linear regression. Students and faculty interested in diving into a new statistical topica€”such as latent growth modeling, multilevel modeling, propensity scoring, or time series analysisa€”will find each chapter an excellent springboard for acquiring the background needed to jump into more advanced, technical readings. It provides comprehensive guidance on how to conduct such research and supplies in-depth treatment of design science theory and the different types of theory that can be generated in design science research.Making novel use of the concept of patterns, it presents 84 research patterns for conducting effective DSR. In many arenas of research, such analyses, when accompanied by good research design, are sufficient to answer the question as to whether variation in X causes variation in Y. It emphasizes design science theory throughout and is filled with practical examples of using patterns to conduct information and communication technology research (ICT).With a focus on reusing research activities to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of conducting design science research, the book relies on familiar patterns to provide the fundamentals of various research philosophies and techniques required to innovate ICT.

It describes design science research in relation to other information systems research paradigms such as positivist and interpretivist research.
New to this edition are relevant design science research patterns adapted from TRIZ, the widely regarded European engineering design and creativity method.This edition also provides greatly expanded treatment of theory building in design science research (DSR), a topic of rapidly growing interest in addition to a new chapter presenting a framework for theory development in DSR.

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