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Manage projects more efficiently and effectively with the Agile project management methodology. Principally designed for the engineering, IT and new product or service development industries, the Agile project management framework takes an iterative and incremental approach to the management and build process. The ultimate goal of this course is to help students sit and pass both Foundation and Practitioner level qualifications.
Using a series of instructor led videos and self-study manuals, the Agile Project Management (Foundation & Practitioner Package) course is delivered online via the learning platform.
A series of flash cards allow learners to test their understanding, and a number of practical scenarios in each module can be used to practice common responses, or to see how the framework can be applied to real world scenarios.Students can discuss topics with other learners using our social network, adding another learning channel by which to further improve knowledge and skills. The Agile Project Management (Foundation & Practitioner Package) course is designed to help individuals with little or no project management experience get started quickly.
Model and prototype aspects of the solution to ensure that the correct development path is being followed. Understanding the importance of negotiation and collaboration with key stakeholders to ensure continued progress.
Overseeing products and deliverables and properly assigning responsibility to management, business and technical departments.
Advanced estimating, measurement and configuration considerations for successful Agile management.
Agile Project Management (Foundation & Practitioner Package) course from ensures that project managers have the skills, knowledge and experience required to successfully manage a project using the Agile framework. Sufficient training and understanding to pass the Agile qualification exams and become a registered AgilePM Practitioner.
Improved employment prospects, either through internal promotion, or elsewhere within the project management industry. The Agile Project Management (Foundation & Practitioner Package) course is an essential step towards AgilePM Registered Practitioner status.
To maintain your qualification, you will need to claim your PDUs in the three-year cycle in which they were earned. PMI spot-check entries for their CCRS program and so may check that you are eligible for the PDUs claimed. Depending on the PMI qualification you are supporting, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP and PMI-SP require 30 PDUs. PDUs can be claimed for other areas such as, Creating New PM Knowledge, Volunteer Service and even Working as a PM Professional.
Iteration and Daily Scrum – The Daily Scrum is a brief (15 minute) meeting where the team reviews the current status of the iteration and validates that the story development in the iteration remains on track to be fully completed according to the iteration plan.
Agile Reports – A series of very detailed reports (typically called BurnDown Charts) are produced on a daily basis to track progress on stories and work completed versus the amount remaining for the current iteration.
And because these reports are using the full power of Microsoft project, a full suite of reports at the project level can be created to allow you to maintain full control over all aspects of your project. The Project Dashboard provides a complete snapshot of the project, providing the same metrics from an Agile project that management would be accustomed to from a traditional project.  This consistency between Agile and Traditional projects is one of the key benefits of delivering Agile projects using Microsoft Project, as it preserves existing investment on Project and Portfolio Management and ensures that all projects are managed in a single comprehensive manner. Reports can also be created to provide support for budget and resource management, again providing familiar project management tools for the Agile project. A complete Work Breakdown Structure should be created to support and track all the work required to successfully complete not only the stories assigned to each iteration, but also all the Agile Rituals required within an Iteration. The Product Backlog view uses custom fields to manage the status of the story as the Product Owner progresses the story through its life cycle following the defined process flow. Once the story is set to “Sprint Ready”, the story is exposed to the overall project WBS and scheduled for completion in an Iteration, as discussed in the Iteration and Daily Scrum section above.
Similar to Iteration Planning, each release needs “just enough” planning to ensure that the release achieves the results expected by the business and that the end results are implementable to ensure usability by the business.  Following a similar approach for the support provided for Iteration Planning with a series of Fixed Duration tasks are used to ensure that the release plan is accomplished within the available time and that a high-level roadmap is created to define the strategies for the iterations within the release.
Many projects will also involve a Sprint Zero to establish the project norms and technical environment.  Doing this “setup” Sprint Zero ensures that the effort required for startup is tracked and monitored separate from the project delivery sprints to ensure that an accurate and repeatable story velocity can be created. Also, because the project is published to PWA, it is available for reporting at the organizational level, providing a single integrated location for enterprise portfolio and resource management. Sensei Project Solutions is a Gold-certified Microsoft Partner specializing in Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) deployments with Microsoft Project and Project Server on the SharePoint platform.  With extensive experience on hundreds of PPM deployments and with thousands of users trained, Sensei Project Solutions brings a process-focused approach and support for industry standards and best practices to all engagements. Steve Caseley, is a PMP, PMI-ACP, a Scrum Master and a Principal Consultant. Steve has worked in the project management field for over 25 years, and has a wealth of practical experience in successful project delivery. Good Morning – is it possible to get a copy of the schedule that was used for this article? Great article…delivers correct amount of detail needed to convert projects to Agile projects in MS Project.
If there is anything specific to agile that you would like us to cover, please let us know. Get your group together and join MPUG at our lowest prices – the bigger the group, the bigger the discount (continuous training for pennies a day). Featured Microsoft Project Video TipHandling team member vacation timeGET OUR FREE WEEKLY NEWSLETTERSign-up for free how-to articles on Microsoft Project and upcoming web training events! Today I’d like to share with you that my second book Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Financial Management have been released in Feb 2015,  this is the second edition of my first book with added extra chapters to shape the content, and make it more useful for readers. This all covered in a concept of exploring the functionalities setup, configuration, and how it could be applied in the real business, this in a vary of level of details for each topic. The thanks message in the acknowledgement for people who helped, and support me in my entire life is not enough for all of them, there are a lot of other people who give me hints, and share experience, and knowledge. Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook provides a wide deep range of non-functional requirements which gives a flavor to Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation.
It provides a walkthrough of utilizing Microsoft Office Excel Power View, and PowerPivot and how it integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook illustrate how to use Microsoft Dynamics AX as a communication channel between the organization and its customers, how to utilize the push strategy reports through the personalized role center to give the right information to the right person at the right time. The number sequence is the control point to ensure the transactions, and master data IDs are serialized, the IDs structure is an important task in the Design Phase and it is executed by the application consultant and the concerned parties for each business area. This post will discuss the mechanism of increment new sequence for a specific record (vendor ID) if user 1 created a vendor record by press (Ctrl + N), Dynamics AX 2012 increment new record number (Status: Undecided) and add the next new number which will be used for the next record. The number sequence 900113 status is None, which means if a the same user or another user will create a record will take this number. The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 will be released in fourth quarter of calendar year 2013. A very informative blog post by Bertrand Caillet covering important points for Dynamics AX best practices for health check, and it contains a sub links under main points. I am glade to share it over my page. The Premier Field Engineer team has been running several hundred of Dynamics AX Health Check worldwide and I thought it would be interested to share the most common issues discovered during onsite. This is a crucial setting in the Dynamics AX application that needs to be reviewed every few months on production to match the usage of the number sequences.
Most of the customer running Dynamics AX are enabling only one AOS instance for the batch processing and several AOS dedicated for rich clients load which therefore limit the number of batch thread to the number of logical processor available on that single AOS instance. Also the setting on the AOS batch is often the default one with 8 maximum batch thread and 24 hours a day schedule . This is another important setting in the Dynamics AX application that often has negative impact when over utilized. Define a retention policy to only keep the latest 3 months for example so that size of table SYSDATABASELOG remains small. Avoid heavy logging for transactional tables processed during the batch and prioritize activity that is absolutely necessary either for legal compliance or to meet other business requirements. This might not be the most common issues but it is definitively one of the most impacting one.
Following the Missing clustered indexes issue mentioned above, the index maintenance is clearly one of the unhealthiest issue for Dynamics AX. Rebuild indexes that are larger than 1000 pages and more than 30% fragmented using a fill factor between 85% and 95% depending on the frequency of the job execution. In the Dynamics AX Server Configuration Utility, you should always disable the two settings that allow user breakpoint and global breakpoint to debug X++ code. This is an easy one but almost never implemented in production since the default power management is set to balance. For the Application, you should upgrade to latest RU available, but you can also proactively check the list of individual Hot Fixes relevant to your business logic. As you can see this list is not exhaustive and we could elaborate hundred of issues discovered from existing Dynamics AX live instance, but I do hope it can help you remediate some of the current issues you may experience. Finally, please contact your Microsoft Premier Technical Account Manager if you will like to receive guidance from the Premier Field Engineering.
If the user trying to export to excel and result empty sheet, I have worked with Technical guys to investigate this issue, first thing it was pointed to AX installation issue.
Recently I have shared the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 – Segmented Entries concept exploring the importance of data entry, and show the segmented entry mechanism through the cheat sheet. In this post will explore further enhancement of the segmented entries of which gives more flexibility to AX 2012.

I used to work with Ashraf Aly as DAX consultant, I am very happy to know about him in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Community.
In my recent blogs I have explored the customer credit limit management function in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, in a series of blog posts. This post to highlight a trick in the customer credit limit of which the credit limit amount in the customer master form is calculated based on the company home currency. After the ensuing all departments have entered and post their transactions of which relevant to the current month, and the Financial post the month ending adjustment transactions, the Financial period status is Open for specific user group, and modules.
There is another scenario to change Financial Period Status to be Closed, This status could not be re-opened again.
This time I have check the SQL service it was stopped, after starting it every thing work fine. Under the agreement, PwC consultants will provide advice and implementation assistance to clients who select Microsoft Dynamics together with other Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) solutions as part of a business transformation project. Today I have been awarded for the second year in row as one of the most top 100 Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential People.
ERP implementation in enterprise projects are complex for many reasons, but one of the most common factors is addressing business requirements at all levels, from basic IT infrastructure through user interface technology.
In this article I will explore reporting and data management in ERP from the perspective of the Management Information System technology platform, with its dependent layers.
Infrastructure is obviously vital and should ensure the reliability of the solution, guaranteeing the availability of daily transaction entry tasks.  It must also be able to support an agreed level of uptime. Hardware sizing depends on factors including the number of transactions, number of users, number of locations, and the available connectivity for each location.  The infrastructure must also meet the architectural requirements of servers that will run the application, database, and reporting.
Having separate reporting servers improves reporting performance, whether with SQL BI reporting, or SQL Reporting Services (SSRS).
The relational database (Microsoft SQL Server) that stores all ERP-related transactions is known as the OLTB (Online Transactional Database).
Microsoft Dynamics AX reports are based on SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), an approach that has been standardized with AX 2012. The detailed business processes will reflect the data requirements and identify the its origin. The richness of Power View and Excel Services gives Dynamics AX 2012 Enterprise Portal significantly more power to do analysis and gain business insights than any previous release.
I have shared the General Ledger Reconciliation Control in Cash and Bank Management, in this post I will pin point Transaction Currency.
The transaction currency for bank accounts could be allowed for one currency or multiple currencies, it is recommended to assign single currency. I have shared the Status Activation Control in Cash and Bank Management, in this post I will pin point General Ledger Reconciliation. The creation of new bank account it must be assigned to a ledger account, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 gives a warning message indicates that this account is already assigned to another bank account, and that should be considered while reconciliation process with GL. I have shared the Date activation control of Cash and Bank Management, in this post I will pin point on Status Activation Control on Bank Account.
Here manage the transaction executed on the bank accounts whether it is active for all transaction, or active for only exciting transactions, or not active for any transactions.
Inactive for new transactions – no new transactions can be scheduled for this bank account. Inactive for all transactions – no transactions, either new or existing, can be scheduled or processed for this bank account. I have shared the Credit limit control of Cash and Bank Management, in this post I will pin point on Date Activation control.
In my previous post Cash and Bank Management Controls I covered an overview of module controls. Inside the room of ERP consultants whom participate in building, manage, and operate the ERP always talking about the control points in order  to maximize the value of having a system in place. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 focus on controls besides the new features, in this post I will share with you some of the major controls in Cash and Bank Management Module, these controls are newly introduced in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. I followed the instructions there, un-mark Read Only on AX folders, in addition to check files securities.
To maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly challenging market, Dell needed to profoundly transform its manufacturing operations, simplifying its infrastructure and reengineering its manufacturing processes from end to end.
Get a sneak peek at some of the exciting new features we’re working on for Microsoft Dynamics AX. We are using Database projects for the DW and staging DBs, and using the Project Deployment model for our SSIS code. Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFDs) are valuable tools for tracking and forecasting agile projects.
Figure 1 shows the features completed verses the features remaining for a fictional project that is still in progress.
In Donald Reinertsen’s “Managing the Design Factory” published in 1997, Little’s Law is introduced as a way to analyze queues from CFDs. The yellow area representing work in progress (WIP) is our queue, it is the work started that has not completed yet. You may recall from my post about Mary Poppendieck’s presentation on Lean Development, that cycle times are important metrics for creating lean production systems. To recap, Mary reminds us that we should be monitoring cycle times, but Little tells us that cycle times and queue length are proportional, so if monitoring cycle times is too onerous, we can just keep an eye on queue lengths, which is an easier metric to monitor. Eli Goldratt introduced the Theory of Constrains (TOC) as a tool for optimizing a production system.
Question 3 from the Daily Stand-up meeting (Scrum meeting) that asks for any impediments (blockers) to making progress is an adoption of TOC thinking.
If instead of lumping all the work in progress as a single measure, we break it out by activity and plot the flow of this work, we can find bottlenecks with CFDs. If that made sense or not, all you need to remember is that the bottleneck is the activity below the widening band. So, we do not need to micro-manage team throughput, by using CFDs to track progress we can identify bottlenecks unobtrusively.
Agile methods inherently reduce the likelihood of activity based bottlenecks by promoting multidisciplined teams. This course bundle introduces would-be project managers to Agile concepts, before taking them through basic and advanced principles, preparing them to sit both Foundation and Practitioner level exams.
The Agile Project Management (Foundation & Practitioner Package) course will show students the key concepts of the framework and how they are applied to real-world projects to boost success rates and increase efficiency. This system allows students access to content anyplace anytime, so they can study whenever and wherever is most convenient for their needs. Students will also be fully prepared to sit and pass both Foundation and Practitioner level Agile qualification exams.
This course is also a cost-effective choice for would-be project managers who want to study the Foundation and Practitioner level materials concurrently. PMP has a limitation in that only 30 PDUS per cycle may be claimed for Self-Directed Learning. I wanted to get a copy of the presentation and this looks close, but the images are very skewed. There is an effort behind the seen to get this job done, I am very grateful to all people who directly, indirectly motivated me. And above all of that Thank God to give me the ability and this opportunity to do all of that. I recommend this book for Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution Architect, Application Consultant, Business Analyst, and IT Manager. In addition to the executive supporting tools of Dashboard, Charts, and Scorecards platform. If the user decided to cancel the creation process without saving it, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 store the number as reserved (Status: None), if the user decided to create another record will take the reserved number, and the same case if another user creates a record. Some of the following issues might look trivial but the reality is that despite all the literature that exists today on the solution Dynamics AX, we can still see same repeated patterns, especially when default settings are used in production.
If OLAP applications are running on the same SQL Server instance, the risk is that all CPUs are consumed (% Processor Time) and therefore impact performance of the OLTP application.
If the initial size is too small, you will notice frequent auto growth events, resulting in negative performance impact.
A good ratio to calculate the number of thread is to multiply the number of cores by 2, but this depends on the processes running and should be validated in testing.
This feature allows to track all CRUD operations (including Rename primary key) on any field and any table of the database. All tables in an OLTP database should have clustered indexes, and you should investigate them by looking at the highly active tables, tables frequently involved in blocking or deadlock situations, tables that frequently incur the overhead of forwarded rows. Having a bad index maintenance or no index maintenance at all will have the same consequences: when statistics are outdated, Query Plan will use SCAN instead of SEEK operations and their performance will be badly impacted.
Even though you delete all breakpoints in the Application Object Tree, you will still suffer from a clear performance degradation around 10%.

Changing it to High performance is highly recommended for all Windows Server 2008 used in Production.
For example, you can notice that latest Rollup for Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 is RU8 and is already one year old. I will also encourage you to read the great article written by Arvind Shyamsundar on MSPFE blog regarding the 10 top SQL Server Issues uncovered by the SQL Server Risk Assessment Program.
But at the end we realized that there is an Excel Add-in (Send to Bluetooth) is the main reason of it, when it have been removed everything works well.
Users who wants to accommodate the one line entry are now do not worry about segments (financial dimensions) allocation using the segmented entry mechanism, as it was before in the previous versions, where the application default the assigned dimensions to both sides (Debit and Credit) that enforcing to used double line entries to work around on this issue, AX 2012 cover this point completely. He is responsible for 13 di? erent business units around the globe that are all maintained within Ascom’s Microsoft Dynamics AX landscape.
In a previous articles I have explored the planning of the Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation in terms of managing customer expectations and evaluating  practical options to the proposed solution. In addition, there are automatic daily batch jobs for notifications, alerts, and running special processes that put more load on the application server, so it is preferred to separate batching out to a separate server. And for the Business Intelligence (BI) reporting with SQL Server, the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) can store the aggregations, measures, and dimensions, resulting in higher performance in querying reports.
The business process design should identify who owns the data, and where and when the data are captured.
The applied access rights (security) ensure the segregation of duties, data ownership, and accuracy of data validation. In addition to KPIs, it is often useful to analyze and measure your business against industry benchmarks and best practices as a way to help develop the most valuable reports and indicators.
Existing transactions that have not yet been completed, such as pending payments, will still occur as they were originally scheduled. To support this transformation, Dell implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX to enable them to standardize business processes around industry best practices and a single, global business model. Today we will look at creating CFDs and using them to gain insights into project issues, cycle times, and likely completion dates. The attached file “Example CFD.XLS” contains the data used to create the CFDs in this article, including the one shown below. The red area represents all the planned features to be built, this number has risen from 400 to 450 in June and then 500 in August as additional features were added to the project.
We can determine how many items are in the queue by looking at the vertical (Y) distance and we can determine how long they will likely take to complete by examining the horizontal (X) distance. Measuring the horizontal X distance on a CFD gives you your cycle time, which is a prediction of when all the work currently in progress will be done.
He observed that “Changes to most of the variables in an organization usually have only small impacts on global performance. Perhaps our database folks can not keep up with the changes coming from the development team, or perhaps the customer proxy can not keep up with questions around validation rules for a new screen we are designing. We have “Analysis”, “DB Procs”, “Code and Unit Test”, and “User Testing” work being done on the project by different groups.
The widening band is the feeding activity not the problem activity, in our example “Analysis” is going OK, but “DB Procs” (creating the database stored procedures) is below the widening band, indicating a slower rate of progress, and a warning to us that it is our bottleneck in the system. By avoiding role specialization people are able to move between roles more effectively and share the workload.
The activity should also be relevant to the area of expertise covered in the PMP certification. Over the years, Steve has helped a wide range of companies implement PPM Systems and Best Practices and has practical, hands-on PM experience in a wide range of industries, project types and sizes.
This book gives them the overall overview with the required level of details to implement, and deploy important non-function requirements of which build on Microsoft technologies Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office Outlook. When they are non-continuous, you can allow pre allocation per ID and therefore reduce the database calls and improve performance. In the SQL trace, you can monitor such event with ID and see the duration of each auto growth event.
To overcome this limitation, you can set different batch thread for different time of the day and enable more AOS for Batch processing at night. Because the database model is changing during the lifecycle of the application with new customization and because indexes are managed from the Application Object Tree, it is important to periodically check the missing indexes from SQL Server Statistics.
The level of fragmentation is not that critical as such for performance, but it should be part of the weekly maintenance.
You can see this setting from Control Panel – hardware – Power Options or with the following command: “powercfg –getactivescheme”. Several hundred of Hot Fixes have been released since and it is a best practice to apply those to leverage the latest fixes from the Product Group.
Ledger account and require assigning different segments the segmented entry works fine with it.
Ascom Network Testing provides best-in-class solutions to measure, analyze, and optimize mobile networks. With this agreement, PwC becomes the first professional services network with an arrangement that allows it to build business transformation on Microsoft Dynamics. And depending on the industry,  external access to AX can have a significant impact on server performance.  For example, for external access from vendors and customers, a retail business should consider an integrated e-Commerce solutions with Dynamics AX.
Likewise, approval matrix in a workflow will determine the control mechanisms in the processes, such as required management approvals.
The yellow area plots the work in progress, and the green area shows the total number of features completed. We should aim to keep WIP and cycle times as low as possible as it represents sunk investment costs with no business benefits yet and, if a problem is encountered, the amount of potential scrap we have in the system. There are few variables (perhaps only one) for which a significant change in local performance will effect a significant change in global performance.” So create the greatest benefits we should find these constraints (bottlenecks in the system) and focus on improving these issues.
In both cases the database group and the customer proxy are constraints, but as a project manager, these bottlenecks are not always easy to spot. When examining CFDs for bottlenecks we are looking for widening areas before the final activity (“User Test” which we want to see widening to show the growing completion of work). However, while fully multidisciplined teams are the goal, in practice some role specialization and workflow management is the norm on projects. Steve’s passion is working with organizations to improve overall project delivery efficiency through the implementation and adaption of Industry Best Practices in Project and Portfolio management and implementation of effective PPM tools supporting these best practices.
Please note that in some situation when SQL Server batches or queries are run, using some degree of query parallelism can be beneficial.
When consumption is high, like several ID per seconds, we have noticed Lock Escalation events on the table NumberSequenceTable. The goal is to set an appropriate Auto Growth value on the Dynamics AX and TempDB Data and Log files to prevent frequent auto growth events during daytime.
For example, you can dedicate one AOS for Rich client load from 8 am to 6 pm and leverage it for batch processing at night. We usually have a feeling where the bottlenecks are, but short of standing over people with a stopwatch and counting how many features that can process a day, how can activity throughput and bottlenecks be objectively measured? Here’s the math part, a widening area is created when one line is followed by another line of shallower gradient. Hopefully this overview introduces the creation and interpretation of Cumulative Flow Diagrams.
Steve has presented at international PM conferences and Microsoft Project User Groups over the years.
In this case setting Max degree of parallelism to 2 or 4 is probably a better value to take into account both types of queries. This is especially true when Dynamics AX batch are running and generate thousands of records for Journals Lines creation or Sales Order Invoicing. You can monitor such events and their duration in milliseconds in the SQL Trace with ID 92 and 93.
You can read this blog post to learn how to tune the number of thread required for faster batch execution. You can monitor the table growth of SYSDATABASELOG and estimate the most expensive table set up with database logging. Since the line gradient indicates the rate of progress for an activity (features over time) a widening area is created above an activity that is progressing at a slower rate. They are a valuable tool for agile projects that are simple to create, but extremely powerful.

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