Check your task bar, top right there should be a pull-down menu you can select type of filtering.
What I myself prefer is clicking the AutoFilter button to show the dropdown menu buttons on all of the columns.
Assuming you have "Start" and "Finish" columns, you can press the little button on each column to set yourself the start and end dates. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ms-project tools gantt or ask your own question.
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What is a fast command line way to switch between multiple directories for system administration?
You will want to filter by "Date Range", you will then be prompted to enter start date and end date of the range.

What that lets me do is apply the filter while I'm in Calendar view, to print a specific set of tasks in a format that looks great. The solution is intended for organizations of various types that plan to implement project management based on SharePoint portal. Key Features Project Time Tracking Single SharePoint Project Space Project Gantt View SharePoint Project Planning and Finance Email Notifications and Reminders Project Tasks and To-dos Project Resource Utilization Reporting Center (Tasks, Recourse and Budget Summary) Security Roles Single Installation File Project Dashboard Project Dashboard gives you a Clear View of the project implementation in real time. One quick view and you'll be able to review your project's progress, what tasks are still incomplete and which of them are overdue or need Interference. With Project Dashboard you can: See the progress of your projects in real time Drill down to INVESTigate problems and issues Share your project dashboards with others Create a summary dashboard for all projects Plan your project One of your key tasks as a project manager is detailed planning. The Gantt Tool included in the project solution will help you with your organization needs. This easy-to-use interactive component will let you create detailed lists of tasks, plan their start and end dates, and define tasks' hierarchy.

Project Monitoring Good plans are sometimes not enough for successful completion of a project. When things don't go as planned, the project manager's task is to recognize issues and correct them accordingly in order to complete the project on time.
With Virto Project Monitor Tools you can quickly build detailed project plans and assign multiple resources.

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