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Stand out from the crowd by creating the perfect document quickly and cleanly in Microsoft Word 2010. Students start with very basic operations, learning to enter and format text and build step by step until they are comfortable programming basic functions using macros and XML. Learn how Word 2010 goes beyond simple simple text entry by developing professional skills like performing mail merges to automatically create individually addressed letters and envelopes. All these lessons and many more are included in this comprehensive course that will ensure every student feels comfortable using Word 2010 to its fullest potential.
This professionally written online course has been designed to help learners become comfortable with every aspect of Microsoft Word 2010. Students of this course will learn the meaning of every icon on the toolbar, as well as how to use these for productive and professional desktop publishing. Using Mail Merge tools to create a set of individualised documents (such as addressed letters) in a single file.
This course will show learners how to use Word to work smarter, faster and more effectively.
Excellent employment prospects in computer-related fields; deeper skills mean more job opportunities and higher pay. Gain all the skills required for MOS certification, the world’s most recognised qualification in Microsoft Office applications (available through us). Stop creating every document from scratch; create functional documents and templates that can be used again and again.
Fast-track your home or business administration with professional tips and tricks that you’ll love to use.
The Microsoft Word 2010 Online Training course is essential for any individual who wants to boost their understanding of the application, from absolute beginner to reasonably seasoned professional.
In this course, you will familiarize yourself with advanced methods for working with large documents. Make your work easier in Microsoft Office by downloading ready to use document templates in Microsoft word, spreadsheet and presentation format. Microsoft Word: Lunar calendar, school report, meal planner, newsletter, summer event flyer.
Microsoft Spreadsheet: 401K planner, college budget, fitness training program, monthly budget, team roster. Microsoft Presentation: Family calendar, marketing plan presentation, project plan presentation, solar system presentation, teamwork presentation. Microsoft One Note: Home improvement notebook, house hunting notebook, move planner, wedding planner.
You can download these one by one or you can download complete folder by Microsoft Office team’s SkyDrive public folder. You can also create your own template or documents in Microsoft Office online and share it.
The vertical and horizontal scroll bars enable you to move up, down, and across your window simply by dragging the icon located on the scroll bar. The Status bar appears at the very bottom of your window and provides such information as the current page and the number of words in your document. In Word 2007, you can display your document in one of five views: Draft, Web Layout, Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, or Online Layout. Web Layout view enables you to see your document as it would appear in a browser such as Internet Explorer. Certain characters, called nonprinting characters, do not print and will not appear in your printed document but do affect your document layout. If you type =rand() in your Word document and then press Enter, Word creates three paragraphs. During the lessons, you will often be asked to place the cursor at a specific location (the insertion point) on the screen. User manual also known as user’s guide is a technical communication document designed to provide assistance to people about particular system. Design of your user manual matters a lot because heavy and bright colored manuals with jokes and illustrations will spoil your all efforts.
Try to include highlighted points on the cover page of user manual to make your cover page informative enough.
An effective user manual should contain a comprehensive list of important pages, headings, sections and subsections of the user manual.
Design and layout of the user manual matters a lot because it will create first impression on the mind of reader. User manual should contain enough details to let the reader to complete all important tasks related to the products.

In order to make your work easy and perfect, you have to design a rough sketch with all contents and images. After completing your user manual, carefully proofread it to make sure that your user manual is perfect. Related Word TemplatesProfessional Services Agreement Template When a company involves another company or services provider for professional services, the services agreement is signed by both parties i.e.
The nature of work done, the remuneration as well as commendations received for successfully completed tasks and the achievement of mandates and goals are all key […]Sales Proposal Template It is a universal fact that your company’s success or failure depends upon creating a great sales proposal. In the first part of the article here are three things to be discussed to prepare an attractive sales proposal. Printable Word's Templates, Resumes Templates, Certificate Templates, Rental Agreements and Legal Forms. Training certificate may be issued to employees for completing some training program which certifies that the employee has gone through the stated training program and has performed well.
Training Certificate template offers you various benefits once you downloaded this template.
Salary Certificate Format A salary certificate will be issued by the employer to employee when he withdraws his salary. This entry was tagged Employee Training Certificate Template, Free Training Certificate Format, Free Training Certificate Template, How to prepare a Training Certificate, On Job Training Template, Sample Training Certificate, Training Certificate Example, Training Certificate Format, Training Certificate Sample, What is a Training Certificate, Word Training Certificate Template by Jake.
With lessons divided into basic, intermediate and advanced chapters, this online learning course goes well beyond the levels of training offered by many books and classes. Every tool and option is covered, and the self-paced structure ensures that students can spend as much or as little time as required becoming familiar with each.
And see how easy it is to automatically transform information into tables, charts and graphics. Whilst many training manuals only cover text layout and formatting, we know that these things are only the beginning of Word 2010’s functionality. Once the available tools have been mastered, delegates will be able to quickly and effectively produce any kind of written work, from simple letters and envelopes to complex business reports and annotated academic papers.
All lessons are self-paced and accompanied by interactive practice and assessment activities.
This particular course is a very cost-effective way for students to maximise their investment and gain valuable real world skills.
You will acquire the requisite knowledge in formatting large documents, working with tables, including calculations, and working with charts. You can download free spreadsheets, word documents and presentations prepared by professionals. You can subscribe to TechMynd's newsletter to receive free software, giveaways, technology news and updates in email.
In Word 2007, how a window displays depends on the size of your window, the size of your monitor, and the resolution to which your monitor is set. You can change what displays on the Status bar by right-clicking on the Status bar and selecting the options you want from the Customize Status Bar menu. You can elect to see these characters on the screen as you type or you can elect to have them remain invisible.
You place the cursor by moving the cursor to the specified location and pressing the left mouse button or by using the arrow keys to move to the specified location.
User manuals are found with almost all electronic devices to help new user about the use of device.
Size and design of the cover page should be interesting enough to persuade the reader to open the user manual for further information. Heavy and too lengthy user manual can irk reader so be careful while designing your user manual.
Print a test copy to rectify all possible errors and read finalized user manual with the prospect of common man. In order to create a proposal, the first thing you keep in mind, is to educate your client. Further this certificate will also word out the purpose of the training program, duration of the training, company information, trainer’s name, trainee’s name, date of certificate etc.
After completing the course, you will know how to set page numbering, how to insert simple headers and footers, and how to print a document. For example if you want to plan your college budget, you do not need to think about creating it in spreadsheet from scratch. You can use the menu to create a new file, open an existing file, save a file, and perform many other tasks. It is important part of your product marketing therefore it is necessary to write it carefully without any confusion. Images and diagrams of user manuals should be visible enough for the convenience of reader.

This agreement benefits both the company and the service provider with their rights and responsibilities so that no one violates any terms and mutually agreed clauses in the agreement. A training certificate will also be designed like any traditional certificate issued by an organization. For instance; training certificate template which you download may not be suitable for other person having in same field. Although this tutorial was created for the computer novice, because Microsoft Word 2007 is so different from previous versions of Microsoft Word, even experienced users may find it useful. If you use a low resolution, less information fits on your screen, but the size of your text and images are larger.
You can use Save to save your file, Undo to rollback an action you have taken, and Redo to reapply an action you have rolled back.
At the top of the Ribbon are several tabs; clicking a tab displays several related command groups. A key name followed by a plus and a letter means to hold down the key while pressing the letter.
Small companies prepare this […]Service Contract Template Service Contract is offered on home appliances, electronics, cars and other major appliances, to give you a relief from the hassles of repair. To make this certificate more professional, business logo can be inserted in the background of the certificate. You will understand the basics of creating forms and learn how to use fields in your documents. If you use a high resolution, more information fits on your screen, but the size of the text and images are smaller.
To move back and forth across your document, click and drag the horizontal scroll bar back and forth. It is necessary to write a concise description of product with its highlighted features and important controls to use it. It is just like a purchase of peace of mind with the item whether you make your shopping from a retail store, online store, company outlet or a catalog, service contracts are usually there as an additional convenience.
We have created this certificate template in MS word which means, you can make all necessary changes as you wish. You will familiarize yourself with creating macros, with the XML format and its usage in MS Word, with security and management of permissions for accessing documents. Also, Word 2007, Windows Vista, and Windows XP have settings that allow you to change the color and style of your windows.
User manuals should be carefully designed therefore in order to provide complete information to your clients. According to an […]Purchase Receipt Template Whenever you run your own business either small scale or large scale, you have to manage with great deal of record keeping and paperwork. You can to prepare all contents carefully such as instructions, prose of the product, any complex description etc. When a customer purchases a product or service from your business, it is essential to write this transaction in purchase receipt followed by purchase registers. Color combination, font style, size and layout of user manual all are very important so consider everything while designing user manual.
Receipt should include the details of transaction so that your business and customer can […]Quality Control Plan Template Quality plans are written to specify the standards by following which, companies complete their product manufacturing process. All businesses are running with the idea of providing best and quality services and products to end clients. When a company meets or exceeds the customer’s expectation it becomes the evaluation of company’s performance and ensures that timely completion of […]Office Memo Template Maintaining your supervisors, friends and employees nicely knowledgeable is important to an easy operating workplace.
Whilst a great deal of day-to-day info is exchanged in individual, by way of e-mail, or on the phone, occasionally it is essential to compose an business office memo that memorializes conversations and steps that have currently taken location (such as worker […]Financial Poster Template For Banks A financial poster is a document that helps you to communicate important financial data.
The poster will contain title of the poster, introduction, overview of the message and important graphical images to highlight complete details.
Financial poster should contain financial data in form of tables, […]Genogram Template A Genogram may be a household map or track record that utilizes unique emblems to explain human relationships, main occasions, and also the characteristics of your loved ones over many ages. Psychological medical and health experts frequently use Genograms to spot shapes of physical and mental ailments like depressive disorders, the disease condition, melanoma as well as other […]Health Certificate Template Health certificates are documents that certify that a domestic animal is free of disease and contagious elements, found upon check up and tests.
In many countries, it is a legal requirement to produce health certificates for any animals that are to enter the region. These restrictions are in place to prevent contagious diseases from spreading, and are important in this regard.
Health […]Vacation Request Template The unbridled pursuit of our passions is what differentiates a fulfilling career from a paper-pusher job where one drudges along with the daily duties ad infinitum, or at least until the twilight of one’s productive life.

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