One of Lancome’s classics, Miracle was introduced in 2000, as a feminine floral fruity developed by perfumers Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont.
Ideal for a woman distinguished by good taste, Miracle has the capacity of transforming every moment of your life into something wonderful. Overall, Miracle is a classic feminine fragrance that will please the beautiful and modern woman, who likes to accomplish things on her own.
The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube. Fronted by American actress and model Uma Thurman, Miracle is characterized by an energetic facet which created an aura of wonder around the perfume.

And that concept benefits from an interesting image: the flacon that holds the perfume has a simple and elegant shape, made from transparent glass and topped by a silver stopper. Then, as the top notes subside and the perfume advances into the mid development phase, a delicate floral spicy heart is unveiled, constituted around delicate magnolia and offset by accords of Bourbon pepper and ginger.
The video advertisement was directed by Iranian-French cinematographer Darius Khondji and introduces the tagline “You make it happen”.
The name of the perfume appears printed close to the bottle’s neck, while the brand’s name comes in the lower part.
The base of Miracle is luxurious and radiant, bringing forward the intense aroma of absolute jasmine, coupled with the sensual and warm notes of musk and amber.

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