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SOUTHWEST RANCHES, Florida — Police in South Florida were called to a gruesome scene: a pair of alligators eating a human body. Engle says officers were able to scare the alligators away from the body but the two lingered as officers tried to recover the body.
Police in Argentina said a 12-year-old girl who was beaten to death was murdered by a 26-year-old man she met on Facebook.
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentine officials said Monday that a 12-year-old girl found murdered over the weekend was killed by a man she met on Facebook, where he posed as a girl her own age.
The girl, Micaela Ortega, had been missing for 35 days when police found her body during a late-night search Saturday at the residence of 26-year-old Jonathan Luna. Luna, an escaped convict, confessed to killing her and brought police to her body, said Emiliano Alvarez, security secretary for the city of Bahia Blanca, where Ortega lived. Prosecutors said Luna admitted to luring Ortega to his home in order to rape her, winning her trust by befriending her on Facebook via a fake account where he posed as a girl.
He picked her up at her parents’ house on April 23, purportedly to bring her to meet her friend. Luna, who was found to have several false Facebook profiles, had been serving a sentence for aggravated robbery when he escaped during a furlough.
A day after she was officially proclaimed  the 14th vice president of the republic, Vice President-elect Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo has a message to her husband, the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo. The 51-year-old lawmaker from Camarines Sur was officially proclaimed on Monday at the House of Representatives with her daughters Jessica Marie, Janine Patricia, and Jillian Therese. Congress finished its canvassing of votes last Friday, May 27, on Jesse’s 58th birthday. She won with 260,000 votes against her closest rival, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.
In a press conference after her proclamation, she said that being called “Vice President Leni Robredo” does not have any effect on her.
Robredo said that she is more interested in going beyond the vice president’s ceremonial duties by pushing for advocacies that she believes in.
Interim President Jocelerme Privert, left, receives the election report from the president of the verification commission Francois Benoit, at the national palace in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Monday, May 30, 2016. PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — A special verification commission on Monday recommended throwing out the disputed results of Haiti’s first-round presidential election because it appeared to be tainted by significant fraud. The commission, which was installed a month ago by caretaker President Jocelerme Privert, said they audited a random sample of 25 percent of the roughly 13,000 tally sheets from polling stations seeking to verify the results as well as to explore allegations of rampant fraud.
The final decision whether to redo the election will have to be made by a reconfigured Provisional Electoral Council, known by its acronym CEP. The council had been scheduled to announce a new date for a three-times postponed presidential runoff Tuesday.
Berlanger made no immediate comment on the recommendation that the October presidential results be thrown out. Privert has repeatedly said Haiti cannot restart balloting without first building confidence in the electoral machinery.
In recent days, several foreign embassies have warned their citizens in Haiti that the release of the panel’s report and the scheduled Tuesday announcement of a new election date could lead to civil unrest across the country. Jean Pierre, a Port-au-Prince resident who has a small wedding photography business, said he was hopeful that Haiti’s political class would accept the findings and move on. There was no immediate comment from Jovenel Moise, the first-place finisher in the October presidential vote.
But the tally was immediately rejected by local observer groups and virtually all the other candidates, most notably the No. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses a meeting of local administrators at his palace in Ankara, Turkey, on Feb. ISTANBUL, Turkey — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that family planning and contraception were not for Muslim families, in his latest comments promoting population growth that angered women’s activists.
His elder daughter Esra, who is married to the up-and-coming Energy Minister Berat Albayrak, has three children. The Platform to Stop Violence Against Women, which campaigns to stop the killings of hundreds of woman every year, condemned Erdogan’s comments as violating the rights of women.
Erdogan has often annoyed feminists and women’s activists with his comments on sex and family planning. Meanwhile, the composition of Turkey’s new cabinet under Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced last week also annoyed activists with just one female minister.
Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya, who wears the Islamic headscarf, heads the family and social policy ministry, a post which has always gone to a woman. According to economists, one of the key problems for the Turkish economy is the failure to integrate women into the workforce. But the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) which Erdogan co-founded angrily rejects allegations of sexism and says it has done more than any other Turkish government to encourage women to work.
According to official statistics from 2015, just 31.5 percent of women participate in the labor force in Turkey.
CAIRO, Egypt — Egyptian prosecutors are investigating the death of a teenage girl during a female circumcision operation at a private hospital, health ministry and prosecution officials said Monday.
Seventeen-year-old Mayar Mohamed Mousa died in El Canal hospital on Sunday while under full anesthesia in the province of Suez, said Lotfi Abdel-Samee, the health ministry undersecretary in the province. Despite the ban in 2008, female genital mutilation (FGM) is still widespread in Egypt, especially in rural areas. The law led to the first prison sentence against a doctor in Egypt in January last year, with the girl’s father in that case given a three-month suspended sentence. On Sunday, Mousa’s sister had just undergone the operation before she was sent in for surgery. Authorities shut down the hospital on Monday after transferring patients to other hospitals as prosecutors questioned the hospital manager and medical staff involved in the operation, Abdel-Samee said. The case was opened after a health inspector reported the circumstances of the girl’s death.
Medical examiners have carried out an autopsy, and are due to report the cause of death, said Abdel-Samee.
While 200 million women and girls worldwide have been subjected to the practice, there have been major strides in Egypt, as well as Liberia, Burkina Faso, and Kenya against FGM, according to Claudia Cappa, the lead author of a February UN children’s agency report on the issue.
Victims of the procedure are left to cope with a range of consequences from bleeding and pain while urinating, extreme discomfort during sex, fatal complications in childbirth and deep psychological trauma. A mock Scud-B missile of North Korea, center, and other South Korean mock missiles are displayed at the Korea War Memorial Museum in Seoul, South Korea, Monday, May 16, 2016.
The apparent launch failure comes amid tensions over recent nuclear and missile progress that has outsiders worried North Korea is closing in on its goal of a nuclear missile that can hit mainland America. South Korea has also rejected recent North Korea overtures to talk, part of what some analysts see as an attempt to start dialogue meant to win the impoverished country aid. A Tuesday, June 2, 2015 photo from files of Britain’s Prince Charles, second left, walking in front of the guesthouse of Hungarian Count Tibor Kalnoky, fourth left, as he tours in Miclosoara, Transylvania, Romania. BUCHAREST, Romania — Britain’s Prince Charles has returned to Romania where he has a charity that promotes skills and training in rural Transylvania. Charles, who has long been enamored of Romania’s rural traditions, arrived in Bucharest on Monday and met with President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos. He discussed topics he is passionate about with them, including Romania’s cultural heritage, durable rural development and traditional architecture. Charles will then travel to Transylvania where he has owns two properties, which he visits regularly. On Wednesday, he will celebrate the first year of the Prince of Wales Foundation Romania, which supports the East European nation’s heritage and rural life, and sustainable development. DAVAO CITY – Communist leader Jose Maria Sison has said attacks against government forces will continue for as long as President Aquino is in power.
Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the chief political consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer (by Facebook chat) that they found no reason now to make peace with the outgoing administration.
Suspected members of the New People’s Army (NPA) ambushed government forces in Negros Occidental on Saturday, killing at least one soldier with several others wounded.
On Sunday, suspected NPA rebels stormed the police station and municipal hall of Governor Generoso in Davao Oriental, wounding a policeman and abducting the town’s police chief. Sison explained that the recent NPA attacks were meant to defend communities and their forces from continuing attacks by government forces. The communist leader said that while incoming President Rodrigo Duterte has been offering peace and a solution to the conflict, Mr. Asked how fast the CPP could order the NPA to observe the ceasefire, Sison said the most crucial question right now would be to hasten the resumption of the formal talks and make an interim ceasefire agreement.
Duterte said that the ongoing conflict has already caused too much damage not just to the military and the rebels but also to civilians.  The incoming President said he would offer a ceasefire upon assuming office. Duterte is also planning to release all political prisoners, including communist leaders, either through pardon or general amnesty. Iraqi military forces prepare for an offensive into Fallujah to retake the city from ISIS militants in Iraq, Monday, May 30, 2016. The KRSC statement listed nine villages that had been occupied by ISIS since the summer of 2014 and were previously mainly inhabited by northern Iraq’s Kakai and Shabak minorities.
The operation involved around 5,500 peshmerga fighters backed by US-led coalition air strikes and reconquered an area of 120 square kilometres (46 square miles).
The area, near Khazir, lies near the main road between Mosul and the autonomous Kurdish region’s capital Arbil. The KRSC claimed that in the course of the two-day operation, 140 ISIS fighters were killed and 14 car bombs were destroyed. The peshmerga officer in charge of the region said at a news conference that four Kurdish fighters were killed and 34 others wounded during the operation.
The fresh push against the jihadist organization in the north came a week after Iraqi forces launched an operation against Fallujah, ISIS’s only other major urban hub in Iraq.
AS THOUGH she wanted as few witnesses to it as possible, Congress’ proclamation of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as president-elect was made in the dead of night, actually in the wee hours of the morning, of June 24, 2004. In contrast, Congress proclaimed Benigno Aquino III and Jejomar Binay as incoming president and vice president in broad daylight on June 9, 2010, attended by their kith and kin, with raucous applause from the gallery at the session hall and a nation tuned in to the proceedings. In this trip down memory lane, one common factor stands out among many: The winners of the two highest posts of the land were in full realization of the importance of the ceremony and therefore embraced their proclamation as president and vice president. The proclamation of president and vice president is thus a moment of great significance in this democratic space, which had been so passionately wrested from Ferdinand Marcos’ long dictatorship. Think how potently, how vigorously, Rodrigo Duterte would have projected himself and his claim of a unifying administration had he momentarily torn himself away from his city yesterday to attend his proclamation in Congress as the duly elected 16th president of the Philippines. Thus would he have boldly taken upon himself the powerful symbol of leadership and formally grasped victory in his hands. But, inexplicably, he let the moment pass, allowing the leaders and members of Congress to go through the motions, to call out his name and proclaim… an invisible man. Duterte sought—albeit willy-nilly at first—this position of power, went through the drill, worked the campaign trail. IN BEIJING, China, this week, as in Siem Reap, Cambodia, four weeks ago, conversations among Asia News Network editors often revolved around, or returned to, the Duterte phenomenon. It is possible that the seeming inconstancy in the Duterte approach to the territorial and maritime conflict in the South China Sea is strategic. He has met with the Chinese ambassador in Davao City, in a formal luncheon complete with printed menu, and praised Beijing for easing restrictions on Filipino fishermen. The context to this question can be understood in part through the kind of opinion we can read in China Daily. I read this as a compliment, back-handed to be sure, about the intricate, calibrated case the Philippines brought against China at the arbitral court; painstakingly packaged indeed! A second commentary published in China Daily’s Monday issue offers a more closely argued position. But their position falls apart precisely at the point they perceive to be their greatest strength. This is an astonishing reading, because the Chinese academics are referring to Scarborough Shoal or Bajo de Masinloc, which is less than 200 kilometers west of Subic Bay and which has been used by Filipino fishermen for, literally, centuries.
The current uncertainty provoked by Duterte’s approach to the South China Sea issue may confuse China or unsettle the United States and Japan, but would that he take care to keep his own people clear about right and wrong. VICE PRESIDENT-ELECT Leni Robredo, or any vice president of the country for that matter, need not be a mere “spare tire” to the president.
Ever since President Corazon Aquino gave Vice President Salvador Laurel the concurrent post as secretary of foreign affairs in 1986, it has become a tradition for Philippine vice presidents to be assigned a substantive role in the Cabinet. I recall how FVR preached “UST”—unity, solidarity and teamwork—in his Cabinet starting from Day One of his presidency, at our very first meeting immediately after his inauguration.
One important body formed by FVR was the Social Reform Council (SRC) to pursue his Social Reform Agenda (SRA), which constituted his administration’s response to poverty in its multiple dimensions.
In practice, however, the NAPC can only be as effective as its lead convenor can get the various institutions making up the council membership to allow themselves to be coordinated, by a supposed primus inter pares in the Cabinet. During the family’s assignment in Bohol before the war, Lola Pacita suffered a debilitating ailment in her legs, which made walking extremely painful. So we will hold our separate celebrations (we also have “Flores” gatherings hosted by relatives in the United States) apart but together in spirit.
After the Mass and Rosary, cousins had planned a mini-Santacruzan, which in small Philippine towns and neighborhoods is the traditional climax of the May feasts. It mattered little that a light shower had descended by the time we stepped out of the chapel. OBSERVING Mothers Day in his own inimitable way, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte paid a visit to a family in one of the poorest districts of Davao City. I don’t know exactly what the incoming president told the family, but reports said he instructed executive assistant Bong Go to give the couple a family planning kit.
The visit only served to underline Duterte’s publicly known support for family planning efforts. Anyway, Duterte already has won support from The Forum for Family Planning and Development Inc.
When I was younger, my mother used to tell me of the rewards that await: A child who waits will get more and better things. My mother, on the other hand, is waiting for her brothers to settle the properties left by my great-grandfather. My sister, a biology major at UPLB, is waiting to finish her third (or fourth?) round of exams. Like my father waiting for his dispensation, one candidate waited for the clearing of their name. I have seen too many posts and comments to justify my logging out of social media, at least until the election fever is over.
In the process, we have become less like Filipinos, who are known for their bayanihan, and more like individuals with no purpose except to shove their ideals down another’s throat. The mayor of Tanauan who prides himself in parading crime suspects in a “walk of shame” has killed the very requirement of the rule of law—due process, which is not incidental.
Without morality, we have nothing to leave to our children but the deterioration of a social order.

Those who were victimized by the dictatorship couldn’t understand Marcos’ soaring popularity. As early as 2012, memes providing inaccurate depictions of the martial law years were surfacing in social media.
The Marcos family allegedly spent P4 billion to bankroll these online revisionists—interactive YouTube video creators, meme creators, troll accounts, commenters, biased blogs, and other various mechanisms that can be easily accessed by the youth who typically spend most of their waking hours online. I have been living in Mindanao for five years, and I found it no surprise that the unofficial quick count showed Leni Robredo as the top choice of Mindanao for vice president. With the imposition of martial law came the pillage of their villages, destruction of their crops, burning of their dwellings, killing of their men, rape of their women, usurpation of their lands, and the division of these lands among those who were close to the dictator.
One telling martial law narrative that the northerners must know happened in the village of Malisbong in Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat, in September 1974.
There is in all men a demand for the superlative (Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.) which we should moderate. Our forum—Ateneo for a Better Philippines led by Ricky Sobrevinas and DG  Guevara, along with SBC HS ’59, Carmma (Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacanang), Women against the Marcoses, et al.
PRESIDENT-ELECT Rodrigo Duterte has made another controversial pronouncement: He will allow the burial of the remains of the late dictator Ferdinand E.
If Marcos really did “great” things for the country, history could have reserved for him a decent spot in the burial place of heroes, even without his or his family’s asking.
What should concern our president-elect is how to redeem his campaign promise to finally rid our society of illegal drugs, crime and corruption within three to six months of his presidency.
WE, THE Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), congratulate Rodrigo Duterte as the newly elected president of the Republic of the Philippines.
We affirm his promises to fight crime, corruption and the drug lords that afflict the lives of our people. We affirm his new office through which he will represent the Filipino people before the watching world with dignity, honor and respect for our basic human rights. Filipino people will be treated with dignity and honor and be respected with our basic human rights. In this April 7, 2014 file photo, a man arrives for the Inside Bitcoins conference and trade show in New York. CANBERRA, Australia — An official says about $13 million in bitcoins will be auctioned in Sydney in June after Australian police confiscated the digital currency as proceeds of crime. Two is still the magic number in the local telecommunications space after Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. The buyout squashed near-term prospects for a third telco player, but the blow was softened by promises that newly-bought assets will translate into faster mobile Internet services before next Christmas even as both PLDT and Globe gave no assurance that prices would come down.
The PLDT-Globe duopoly was bolstered after both jointly acquired the telco unit of conglomerate San Miguel Corp. PLDT and Globe officials said in separate briefings Monday they bought SMC’s Vega Telecom Inc.
PLDT and Globe’s target this time: SMC’s valuable radio frequencies, the lifeblood of modern telecommunications, including the coveted 700 Megahertz spectrum the diversified conglomerate controls. The 700 MHz was ideal for coverage across wide spaces and inside buildings, and would help PLDT and Globe go around permitting bottlenecks hindering the building of new cell sites. Both telcos said they will co-use the assets of SMC via a 50-50 arrangement, and the coming weeks will be spent assessing how to integrate the latter’s assets into either player’s existing network infrastructure. That also included looking into SMC’s cell sites and its less than 1,000 employees under its telco units, whose fate remained uncertain, PLDT and Globe officials said Monday. Some units, like Vega’s Eastern Telecommunications, which had active operations and produced revenues of P1.5 billion annually, would be maintained. As a sweetener to regulators and lawmakers overlooking the transaction, both PLDT and Globe promised to return some of the acquired frequencies to the government. The joint PLDT-Globe announcement Monday caught most observers off-guard and followed the collapse of talks last March between SMC and Australia’s Telstra Corp.
It also comes amid a government transition into the Duterte administration, which signalled it would launch a crackdown on slow internet the way it promised to do with crime and corruption. The telco opportunity in the digital age remained significant in the Philippines even if it is considered a “mature” market. The country has over 100 million people, with just 40 percent owning a smartphone last year. Their lawyers Monday expressed confidence there would be no roadblocks from the government— the deal was sealed before the newly-formed Philippine Competition Commission’s issues its implementing rules this June.
Moreover, it could pass even the requirements of the National Telecommunications Commission on a technicality since what was being acquired was a telco holding company and not the telco units themselves. NTC deputy commissioner Edgardo Cabarios said in an interview Monday they were still reviewing the transaction and that a recommendation could be out next week. In the meantime, PLDT and Globe are free to co-use frequencies held by Vega’s units since the NTC already approved this last week, citing a clear benefit to the public, Cabarios said. It also meant avoiding time-consuming legal action aimed at redistributing SMC’s frequencies that were unused. SMC president Ramon Ang said the decision to sell was a “sacrifice” that was made to avoid tying up the assets in the possible event of litigation. That improvement in mobile internet browsing speed for PLDT’s Smart Communications, Sun and TNT as well as Globe and its Touch Mobile brand could come anytime starting three to six months from today, both telcos said. Prices can go down in the near-term if the administration assists in removing certain fees imposed by local government units like so-called tower fees and social acceptability feeds, Cu said. Nevertheless, some industry observers remained wary the buyout deal meant the industry status quo was only strengthened. The deal was the biggest in the industry since PLDT in 2011 acquired the Gokongwei family’s Digital Telecommunications Philippines Inc., which operates Sun, in a P74 billion swap deal. Pangilinan said capital spending for PLDT, whose shareholders include Japan’s NTT DoCoMo and Gokongwei-led JG Summit Holdings, will increase by about P4 billion to P5 billion on top of the P43 billion announced for 2016.
He said the SMC acquisition will be partly funded by the sale of shares in Manila Electric Co., helping boost profit this year to P30 billion from P28 billion projected earlier. For SMC, the added funds will boost its war chest as it continues its diversification into infrastructure and power apart from its traditional food and beverage businesses. Even as other markets seek to invite new competition, Cu said keeping the country’s telecommunications sector “healthy” meant two players were enough.
The Philippines, he said, was different from other markets given its combination of huge capital spending, bureaucratic red tape dealing with local government units and the need to maintain profit margins all while consumers demand lower prices. Looking into possible anticompetitive practices in the telecommunications in-dustry is expected to be one of the first cases that the newly formed Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) will take on, but consumers need to do their part. Balisacan, however, said that the PCC needed to be acting on a complaint before it could make a move although the regulator has the option of acting on its own initiative. He said these were two ways for the PCC to act, but the first— if it was approached to do so such as when affected parties like consumer groups or individuals file a complaint—takes precedence. Even then, the PCC is currently busy with finalizing the draft implementing rules of the law that created it.
The PCC last week held in Cebu Davao, and Manila a series of public consultations with business groups and other stakeholders on the proposed rules. The veteran economist said the PCC has the potential of becoming one of the region’s best given the “sufficient teeth” vested by law on the agency. Also, Balisacan said the consultations on the draft rules would be a healthy exercise for ensuring sound implementation of the law and effective operation of the PCC, which will have jurisdiction over all industries in matters related to competition.
He described the law, enacted last year after languishing in Congress during the previous 24 years, as a game-changer that would help boost generation and investments and jobs across industries by putting in place a regulatory environment conducive for fair market competition. The establishment of QualiMed Hospital on Ayala Land’s 100-hectare Altaraza—the first masterplanned estate in San Jose del Monte—is seen to complete and enhance the quality of life in the Ayala Land development and the communities within and near Bulacan, the property developer said. Coinciding with the opening of the hospital is the launch of QualiMed Physician Associates Inc. Edwin Mercado, president and CEO of QualiMed and QPA, said they established QPA to have properly aligned and committed doctors in our facilities.
Philippine banks would be among the most resilient from shocks caused by loan exposure to commodity-related industries such as oil, given local lenders’ low lending activity to such sectors. In a report titled “Commodity Exposure Will Add to Asset Quality and Profitability Pressure” released Monday, debt watcher Moody’s Investors Service said that in general, “banks in Asia-Pacific show moderate loan exposure to borrowers in commodity-related industries,” with such loans accounting for an average of only about 7 percent of gross loans. The debt watcher nonetheless pointed out that most banks in the Asia-Pacific region have buffers against rising commodity risks.
According to the report, Philippine banks, alongside those in Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan were “less exposed” to the commodity sectors than their peers in the region. Maynilad said in a statement that of the total, about P21 billion would be spent for water projects and about P20 billion for its sewerage and sanitation program.
The first package of projects includes service expansion, management of water losses or non-revenue water, operational support programs such as the upgrade of pumping stations, and the development of new water sources. The second package covers the construction of sewage treatment plants, laying of conveyance systems, acquisition of lots for new wastewater facilities, and maintenance of the existing wastewater infrastructure. Fernandez said Maynilad’s infrastructure investments will come from local and international bank loans as well as internally generated funds.
He said Maynilad, through the three-year capex program, expected to create at least 126,000 jobs. For 2016 alone, Maynilad expects to create 18,397 jobs as the company pours in P6 billion to expand its portfolio of wastewater treatment plants and sewerage facilities.
The company’s wastewater infrastructure network currently includes three septage treatment plants, 19 sewage treatment plants, 40 pumping stations, 22 lift stations, and more than 500 kilometers of sewer lines.
Earlier this month, Maynilad inaugurated its Alabang-Zapote Septage Treatment Plant (Alazap SpTP) in Las Pinas City.
The new facility—one of six Maynilad projects funded by a $137.5-million loan package from the World Bank—is part of the company’s program to hasten the provision of sewerage and sanitation services in Metro Manila.
Anne Juliana Gonzaga became a Servant of Mary following the death of her husband, Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria in 1595, after receiving a vision of the Madonna, to whom her parents had prayed to cure her of a childhood illness? Connect with the frequency of abundance in a powerful way and allow it to shower you with breathtaking goodness!
Dale Engle says the body found Monday in Southwest Ranches, about 20 miles west of Fort Lauderdale, appears to have been at the location for a long time. The commission recommended throwing out the disputed results of last year’s first-round presidential election because it appeared to be tainted by fraud.
The current members were sworn in earlier this year, replacing a council that was repeatedly accused of corruption. But CEP chief Leopold Berlanger said Monday night that the electoral council would now plan to issue an electoral timetable June 6. The Tet Kale party candidate was hand-picked by previous President Michel Martelly and was the beneficiary of a relatively well-financed campaign. 25 presidential balloting have said results putting Moise in the leading position for a two-candidate runoff appeared to be a genuine reflection of the voters’ will. Earlier this month, the president attended the high-profile marriage of his younger daughter Sumeyye to defense industrialist Selcuk Bayraktar. The operation was being carried out by a registered female doctor, according to Abdel-Samee. South Korea, the United States and Japan will hold their first joint military training next month focused on cooperating to detect signs of missile launches from North Korea and trace missile trajectories, a Seoul defense official said Monday.
Aquino, has led to  human rights abuses in the communities, including the deaths and massive displacements of indigenous peoples.
An Iraqi special forces commander says Iraqi forces have started pushing into Fallujah as part of the ongoing operation to oust Islamists from this city west of Baghdad.
No hiding there, no suggestion of stealth, as Arroyo’s “midnight proclamation” in 2004 conveyed. Arroyo may have been embarrassed at being proclaimed winner by more than a million votes over her nearest rival Fernando Poe Jr.—a margin that she was heard stipulating in the “Hello, Garci” tape—but she came to witness herself thus formally named.
The ceremony—for ceremony it is—is not merely a swearing in of political lemmings bellying up to the banquet table of a new ruling party, or a proclamation of a city mayor beloved by his constituents and embarking on yet another term.
Here is your president, he would have wordlessly declared to the nation at large, and not only to the 16 million Filipinos who voted for him. Does this not suggest a certain flippant attitude toward, if not a disrespect to, the institution of the presidency?
In the last month or so, some of the most-read stories shared among the 21 member-organizations have been about the unlikely candidacy or unexpected victory, the unsettling rhetoric or unconventional habits, of the Philippine president-elect.
What does it mean when one day he talks about shelving our claims aside in exchange for Chinese bankrolling of major infrastructure projects in the Philippines, and another day he talks about planting the Philippine flag himself in the Spratly Islands?
This point was driven home to me when I took part in an interview with NHK of Japan (for airing tomorrow, Wednesday); many of the questions revolved around, or returned to, Duterte’s China policy. But the notion that the Philippines is the aggressor will strike many Filipinos, aware of China’s size and dominance, as absurd.
Given the right role, there is so much more that the person occupying the second highest position in the land can contribute to the presidency. For any administration, achieving such coordination and teamwork can be a formidable challenge, as all administrations are organized into ministries or departments defined along sectoral lines. He also constantly reminded us that one plus one should not just equal two, but could add up to three, four or much more if we draw on the synergies among us.
The SRC, which he himself headed, mobilized the different government line agencies as well as local government units in a holistic approach to poverty reduction. 8425 (the Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act) institutionalized the SRA and SRC beyond FVR’s presidency. And that is where silo mentality and turf consciousness become formidable stumbling blocks, especially for a Cabinet member who happens to be low in the totem pole. Begun in Bohol by my paternal grandmother Pacita Tabuena Jimenez, it started off as an expression of thanksgiving to Our Blessed Mother, to whom Lola Pacita was a devotee. With the help of a visiting doctor who recommended that she regularly soak her legs in the sands of a nearby beach, as well as pray a novena to Our Lady, she regained the use of her legs and vowed to start a family tradition of observing the Flores de Mayo feast. We had already celebrated “Flores” on all the weekends of May, hosted by turns by the various families. And thanks to the wonders of technology, we will be united by social media, with each branch required to post, share or record scenes from our respective observances, the better, perhaps, to compare attendance and overall spirit. It was held in “Lily and Flor,” the hideaway in Alfonso, Cavite, that my cousin, Tourism Secretary Mon J. Bobby Ebisa, SVD, who is these days stationed in Cebu where he manages three radio stations owned by the Divine Word congregation.
This came complete with a procession of “Reyna Elenas” and consortes (consorts) dressed to the nines and parading around town beneath portable paper flower-bedecked arches. And while cousins and nieces tried vainly to manage the merienda-hungry horde, we all made it back inside the chapel after circling the structure, bearing sprays of pink carnation which we placed with much care and fondness before the image of Our Lady. The couple has 11 children, all of them surviving on the father’s meager earnings as a jeepney “barker,” or one who calls out to possible passengers to board jeepneys.
Most recently, he told reporters that a couple should try limiting the number of their children to three. It’s a nongovernment organization that counts longtime experts in population and development among its board, officers and advisers.
Eight months after my graduation, my father received his “Dispensio ab oneribus Ordinationi conexis” from the Order of Preachers.
Even if it were hard for her at the start, she managed to keep her grades at a satisfactory level, and I am the proudest sibling. Like my mother waiting for her brothers’ decision, another candidate waited to be able to fight for their right in the political race. We have forgotten that we vote for the future, not for the sweet poisonous promises of candidates.

Augustine was also preoccupied with the biggest question that we have at the moment: “What has the Church have to do with the empire?” We resent the overlords of the Church, but it is wrong to be hostile to the institution. He has a master’s degree in philosophy from Ateneo de Manila University and a master’s degree in applied ethics from Linkoping University in Sweden. Back then, people brushed these memes aside, thinking that those behind them were simply mad, and that no one would believe them for the plain inaccuracy of their work. It is sickening that they are willing to forego the sacrifices of the more than 100,000 victims of human rights violations by the Marcos regime in exchange for bridges, mothballed infrastructure projects, and the CCP Complex. With the many inhumane experiences that the people of Mindanao were subjected to during those horrible years of martial law, it is highly unlikely that they would ever vote another Marcos in power. It made them lose the trust and confidence they once had as diverse peoples living in a rich land. The martial law regime victimized the people of Mindanao: Their interests were sacrificed to give way to the whims of the few. For one week, the military troops showed the Muslim inhabitants of Malisbong the extent of their inhumanity. And as an adopted son of Mindanao, I will take part in telling our narratives to let the northerners know of the excesses of the dictator (together with his family and cronies).
Forgetfulness is the handmaiden of tyranny.” It is our task as citizens of this republic to remember the horrors of the martial law years, to prevent a repeat of the same. This piece is written to add to the many voices expressing their dismay over the bastardization of national memory. Leni, of course, will have her share of rookie lapses and mistakes of the mind but not of the heart (ever in the right place). Nagising sa pagka-gupiling (woke up from a state of prostration), and in the end we shafted and deep-sixed the insensitive and far-from-contrite Bongbong so dismissive of gross human rights violations and in denial about Marcosian kleptocracy. Or he would have graciously stepped down when his last presidential term expired, instead of perpetuating himself in power and amassing ill-gotten wealth. The paved highways and bridges leading to Marcos’ place in the north and to his cronies’ vast landholdings in the south?
And whether or not his long-preserved waxed corpse is buried at all or elsewhere (but not the heroes’ cemetery, heaven forbid!) is no longer a pressing issue. What should alarm every freedom-loving, truth-seeking and justice-starved Filipino is the looming possibility of history repeating itself under Duterte’s leadership! We thank God that after the May 9 elections, we can move on as one people in building our nation. Therefore, we, as a church council, will do our best to teach our religious leaders and exhort our people to repent our corrupt ways and to renounce patronage politics as part of our practical Christian discipline. Therefore, we, as a church council, will do our best to teach our religious leaders and exhort our people to sharpen our spiritual discernment in order to enable us to reject finances and other resources borne out of corruption, criminal activities and drug-related deals, especially those from politicians who are behind, directly or indirectly, those illegal drug productions and distributions. An Australian man long thought to be associated with the digital currency Bitcoin has publicly identified himself as its creator.
Marshals Service sold 144,000 bitcoins over two years ending in 2015 that had been confiscated from Ross Ulbricht, who founded the online drug bazaar Silk Road. Parts of these were in the 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 2500 MHz, 3500 MHz bands, which the telcos claimed were enough for a third player to enter. That would jump to 70 percent in just two years, according to a study by Ericsson, increasing demand for mobile internet services like movie streaming, social media and games. Pangilinan, the deal was a “win-win” for all involved, since this would boost mobile internet capacity and coverage. But more importantly, the public should expect to get faster, affordable Internet access very soon with this deal,” Ang said in a statement.
This has always been the challenge to any entrant given how mature it is and that is what we’ve been saying all along, that the solution to preserving competition is actually not bring in a third player,” he said.
The presence of QualiMed Hospital supports the comprehensive and sustainable lifestyle offerings in the Altaraza estate and will greatly benefit the surrounding community as well,” Alfonso Javier Reyes, head of ALI Capital Corp., said in a statement.
Jose Tecson III, president of QualiMed Hospital-San Jose Del Monte, added: “Our operational strategy for this new hospital is to make the delivery of our healthcare services more rooted locally. Such price dynamics will further dampen corporate earnings and weaken the debt repayment capacity of many commodity firms, creating pressure on or delaying the recovery of asset quality and profitability of banks in the region,” Moody’s said. This exposure will lead to further asset quality and profitability pressure for the banks in these countries or, like in the case of India, to the delayed recovery of large legacy problem loans,” it added. He said some tally sheets from polling stations had fingerprints that appeared to be from a single person. Charles, who has long been enamored of Romania’s rural traditions, arrived in Bucharest on Monday, May 30, 2016, and met with President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos. Here is the man, the nation would have been told in so many unsaid words, your hard-nosed, tough-talking, rough-hewn leader who will wipe drug traffickers and other criminals off the face of the earth and who will boldly unsnarl the traffic nightmare—and that’s just for starters. Ramos made Vice President Joseph Estrada “crime czar” as head of the Presidential Anti-Crime Commission.
What makes it even more challenging is the common tendency for a silo mentality, where departments do not share information and knowledge, goals and priorities with others in the same administration or organization.
He formed interagency and multisectoral bodies to tackle various challenges faced by the government.
It also included representatives of the basic sectors, namely: farmers, fishers, children, indigenous peoples, organized labor, urban poor, senior citizens, students, women, the disabled, informal-sector workers, disaster victims, business, and the NGO (nongovernment organization) community. In place of the SRC, it created the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) chaired by the president, assisted by a lead convenor who is a member of the Cabinet and heads the NAPC secretariat. More than a first among equals, the VP is, after all, the second highest official of the land. The feast is marked by the offering of May flowers before a Marian image, the recitation of the Rosary, and a novena invoking the Lady’s benevolence. But today being a workday, a final get-together gathering our wandering members seemed too much, given the still-horrendous traffic and the demands of earning a living. She is the mother who has watched over our clan through all these years, listened to our prayers and pleas, and blessed us until we grew so numerous we could hardly fit into the frame of the traditional photo at the closing. Ben de Leon, The Forum president, lauded Duterte’s support for the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law, whose full implementation, four years after it was signed into law, is still being held up by cases pending before the Supreme Court.
I waited for my transfer papers from the University of the Philippines Los Banos to UP Diliman.
Science courses are hard, especially with the many long exams per semester (in history, we usually had two major ones per subject—all essay, no mercy). Like my sister waiting for her exam results, one candidate waited whether to come out on top or fail to secure the position they sought. Cicero was right in saying that “we seek what is worth having, without the fear of losing it against our will.” But we have also lost so many things. The problem, it seems to me, is the fact that some people of the Church are perceived to be accomplices of the ruling elite.
The universality of liberal values simply means the homogeneity of what we think about in terms of the essence of things.
To say that Iraq or Syria can be transformed by the American brand of democracy is to be politically naive. Justice is being maligned right now at the very same theater where a man is subjected to the condemnation of an angry and malevolent public.
This year’s elections, while forward-looking, were also very much about the past, with Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the son and namesake of the late dictator, bidding for the second highest seat in the land. Why do young people relish those horrendous years when democracy, freedom of expression, and human rights were trampled upon? And with the 14.1 million votes that Marcos received in the elections, it seems that the Marcos family was able to fully maximize the power of social media. According to many accounts, 1,500 men were rounded up in the Tacbil Mosque, forced to dig their own graves, and killed batch by batch. The violence that the people of Mindanao experienced during martial law is too painful to remember. The people of Mindanao can never move on until their dignity is restored, and not until the many fallen during the dictatorship are acknowledged by no less than the dictator’s heirs. Part of this task is the strengthening of our educational system, to thwart the attempts of some to twist national memory and supplant it with horrible fictions. He is engaged in the work of the Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Commission, the research arm formed under the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro. I’d be disappointed if this means she is for restoring the death penalty or moving Ferdinand Marcos’ remains to the Libingan ng mga Bayani, atbp. Raissa Robles has documented in detail the violations and showed that Bongbong had a hand in trying to dissemble and conceal the fruits of the crime. Offering fake justifications for the imposition of martial law and subjecting the Filipinos to unspeakable oppression and indignity were certainly not the work of a great leader—an image some Marcos loyalists, led by his remorseless son, would like to create for their hero. The fabulous and expensive cultural centers where the oligarchs used to converge and frolic? SMC had plans to launch this year a mobile high-speed Internet service, seen as the hottest business in the industry since text messaging in the late 1990s.
The two also jointly bought out New Century Telecoms and eTelco Inc., which have links to SMC, bringing the total deal size to about P70 billion. Capital spending, still pegged at $750 million in 2016, will continue as part of the company’s goal to reach 20,000 barangays (villages) and two million homes by 2020. We have within our team some of the best local doctors and medical professionals from the province. QPA, with its strict screening and credentials processes, seeks to enlist the best and most qualified doctors to serve in QualiMed facilities.
Alam ko na malaki ‘yung ceremonial functions niya, pero pag-aaralan paano magiging makabuluhan ‘yung policy saka advocacy considering na ‘yung influence ng opisina is malaki,” Robredo said. Estrada subsequently made Vice President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo secretary of social welfare and development. Exacerbating the challenge is a fierce turf consciousness that seems to be the norm among officials. These ranged from broad concerns like sustainable development and social reform, to very specific ones like optimizing the use of lands under the Iwahig Penal Colony.
A secretariat, headed by then Agrarian Reform Secretary Ernesto Garilao, backstopped the SRC in its coordinative work. Members include the heads of 25 national government agencies and presidents of the four leagues of local governments, along with representatives of the 14 basic sectors. In the forthcoming Duterte Cabinet, only the freshly created Department of Information and Communications Technology keeps the NAPC head, our supposed “poverty czar,” from occupying the bottom rung.
The very position obliges the various agencies of government to allow themselves to be coordinated, silo mentality and turf consciousness notwithstanding.
It also helped, I guess, that Bohol to this day retains a strong devotion to Our Lady, with the “Flores” celebrated even in government offices! The compound, which houses a chapel, coffee shop and a residence, was created over the last few years to serve as their retreat when they finally retired from their hectic workaday existences as advertising gurus and recently as a Cabinet member. Now she’s waiting again for the complete recovery of my 95-year-old grandmother, for whom she had personally been caring since 1994. I waited for this vacation for almost two years, as I immediately went to law school after graduation. Like yours truly waiting for her vacation to end, still another candidate just waited for the election results to get things over with.
We have lost, for instance, the original intent of the “Myth of Adam and Eve.” Evil, according to Paul Ricoeur, is not inherent in humankind.
Theology in our Catholic schools offers some respite from the pain of a secular world forced by the necessity of the times, but the political animal deep inside each one of us believes otherwise. Or, as Foucault puts it, such execution appears more gory because “it occurs exactly at the juncture between the judgment of men and the judgment of God,” expressed most clearly in the indifference of a crowd that rejoices in the march to perdition of a powerless human being.
It managed to exploit the weakness of our educational system by employing a well-oiled machinery that targeted those who weren’t there during the dictatorship. The migrant-settlers, the lumad, and the Bangsamoro were pitted against one another, making them enemies among themselves. The walls alongside roads to keep the ugliness of poverty in the country from the eyes of visiting foreign dignitaries? Rosa, Laguna (opening in first quarter of 2017); QualiMed Clinic in Cebu IT Park, Cebu City (opening in third quarter of 2016), and QualiMed Clinic in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (opening in third quarter of 2016). These all get in the way of maximizing complementarities and synergies that potentially exist among the units making up the whole. That was his way of achieving good teamwork within his administration, and while it proved taxing for his Cabinet officials, it was an approach that served his presidency and the country well.
In concept, the NAPC provides the mechanism for effective coordination of the various government instrumentalities and sectors to permit a concerted, holistic and integrated effort to reduce poverty. If President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is to leave the legacy of truly uplifting the lives of the Filipino poor, he would do well to give the NAPC the clout it needs to be effective, and designate his Vice President to be his poverty czar. Yang from “Grey’s Anatomy,” or that pretty blond doctor in “Heartbeat,” she must continue studying very hard, and we all share in her waiting. Everyone wants to give their two, no, three, actually, ninety-nine, cents’ worth in everything political, as if they had studied a social science course.
Hence, the spectacle at the scaffold suffered by Damiens the regicide was not only meant to instill, in the highest possible order, fear among the constituents of the sovereign; it also sends forth the message, in the strongest terms, that anyone who defies the majesty of the king is to suffer the same fate as that of the condemned.
The body count was like that of a natural disaster, but in this case all were made possible by the military under the dictator’s orders. The huge stone bust carved on a hill to glorify the dictator who caused the Filipino people so much suffering and injustice?
And, inevitably, like a punchline to a familiar joke you see coming: What is his real position on the South China Sea? I think it is fair to say that a nagging question hovers over this policy uncertainty: Is this in fact strategic ambiguity, or merely an ambiguous strategy? That, after all, is where Leni Robredo herself believes she can be useful and help the presidency best. Most of us rely on social media for information, and it’s sad to see millions of Filipino kids getting brainwashed and victimized by online propaganda, biases and bullying.
The introduction of a particular way of life may be assimilated inside our households, but not when there is a clash of ideologies and norms. The soul, being the new target, makes more apparent how the sovereign can exercise control over its subjects. We can’t really know for sure, but one thing is accurate: The early signs of the resurgence of the Marcoses had been quite expected. Democracy will remain a hard sell in a society that values religious belief more than human freedom.
So as of now, I have nothing major to wait for, except maybe the convention I plan to attend with my law and cosplay friends in June.
Before we forget, no rich person has suffered the same fate as those poor people shamed in public! They are meant to divide us, as pointed out by sociologist and Inquirer columnist Randy David.
The mayor, in this sense, is only seeking to justify himself, and not the ideals of justice.

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