And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where theyA were sitting. In fact, this Greek word for a€?speaka€? is the same word used to describe someone who speaks fluently in his own or in some other language. So that means this small group of 120 believers must have been speaking in hundreds ofA different dialects! To know a language is one thing, but to know the different dialects of another languageA requires years of study and the highest skill.
Their labor, work,A profession, and way of life were all primarily connected to the region of Galilee, so they had no reasonA to know many foreign languages. It is the picture of one who is so stunned and amazed that he stands speechless a€” nearly paralyzed with shock.
The word a€?marvelleda€? is the Greek word thaumadzo, which means to wonderA or to stand in awe of.

In our day, we might define it as one who is bowled over by something he has heard, witnessed, or seen. The believers spoke in tongues a€”A but by the time that supernatural language reached the ears of the listeners, they a€?hearda€? a messageA in their own distinct dialects.
The second great work was to liberate their human spirits so they could pray in tongues and worship God in the Spirit. WhenA the believers in the book of Acts were filled with the Spirit and began to regularly speak in tongues, aA door to supernatural power was opened.
This was the norm, not the exception a€” a common practice that was expected to occur inA the life of any person who was filled with the Spirit. My own mind and intellect is so limited that I dona€™t always know what to say orA how to express myself. But when I pray and praise in the Spirit, I am very aware that I amA praying perfectly and praising You on the highest level.

FromA that time until now, I have had the ability to speak in a supernatural spiritual language. IA refuse to neglect or ignore this ability God has given me; therefore, I regularly pray inA tongues. Do you see a greater manifestation of power, joy, victory, and personal revelation in your life?

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