The third phase of the judgment will take place on the earth at the close of the 1,000 years of Revelation chapter 20--after Jesus' return to earth with the holy city.
In Study Guide 2, we learned how Satan falsely accused and challenged God and brought the ugly malignancy of sin into the universe.
Many students are looking for honest answers to their questions about the origin and purpose of life.
This simplistic idea dominated scientific thinking until 1846, when Louis Pasteur completely shattered the theory by his experiments. If it sprang up spontaneously from no previous life, it contradicts a basic law of nature that forms the foundation of the entire theory. In order to sustain his humanistic explanation of the origin of life, he must accept the exploded, unscientific theory of spontaneous generation. The fact is that the most elementary form of life is more complicated than any man-made thing on earth. For it to occur on earth alone would require many, almost endless, billions of years" (The Evidence of God in an Expanding Universe, p. And how can we harmonize the normally broad-minded tolerance of the educated, with the narrow bigotry exhibited by many evolutionary scientists in trying to suppress opposing points of view? One of the most necessary parts of evolution, which is supposed to provide the power for changing the amoeba into a man, is mutation. BUTa€”the scientific fact is that mutation could NEVER accomplish what evolution demands of it, for several reasons. They say mutation is necessary to make the changes required by their theory, yet they have to confess that it is scientifically impossible for multiple mutations to make the changes. They can explain many of the varieties of both plant and animals but can never explain the creation of basic kinds as required by evolution. Their doctrine demanded vast numbers of scaly reptiles transforming their scales into feathers and their front feet into wings. All the lower strata below the Cambrian have absolutely no fossil record of life other than some single-celled types such as bacteria and algae.
Darwin admitted having no way to defend his theory, but he still would not adjust his theory to meet the unanswerable arguments against it. Their claims that creationism is unscientific are made only to camouflage their own lack of true evidence.
Have all the natural forces of the past been just what we can demonstrate and understand today? The universal Flood of Genesis provides a much more reasonable explanation of the strata than evolution's speculations. The position of some fossils standing upright through one or more strata indicates that the process was not slow or age long.
Simply stated, it is the natural process that enables the strongest of each generation to survive and the weaker, more poorly adjusted ones to die out. Many of the top teachers of evolution today are hopelessly at odds on the question of how vital it is. Each one is busily experimenting with new speculative possibilities as to how the changes took place and then abandoning them as they appear more and more ridiculous.
What is the evidence that it can actually reproduce all the changes involved in the transition from amoeba to man? His proof for natural selection is adaptation or change in the organism, but the change is produced by natural selection!
It operates with the aid of time to produce improvements in the machinery of living, and in the process generates results of a more than astronomical improbability which could have been achieved in no other way" (Evolution in Action, pp. Since this figure of compound probability is effectively zero, how can a scientific mind, in the absence of any demonstrable evidence, be so dogmatic in defending his theory? And add another thousand volumes for the improbability of the sun, and the moon, and the stars. Yet, Simpson, Huxley, Dobzhansky, Mayr, and dozens of others continue to tell us that is the way it had to be! Millions of Christians have been intimidated by the high-sounding technical language of educated evolutionists, many of whom are vitriolic in their attacks on special creation. The human race has dropped, even in our lifetime, several degrees deeper into moral perversion and violent disorder. The first phase of the judgment is called the pre-advent judgment because it takes place before Jesus' second coming. For this reason, this first phase of the judgment is also called the investigative judgment. God and His manner of handling the sin problem will be gloriously vindicated before the entire universe. When I accept Him as Saviour, He saves me from the guilt and penalty of sin and gives me the new birth. The Lord's goat, which was sacrificed on the day of atonement, represents Jesus, who assumed and paid for our sins on Calvary. It is also clear that, though forgiven, the record of these sins remains on heaven's books until the end of time (Acts 3:19-21). The heavenly judgment is not complete until the judgment of the wicked takes placea€”immediately prior to their destruction at the end of the world. To make it possible for us to be certain regarding the timing for the judgment, God clearly specified it three times in Daniel chapter 7. The day of atonement in ancient Israel taught, through symbols, how God will handle the sin problem and bring harmony back to the universe by the atonement.
Many evolutionary scientists have united their professional influence to forbid any classroom instruction contrary to their own views. Yet, without believing in spontaneous generation, the evolutionist would have to acknowledge something other than natural forces at worka€”in other words, God. And the big question is this: Why is he so violently opposed to the spontaneous generation spoken of in the Bible? The entire complex of New York City is less complicated than the makeup of the simplest microscopic cell. The obvious explanation would seem to be rooted in the desperation of such evolutionists to retain their reputation as the sole dispensers of dogmatic truth. This refers to abnormal changes in the organism that are assumed to be caused by chemical changes in the genes themselves.
Everything stays within the well-defined limits of its own basic kind and absolutely refuses to cooperate with the demands of modern evolutionists. This is too typical of the puzzling twists and turns made by our evolutionist friends in their efforts to uphold an exploded theory.
There was only a male and female of each species, and many changes have since occurred to produce a wide assortment of varieties within the family. This theory assumes that all the natural processes at work in the past have operated exactly as they do today. How naive and conceited to compel ages past to conform to our limited observation and experience!
As the waters receded from the earth, powerful tides and currents carved out the great canyons in a short time.
The material had to be deposited quickly around the body of the animal, or it could not have remained in its erect position. The assumption of evolution is that since only the strongest survive to father the next generation, the species will gradually improve, even advancing into other more highly developed states on the evolutionary scale.
Simpson, who is regarded as the leading interpreter of the theory today, rejects these opposite views.
The one basic tenet they do agree on is that there was no divine fiat creation as described in the Bible. The computations were done on the likelihood of every favorable evolutionary factor being able to produce a horse. Why did Huxley employ a mathematical formula to illustrate the impossibility of his theory working?
Add other thousands for the evolution of all the thoughts that man can have, all the objective and subjective reality that ebbs and flows in us like part of the pulse beat of an inscrutable cosmos!

They have retreated from all the points which ever lent any semblance of credibility to the evolutionary theory.
What we do need is more information on exposing the loopholes in the evolutionary theory; its base is so riddled with unscientific inconsistencies, often concealed under the gobbledygook of scientific jargon. At the close of the 1,000 years, the wicked dead of all ages will be raised (Revelation 20:5).
Every lost soul since the world began, including Satan and his angels, now faces God in judgment.
If God destroyed the records before this final phase of the judgment, He could be accused of a massive cover-up. With incredible confidence he bridged the eons of prehistoric time to explain the existence of modern plant and animal life.
Does the theory of evolution merit this kind of fanatical support, which would silence all opposing ideas? Under controlled laboratory conditions, in a semi-vacuum, no organic life ever emerged from decaying, nonliving matter. His exhaustive search for a scientific explanation ended in failure, as it has for all other evolutionary scientists, and he had the courage to admit it. To acknowledge a superior wisdom has been too long cultivated by the evolutionist community. Most people would give up and change their theory when faced with such a crushing, deflating blow, but not the evolutionist! Simpson, one of the elite spokesmen for evolution, writes about multiple, simultaneous mutations and reports that the mathematical likelihood of getting good evolutionary results would occur only once in 274 billion years! This forever precludes the drifting, changing process required by organic evolution where one species turns into another.
But please keep it straight in your mind that cats have always remained cats, dogs are still dogs, and men are still men.
Even the most ancient fossil forms in the lowest fossil beds have stubbornly retained the same features of their modern counterparts, and it is amusing to listen to the exclamations of surprise by the evolutionists.
The Cambrian layer is full of all the major kinds of animals found today except the vertebrates.
In other words, the creation of those strata can only be explained on the basis of what we see happening in the world now. Layers of debris, according to the specific weight, were laid down, compressing plant and animal life into a compact seam or stratum. The flood buried millions of fish, many of them contorted as though suddenly overtaken by a phenomenal force.
When it comes right down to answering those questions, the spokesmen for evolution do some of the fanciest footwork in semantics you ever saw and make some of the most amazing admissions. He is wrong when he said the complex order of life today could have been achieved in no other way. Now keep in mind that this is all a chance development through the operation of nature, time, mutation, and natural selection. Now they busy themselves with esoteric mathematical formulations based on population genetics, random drift, isolation, and other ploys which have a probability of accounting for life on earth of minus zero! The day is fast approaching when every person who has ever lived will have their lives reviewed before the all-knowing eyes of God (2 Corinthians 5:10). In the heavenly court, Jesus, who loves you--your best friend--will be your attorney, judge, and witness. It will doubtless also confirm as lost those whose names are not judged in the pre-advent judgment. His detailed description of human ascent from a tiny, one-celled monad was so vivid and convincing that one could almost believe he had seen the microscopic amoeba turn into a man.
When religious people take such a position, they are called bigots, but scientists seem to escape that charge. Then you will understand why these evolutionary scientists are people of such extraordinary faith, and why they are so fearful of facing competition at the school level. Either God did it by divine fiat, or blind, unintelligent nature produced Wald's impossible act.
But he also had an incredible faith to believe in it even though it was a scientific impossibility. Scientists themselves assure us that the structure of a single cell is unbelievably intricate. They have repeated their assumptions for so long in support of their theories that they have started accepting them as facts. He still searches for that illusive missing link which could at least prove that he hasn't been 100 percent wrong. Secondly, when they do occur, they are almost certain to be harmful or deadly to the organism. Mutation has only been responsible for producing a new variety of the same species, but never originating another new kind. Descending into Grand Canyon for example, one moves downward past the Mississippi, Devonian, Cambrian, etc., as the scientists have tagged them. In other words, there is nothing primitive about the structure of these most ancient fossils known to man. Scientists must calculate how long it takes for sedimentation to build a foot-deep stratum.
The Bible explains very graphically about a Flood that ravaged the face of this earth, covering the highest mountains and completely destroying all plant and animal life outside the ark.
Marine fossils have been recovered from the highest mountain ranges, and a checklist on other scientific evidences points to a universal deluge over the entire planet.
Were the changes produced by natural selection, or did he invent natural selection to explain the changes? God created the wonders of cell and gene and all the millions of processes that leave the Nobel Prize winners baffled. Just as born-again Christians seek occasions to bear their personal testimony of faith in Christ, Huxley demolishes the scientific possibilities of his theory in order to magnify the personal faith aspect of his personal testimony for the god evolution. They clutter our libraries, and press on the minds of people everywhere an animated waxen image of a theory that has been dead for over a decade. This rationalization, like a temporary insanity plea, provides license for further irresponsible conduct. Although we are saved by grace, rewards will be given based on works, deeds, or conduct--which prove the genuineness of a Christian's faith (James 2:26). The life of every lost person (including Satan and his angels) will be carefully reviewed by the righteous, who will then totally agree with Jesus' decisions regarding the reward for each one.
Amazingly, he succeeds in convincing the nations of earth that they can capture the holy city.
Guardian angels will probably shed tears over the loss of the people they protected and loved for years. Satan will be punished (as will all other sinnersa€”Revelation 20:12-15) for his own sins, which will include responsibility for (1) the existence of sin, (2) his own evil actions, and (3) influencing every person on earth to sin. The divine sequence is stated three times (verses 8-14, 20-22, 24-27) in this one chapter as follows:a€?A.
Since the judgment is God's work and He has all the facts, we should stop judging others and let God do it.
The divine sequence is stated three times (verses 8-14, 20-22, 24-27) in this one chapter as follows:A. In February of 1977, nearly 200 members of the nation's academic community sent letters to school boards across the United States, urging that no alternate ideas on origins be permitted in classrooms. The chance for a proper combination of molecules into amino acids, and then into proteins with the properties of life is entirely unrealistic. No one objects to their assuming whatever they want to assume, but to assume happenings that go contrary to all scientific evidence and still call it science is being dishonest. Within every human being are 46 chromosomes containing an estimated 100,000 genes, each one of which is able to affect in some way the size, colour, texture, or quality of the individual. In other words, the vast majority of such mutations lead toward extinction instead of evolution; they make the organism worse instead of better.

Selective breeding has also brought tremendous improvements such as hornless cattle, white turkeys, and seedless oranges, but all the organisms continue to reproduce exactly as God decreed at Creationa€”after its kind. No matter what particular strata they sifted through, all the fossils were easily recognized and classified within their own families, just as God decreed. His Bible told him it would be that way, and he hasn't been forced to puzzle over contradictory evidence.
Then that age is assigned to any 12-inch layer, no matter how deeply located within the earth. These are the result of vegetation and animal bodies being buried under extreme heat and pressure. The righteousness of the law will be fulfilled by Jesus in all of His people (Romans 8:3, 4). Doesn't it take more faith to believe that chance could produce life than it does to believe infinite intelligence could produce it?
The assumption is that these genes, which provide the inherited characteristics we get from our ancestors, occasionally become affected by unusual pairing, chemical damage, or other influences, causing them to produce an unusual change in one of the offspring. If the evolutionary doctrine were true, the strata would be teeming with hundreds of millions of transition forms with combination features of two or more species.
The ludicrous thing is that even the changes from species to species have never been verified. Sin has defaced the image of God in man, and only a personal encounter with the perfect Saviour will bring a reversal of the problem of evil.
On four occasions when the book of Revelation mentions the great judgment, it brings forth praise and thanksgiving! To claim that this is impossible is to doubt Jesus' word and His power.a€?a€?The judgment is not to inform God. Instead, it simply confirms the choices which people have already made to serve either Jesus or another master (Revelation 22:11, 12).
This is what the symbolism of the transfer of sin to the scapegoat (Satan) on the day of atonement is meant to convey. To claim that this is impossible is to doubt Jesus' word and His power.The judgment is not to inform God. Not only so, but there would have to be millions upon millions of observable living links right now in the process of turning into a higher form. Where are all the evolving creatures that should have led up to these highly developed fossils?
As we have shown already, there is not one shred of fossil evidence or living evidence that any species has changed into another.
All begin new year with a clean slate.a€?a€?These five symbolic steps represent literal atonement events which are instituted from the heavenly sanctuary--God's celestial headquarters for the universe.
All begin new year with a clean slate.These five symbolic steps represent literal atonement events which are instituted from the heavenly sanctuary--God's celestial headquarters for the universe. Obviously, if spontaneous generation actually did take place in the distant past to produce the first spark of life, it must be assumed that the laws that govern life had to be completely different from what they are now. Through gradual changes wrought in the various species through mutation, it is assumed by the evolutionists that the amoeba turned into an invertebrate, which became an amphibian, then a reptile, a quadruped, an ape form, and finally a man.
According to the theory of evolution, the Precambrian strata should be filled with more primitive forms of these Cambrian fossils in the process of evolving upward. So Huxley's proof for natural selection are changes which never happened, and the changes which never happened are offered as proof for natural selection. However, the redeemed people will be coming to heaven from a world that has been degraded by sin. The first point above is the symbol of the literal atonement event of the first point below; the second point above is the symbol of the second point below, etc. However, we must be prepared for serious consequences when we decide contrary to His Word.a€?D.
However, we must be prepared for serious consequences when we decide contrary to His Word.D. Both the angels and the inhabitants of other unfallen worlds would certainly feel uneasy about admitting anyone to God's heavenly kingdom who might start sin all over again. The books and records are available.a€?a€?No Cover-Upa€?God is not involved in some celestial cover-up. God loves us so much that He has given us the books of Daniel and Revelation to make these end-time issues clear. The books and records are available.No Cover-UpGod is not involved in some celestial cover-up.
This won't work either, because the whole evolutionary theory rests upon the assumption that conditions on the earth have remained uniform throughout the ages. Our only safety lies in listening to Him and following His counsel from these great prophetic books.a€?E. Our only safety lies in listening to Him and following His counsel from these great prophetic books.E. This means that all the fossil records of animal history should reveal an utter absence of precise family boundaries.
Interestingly enough, apes only breed with apes, chimpanzees with chimpanzees, and monkeys with monkeys.
Satan's real aim has always been to discredit God as unfair, ruthless, unloving, and untruthful.
The heavenly books will be helpful to the righteous because they will show how the grace of the gospel changed their lives.a€?J. The heavenly books will be helpful to the righteous because they will show how the grace of the gospel changed their lives.J. Everything should be in the process of changing into something elsea€”with literally hundreds of millions of half-developed fish trying to become amphibious, and reptiles halfway transformed into birds, and mammals looking like half-apes or half-men.
This makes it even more important for all beings in the universe to see firsthand how extremely patient God has been with sinners. Everything is open, and every person who has ever lived plus all the good and bad angels will be viewing this drama of all dramas.a€?a€?The Lost Fall to Their Kneesa€?Suddenly there is a movement. His deceiving strategies are so effective and so convincing that all but a very few will be ensnared. Everything is open, and every person who has ever lived plus all the good and bad angels will be viewing this drama of all dramas.The Lost Fall to Their KneesSuddenly there is a movement. A Neglected Imperativea€”Making Him LordJesus placed continuing emphasis upon His Lordship because He knew that crowning Him Lord would be a forgotten and neglected imperative (2 Corinthians 4:5).
One lost soul drops to his knees to admit his guilt and openly confess that God was more than fair with him. Unless I make Him Lord of my life, there is no way I can ever become a full-grown Christian clothed in Christ's righteousness.
Without Jesus' resurrection power in our lives daily to protect us from the devil's traps, we will be devastated by Satan. It will be unanimous that God has been loving, fair, gracious, and kind in dealing with all. Then in one great, almost simultaneous move all remaining people and evil angels, including Satan, fall prostrate before God (Romans 14:11).
They openly clear the name of God from all false accusations and give witness to His loving, fair, merciful treatment of them.a€?a€?All Confess That the Sentence Is Faira€?All confess that the sentence of death pronounced upon them is fair--the only safe way to handle sin. They openly clear the name of God from all false accusations and give witness to His loving, fair, merciful treatment of them.All Confess That the Sentence Is FairAll confess that the sentence of death pronounced upon them is fair--the only safe way to handle sin. The accusations and claims of Satan have been exposed and unequivocally discredited as the perverse lies of a hardened sinner. Instead, it basically confirms the choices that people have already made either to serve Jesus or to choose another master.

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