And while the movie is one of my favorites, my memories of the Miracle on Ice are traced back to 2002. I was in Los Angeles in my role as the sports information contact for the Washington State University women’s basketball team. One evening, as I stepped into the hotel’s elevator, a man entered alongside, talking on his cell phone.
To my amazement our team was staying in the same hotel as the 1980 United States Olympic Hockey team, who were to be honored at the All-Star Game. Here I was, in the same elevator with the team captain who scored the game-winning goal against the Soviets. I was just eight years old in 1980, and though I have vague recollections from those Olympics, I certainly didn’t grasp the magnitude of the moment at the time.

But in that elevator, I sure did, and I was telling myself that I had to get Eruzione’s autograph before the weekend is over. With each passing year after the Miracle on Ice, the legend of the game grows, as does its significance. In 1980, it was a tremendous story that transcended sports, uniting a country in desperate need of something positive to grasp onto. Of course, the story of a collection of collegiate players taking on the mighty Soviet Union would not be possible today, with professionals now playing in the Olympics and the different political dynamics that exist today. Maybe that’s why the Miracle on Ice has such a hold on us 30 years later, because we know it will never happen again. I am reminded of that lesson each time I look at a picture frame proudly displaying Eruzione’s autograph, which I was able to get on the back of my business card in the hotel lobby later that weekend.

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On its 30th anniversary, it remains an event for all-times sake, as our national pride, and tears, swell up when footage of that game is shown.

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