The History of Hockey Relive great moments in hockey history and discuss how the game has changed over time. My entire family came over before the Russian Revolution and still held the Russians in high regard. Yes, quite clearly the MOST important moment in American history EVER, easily slays the Emanicpation Proclamation.
And the Soviet lines (except for the top line) had been playing together about the same amount of time. People tend to overblow the whole thing as much as they overvalue the Soviet team of that time. Still, it was quite an important event, a memorable epilogue to the 70s USSR hockey generation one could see coming after the void left by the Chernyshev and Tarasov departure. It's clear that the US team for one actually had some quality players and gained greatly by playing together for the whole season before the games, but the Soviets with similar surroundings certainly should have won and everything else was a great upset. I don't even know if it beats out Sweden vs Belarus in 2002 to be honest, in terms of upsets.

Soviet hockey was going through generational transition back then, the coaching stuff was still relying on the big 70s stars who were getting old. But I don't really think that the 1981 Canada Cup (198:1 as it's often referred to in Russia) deserves to be less recognizable in hockey history, it was a landmark that started a new era. The Soviets took the loss to heart and speeded up the renewment in time for the 1981 Canada Cup.
Sweden of course wasn't the Big Red Machine but it was a best-on-best tournament and the team in the group stage beat Canada handidly 5-2, then the Czechs 2-1 and Germany 7-1.
For our final project we had to pick a great event in American history in the 20th century and do a presentation on it.
There was a smaller wave of Ukrainian immigrants post World War II: most of them were anti-communist, including a number of Nazis.
Most kids picked things like Watergate, Bay of Pigs, Korea, Vietnam, Kennedy assassination, etc.
Forsberg was injured but Sweden had all the other star players like Lidstrom, Sundin, Alfredsson, Naslund and Zetterberg.

The 70s USSR team wasn't actually as great as the guys who followed in their footsteps, it could go as far as losing to Poland 6:4 due to the bad luck or whatever.
It seems ironic to me, that a community of Ukrainians would view things in the terms you describe, given the war of 1917-21 and the annexation, etc. And a bunch of other solid NHL regulars like Ohlund, Jonsson, Nylander, Norstrom, Axelsson, Holmstrom. And even though they were empowered with talented newcomers like Makarov and Krutov (who despite being younger than most of the US team were among the Soviet top scorers) beating that team wouldn't be too miraculous.
That's 0-5 and a negative goal differential of −27 against all other teams not Sweden.

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