2Ki 12:12-And to masons, and hewers of stone, and to buy timber and hewed stone to repair the breaches of the house of the LORD, and for all that was laid out for the house to repair it.
SEMINARIO TEOLOGICO APLAUSO INTERNACIONAL -      What Is SalvationLesson 1   .Introduction “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. A 12 step Christian recovery program for those struggling with addiction, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and past hurts. Dave and Jeanne Kaufman know what it is like to ride the roller coaster of emotions and experiences of a long-term illness. Pls pray for our marriage; my husband is abusive verbally and often attacks and criticizes to a point I need to get out of the house. The Lord visited me and plunged me out of a deep, dark depression and gave me answers to nagging questions about my life. Pray for Favor that God will bless the work of my hands and provide financial favor as I am self-employed.
Please pray for my friend Robin who is a cancer survivor that just was diagnosed with liver cancer a few days ago. Please pray for my husband Andrey so he turns to God, and repentance may come in his life, and for sin shackles to be broken!
Dear prayer group, pray for Mojca and Darko ( their marige) with family, Pray for Iris and Robert, pray for New Life church Slovenia. Deacons, Pastors and Prayer Band members are available to pray with you before the prayer meeting. Prayer Line: Deacons, Pastors and Prayer Band members are available to pray with you before the prayer meeting.
For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” (Rom.
Our sincere desire is to assist you to grow deeper in Christ and to meet your needs as you learn, serve and grow.
Our prayer is that when you visit with us, you would feel the love and joy that our Lord has given to us through Jesus Christ. I'm really starting to believe that God's grace, promises, love, goodness, and blessings aren't for me.
Walk with this family as they fight for their daughter's life against a rare incurable disease. Even those who are saved sometime do not under what this salvation is, with the result that they do not have the assurance of salvation and therefore they are not able to fully appreciate and enjoy it.Before we look at salvation, which God has provided for sinful man we would very briefly at man who is in need of salvation. At one time, their daughter, Angela, was the South Dakota state poster child for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Repentance and faith are the means by which we obtain this salvation.Results of salvation come next.
Here we will study, justification, regeneration, adoption, sanctification and glorification.
Sinful man is in a very pathetic situation He knows he is sinful and is guilty before himself and before God.
The history of man shows that he has evolved many methods to propitiate the Holy God of heaven but has not been successful in his effort, which always came short of God’s requirements. He knows what is good but is not able to perform it and he knows what is evil and is not able to prevent it. The first 39 books comprise the Old Testament and the last 27 books comprise the New Testament.In the Old Testament there are many types or shadows of salvation provided by the Lord.
These are shadows whose fulfilment is found only in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.
At the same time each shadow only portrays or emphasizes one aspect of this multifaceted salvation. At the last moment God prevented him from sacrificing Isaac and showed him a substitute instead, a goat caught in the thicket.
He is the only one without sin and God accepted His sacrifice on our behalf and God accepts us in the beloved.2. 3.14) In the wilderness the people complained against Moses and against Manna provided for them. The Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people, and many of the people of Israel died. When the people cried unto the Lord, He commanded Moses to make brazen serpent and put it on a pole.
The salvation provided in the person and work of Jesus Christ completely cures the sinner from the curse and bite of sin. Whereas sin only produces death, as the bite of the fiery serpent only produced death, a look at the Lord Jesus dying for you cures you completely brings life to you.
Because of the witness of a Jewish maid, he went to the King of Israel and through him to the Prophet Elisha who asked him to go and wash in the Jordan seven times. Reluctantly Naaman did it, and he was completed cleansed of his leprosy.Leprosy is a type of sin, which makes a man unclean before a holy God. The promise of the Lord is even if your sin is like scarlet, I will make it as white as snow (Isa.
3:21) When the first man and woman disobeyed God their eyes were opened and they found to their utter amazement that they were naked and were ashamed to appear before one another and before God. Their innocence was their cloth that clothed them.They tried to cover their nakedness with fig leaves.
This was Abel’s confession that he was a sinner and the blood of an innocent animal was offered on his behalf. God accepted the sacrifice that Jesus offered on the Cross of Calvary and He raised Him from the dead. Every living thing that had breath in its nostrils died in the flood, but Noah and his family who entered the Ark escaped the judgement of God and saved their life. This is a picture of salvation that protects us from the wrath of God.A similar picture we also find in the Passover Lamb that was slain by the Jews in Egypt. But in the houses of the Jews who were sheltered by the blood of the slain Passover lamb, none died.

This is a type of salvation that satisfiesJesus Christ himself is the living bread that came down from heaven (Jn.
Paul writes: “They drank of that Spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ (1 Cor. Man transgressed the commandment of God and was driven away from the garden of Eden, and thus from the fellowship of God.Tabernacle is a beautiful picture of God restoring man back into fellowship with Himself.
There, over and above the mercy seat was the place where God said He would commune with man, the place where the fellowship is restored. This is on the basis of the blood sprinkled on the mercy seat.Jesus Christ is the Word of God (Jn. It is the work of Christ on the cross of Calvary that has restored the fellowship of man with God.
He rose again from the dead on the third day and ascended to the Father to receive the place of power at the right hand of God, to appear on behalf of those who believe in Him.
He will come again to consummate the work of salvation.The work of the Son of God was for the purpose of saving a repentant sinner from the guilt, penalty, and power and ultimately from the presence of sin. In some sense it embraced also the redemption of nature, since nature was subject to vanity because of the sin of the first man. Salvation is provided for all men everywhere in the world in a general sense, but only the elect, i.e. This repentance is for the preparation of the heart and is not the price paid for eternal life, which is the gift of God. Salvation is appropriated through faith and this is the gift of God.Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, is the agent who applies salvation to the individual soul.
He uses the Word of God and the preacher to bring conviction of sin and also continues the work of sanctification.
The meaning in the Old Testament is that these sacrifices atoned, or ‘covered’ the sins from the sight of a Holy God. These sacrifices were offered year after year because the ones who offered it were conscious of their sins God had told Moses that He would meet with him and speak to him from over and above the mercy seat.
Inside the Ark were the Tables of Stones, the Ten Commandments, which are called the ministration of death (2 Cor.
It was on the basis of the blood sprinkled on the mercy seat, which covered the commandments, that a Holy God could speak to man.
With this thought in mind, Kind David thanked God: “Blessed is the man whose sin is covered (Ps.
When the perfect sacrifice of the Son of God was offered, God’s anger was appeased and in a sense it was fully wiped away. God has not changed and man also has not changed.Even god cannot reconcile us without making proper provision for it. The blood of Jesus Christ shed on the Cross of Calvary was the means by which God has reconciled us. Sin uses the law against the evil desires reminding one that such desires are wrong and arousing all kinds of forbidden desires within one (Rom. It is written that: “The Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to minister and to give his life a ransom for many”. Redemption means ‘to deliver by paying a price’.It was man who sinned and the law demanded that man should be punished. But if a sinner pays by his blood, he has to die and there is no more redemption possible for him.
But since He is God also there is infinite value in His blood.There are three distinct words that explain to us the meaning of the word “redemption”. Though Jesus Christ paid the price, it is the Holy Spirit who makes deliverance actual in experience.A repentant sinner is viewed as forgiven and justified and delivered from the guilt of sins (Rom.
The redemption effected is not simply from the consequences of the transgression but from the transgressions themselves (Heb.
This will be effected only Jesus Christ comes again. Jesus Christ paid the price for my redemption from sin and death. This is a natural question that comes to the mind of everyone who feels the need of salvation. There are two very important words we should understand in connection with salvation. They are (1) Repentance and (2) Faith. Jesus Christ told his disciples to make disciples of all nations. Judas Iscariot who betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ was sorry for his mistake but went and hanged himself. There was only remorse in him because of his wrong deeds. In the Old Testament we find another character, Esau, who sold his birthright for some potage. There were many others in the Bible like Pharaoh the emperor of Egypt, Saul the first King of Israel etc. It is a change of the path in taking the opposite direction from the one in which he was travelling. When David sinned, he realized that sin is an affront to a holy God. He confessed his sin and turned to the same God he offended for salvation. Job tried to justify himself before God spoke to him.
But when God spoke to him, he said “I have heard of Thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eye sees thee. In salvation you cannot have one without the other. Faith is not simply passive intellectual ascent.
But believing the One who told him to stretch forth his hand, he stretched it forth and his hand became whole.
17.11-14) So salvation is believing the word of God that all men are sinners and Christ had paid the ransom to redeem them.
JUSTIFICATION:  Justification is a legal term and we can best understand it in a legal sense.
This means that anyone who does not live in conformity with the law of God has to be punished, because God is a righteous judge. If a person’s character and actions are in conformity with the demands of the law, such a person can be declared just by a Holy God. This is impossible, because the verdict of the divine judge is that “there is none righteous, no, not one,” (Rom. Justification is the term that speaks of the standing of a believing sinner before God. On what grounds can God justify the ungodly without compromising his own justice as Judge?

In other words, how can he justify the ungodly?God who is the righteous judge cannot declare a man righteous without remitting the penalty involved. Since the penalty is now remitted God is in a position to acquit a believing sinner from all his unrighteousness, and impute the righteousness of Christ to him, and declare him righteous. In the reckoning of God what happens is this:Since we are Adam’s children, his sin is imputed unto us and we are reckoned as sinners before God.
God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh. We have access into the presence of God before whom the heavens themselves are not pure and who charges the angels with folly! God gave life to this dead Jew, and regenerated him into Paul the Apostle. Regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit.
The Spirit of God who moves over the waters of the deep While participating in the original creation, comes to the rescue of man. This word convinces the soul of its sin and its need of a Saviour and enables him to look to the Lord.Lazarus of Bethany was dead. The wind blows where it will and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell from where it comes and where it goes; so is every one who is born of the Spirit (Jn.
But when we are adopted we have a new position in the family of God. When we are born again, we become the children of God (Jn. Death and future judgement were what we were waiting for. Now as believers we are adopted into the family of God. And we are ‘brethren’ because we are born of the Father into his family and we are brothers of one another.Father’s love and care are upon us.
When the Lord Jesus Christ comes again to take us home we shall see him and we shall be like him.
SANCTIFICATION AND GLORIFICATION:   Many children of God are worried and become unsure of their salvation when some serious sin occurs in their lives. Some come to the conclusion that they have done some unpardonable sin and therefore they have lost their salvation.
This makes them more miserable than ever and their last stage becomes worse than the beginning.
All these are because they do not understand the salvation that they have received from the Lord. We are saved by grace through faith (Eph.
When we are saved we are saved immediately from sin’s penalty, because Christ has paid the penalty on our behalf. It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us.
It is irreversible. This does not mean that the culpability to sin has been taken away from us. Sanctification removes from us the pollution of ins and renews us ever increasingly in conformity with the image of the Son. In the present sense we are progressively saved from the power of sin. Jesus Christ who loved us and gave His life for us is now cleansing us day by day and will present us to Himself without spot or wrinkle.
Since He was tempted in all points like we are, except sin, he is able to give us succour when we are tempted. So in His present ministry he is praying and pleading for us.Today Christ is also cleansing the church with the washing of water by the word.
One day he shall present us to Himself without any spot.At the same time sanctification is our responsibility also. PRACTICAL SANCTIFICATION:  The word sanctification is used of (1) separation to God (1 Pet. Vine explains about sanctification: “Sanctification is God’s will for the believer (1 Thes. We are asked to be steadfast, to continue, to be zealous etc. Biblical testimony to sin in us should not be forgotten (1 Jn.
But scripture gives continuous encouragement not to grow weary and faint, to accept God’s frequent and painful discipline, and to strengthen feeble arms and knees (Heb. Jesus Christ will come again and the dead in Christ shall rise first and the believers who remain alive will be transformed and together they will be caught up in the air to be with the Lord always (1 Thes. Job is another person described as “blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil” (Job. They were not having sinless perfection.Paul mentions about those who are “perfect” or “mature” saints (Eph.
Here also Paul does not mean ‘sinless perfection’ but mature Christians.A distinction between the goal in Christian life and its fulfilment should always be borne in mind.
There is much error if we do not devote ourselves to this pursuit of holiness, but to claim it as an accomplished fact is much more dangerous.We need continuous renewal of the whole man after the image of God and need to die unto sin and alive unto righteousness (Tit.
We should order our lives in complete submission to Him. In sanctification our body is also affected. This is the negative side of practical sanctification. Positively we should live for righteousness (Rom. But if we sin, we need to confess our sins to Him, and he is faithful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 Jn. When we dedicate our lives to God, the Spirit of God puts to death the deeds of the body (Rom. Our whole spirit and soul and body will be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The believer will be finally saved from the presence of sin itself. When this happens we shall be glorified. Our Lord said “I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand Jn.

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