Cary, NC – The Miracle Worker, presented by Cary Players, continues this weekend at Cary Arts Center.
The story of The Miracle Worker is about the early life and struggles that the family of Helen Keller went through to find help in teaching her to communicate.
As an infant, Helen went through an illness that left her blind and deaf, and closed off from the rest of the world.
Enter Anne Sullivan, (Kirsten Ehlert) who had her own sight troubles as a youngster, and has become a teacher after graduating from a school for the blind in Boston.

Upon arriving at the Keller family home, struggle ensues between the parents, not willing to be harsh to a child they pity, and Anne, who knows only too well the alternative life that awaits Helen if she cannot communicate with the world outside her own head.
Tina Vance has done a fantastic job making us believe young actress Ashton Layh is truly blind and deaf, she utters not one sound throughout the entire 3 act play.
Community coverage on CaryCitizen is sponsored in part by Once Upon a Child in Cary, buyers and sellers of gently used cloths, toys and equipment. The story is well-known from the 1962 film of the same title starring Patty Duke and Anne Bancroft.

Kudos to all who helped my granddaughter, Ashton Layh, during rehearsals do such a stellar job. Parents will recognize themselves as they witness the struggles these parents go through as they at once protect and want the best for their oldest daughter.

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